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Our Family's Whole30 Journey -- There's No Turning Back

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  • Our Family's Whole30 Journey -- There's No Turning Back

    Hey everybody

    We're recent paleo converts and have finally decided to take the plunge. We've all had some form of on and off exposure to the paleo diet in our own way but we're now ready to start off this new lifestyle with the July Whole30 challenge.

    There are four of us all together and we're separated by two states, mom and dad in Louisiana and my girlfriend and I are in Indiana. We plan on successfully completing the Whole30 challenge by keeping in touch by Skype chat to make sure we're all on the same page.

    With this being a family journal, you'll see more about our individual stories as our journey begins on June 28th. We hope that keeping track of our progress here will help us to achieve our goal of completing the Whole30 challenge and applying our experience to our post-Whole30 lifestyle.

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    Welcome. Good luck.
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