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  • I hope I don't sound negative! I only tend to document the things that derail me, so I can watch patterns, but it isn't because I focus on the negative. Yeah, but work is pretty stressful, but I love what I do and I find it interesting and challenging, so even that is not all bad. I do fantasise about a stressless life where I own a second hand book shop with a cafe and big couches you can sit and read in. Pity bookshops are dying!

    I have the ingredients to try a good curry tomorrow. Now looking forward to some friends coming over for a movie night. aaaahhhh, bless Fridays...


    • ok so movie night and was goin to crash

      but then found Land of Living Dead ...zombies!...on, more red wine

      now 315 am, exorcist 2, dont know if I have lost perspective, but suspect more red won't help

      is this the shit one? as in shit sequel? I otherwise know my horror movies but too winified to remember
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      • How funny!! Not to you, I am sure. I remember scaring the crap out of myself one night reading Amityville Horror. Why do we do this to ourselves?

        Scoot over and pass the bottle!!
        Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


        • Ha! I can't even remember this.
          Happy to have a vino with you anytime honeybuns!

          I love my horror movies. AH is scary though. I read a wholebunch of stuff about how true it was and the murders in thehouse before the haunting for some reason a few years ago, having watched the movie as a kid and having vague recall how scary it was, so after all that internet research I ordered the book with that mindset. When it came I was up all night reading it and I was soooo scared. I swear, if there was a strange noise or odd thing like a picture suddenly falling or something shifting in
          cupboards (which can happen) I would have died of fright. The remake was awesome. Ryan Reynolds was good and particularly buff, mmmmm. Thankfully, we have pics of that in the other thread!


          • Dang! While I think a book can tell a story much better than a movie can because of subtle nuances that the written word can convey, I sure miss out on the eye candy that way!
            Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


            • Mmm, the eye candy

              But I agree and prefer a book than a movie. Movies don't do thoughts so well. I can't read a book if I have seen the movie.

              Horror it mostly doesn't matter, howver Stephen King is an exception. Shawshank, The Green Mile, great characters, even his more horror/ less dramatic arc stories have great characters.

              I am going to a zombie thingo in Melbourne in November. Get dressed up as zombies for a vido game. How cool! It is not particularly grown up, but, I comfort myself that some friends of same age who are actually dads are superexcited, cool.


              • Have you read Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King? Love that book!

                Since when do you need to be totally grown up? The happiest people are those who never lost their inner child!
                Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


                • Very true. Life is serious enough.

                  I have EVERY SK book!

                  OK so new financial resolutions...snort! any excuse to defer and start again...sigh

                  B: large black coffee
                  L: grilled salmon and steamed veg (ignored the carrot and beans)
                  D: lamb cutlets, most of avocado and brocollini


                  • slept really really badly, that makes about 3 hours last two nights.

                    B: large black coffee, 2 poached eggs and baby spinach leaves
                    L: barbeque chicken but only a little bit of skin baked veg, ignoring the potato
                    D: stuffed up tuna cakes. No coriander so used basil, the sweet potato was some red variety that was white inside and gross and none of it mashed well, so I have parsley, basil, red onion, tuna and crappy sweet potato fry up. With avocado.
                    blueberries, cream and shredded coconut, mmmm.


                    • No offence -- your dinner sounds gross!! Glad you qualified it as a "stuff up", lol.


                      • Originally posted by amberlee View Post
                        No offence -- your dinner sounds gross!! Glad you qualified it as a "stuff up", lol.
                        Ha! yes, it was fucking disgusting. Never substitute in recipes! Or use sweet potato that is red on outside and white on inside.

                        B: 2 fried eggs on baby spinach leaves
                        L: chicken lettuce and egg and teeny bit of caesar sauce
                        D: steak with a 'sauce' of fied onion, tomato and zucchini

                        contemplating berries cherries and cream. Last night it was warranted because my dinner was gross. Will wait a while I think.


                        • Are you eating enough? Your meals seem really scant and I know that when I was undereating I was putting on weight, not losing. In fact, when I started eating primally my husband said it was really weird to see me eating normal portions again.
                          Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


                          • I think so Honeybuns. Having a meat lunch is more than a sandwich one. I watch the fat content though to make sure I try get enough. Might be my excuse for cream tonight!

                            B: large black coffee, 2 poached eggs on baby spinach
                            L: grilled salmon and steam vegies ( ignoring carrots and beans with the serving)
                            D: rest of last night's steak with onion, tomato and zucchini.

                            Didn't have the berries and cream last night, but the absence of fat today seems a good excuse!


                            • yesterday

                              B: omelette with onion and bacon. I wonder what they add to take away omelettes. Bad oil? margarine? I assume as little as they can get away with, so hopefully it is just egg and stated ingredients
                              L: barbque chicken and roast veg (ignoring potato in the serving)
                              D: went out to Greek restaurant where we shared about 14 entrees and mains amongst 8 of us. It was very meat and veg based, so I didn't worry about slight discretions, just enjoyed it. Couldn't really decline the glass of champagne for the 'toast' but didn't partake in the next 6 bottles that hit the table, just slowly sipped red wine.

                              Today, after last night's effort waiting to feel hungry before eating so had two black coffees with cream so far whilst doing housework.

                              Sad about a man's behavior and mindgames people play and how some people can just be so rude. Good and evil parts of my brain are currently debating how to 'cope' with this. Part of me wants to just feel sorry for myself and dwell on all the awful things to try motivate myself and punish myself by not eating. Having a good cry and going to bed early. Part of me wants to get two bottles of red wine...and cry.


                              • Aaahhh, don't cry. It is absolutely exhausting.
                                Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.