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    no, it sounds like magic!

    B: an omelette with bacon tomato. It was take away, a pleasant change from mass produced scrambled, fried and poached eggs. The ingredients were minimal, but enough the break the monotony. I wonder if they put cheese in it? it was tasty.
    large long black
    L: chicken caesar salad, minus croutons and most of sauce. so mostly chicken and lettuce.
    D: lamb cutlets. salad with fetta. I wanted to go dairy free but needed some fat with the meal.

    I am really wanting dark chocolate to get rid of tomato, vinegar taste in my mouth. also starting to crave popcorn...I know I have a packet in there..hmmm....willpower...


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      B: two eggs and baby spinach leaves
      2 black coffees
      L: chicken tangine dish tomatoey sauce, salad, 2 bits sweet potato...mmmmm
      D: 4egg"omelette/scrambled mess" with asparagus, bacon, tomato and cheese

      square of lindt orange choc.

      I struggle after fatty meaty meals with impulse to eat something else, mainly to get rid of taste or sensation, to cleanse palate. maybe I should brush teeth straight away!


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        B: long black coffeeand chunk of dutch smoked cheese
        L: lamb and chicken kebab meat with tomato tabouli and hommus
        D: gross. was going to make bolognaise sauce and put on baked sweet potato. but got home and realised I didn't have canned tomato. so I defrosted salmon patties (salmon, mustard and dill) unsuccessfully, and fried up salmon and had with the baked sweet potato. I played around with sour cream and cinnamon (not together) on the sweet potato. completely disgusting.

        least I didnt go get pizzaand a bottle of red!


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          sleep in
          brunch: black coffee, tasty cheese chunks and an orange
          dinner: bolognaise sauce over egglant and baked pumpkin.

          went furniture shopping today. I hate shopping. I have to say 4 hours of walking is good exercise though. then I carted around a few heavy items including a massive heavy shaggy rug and also quite exerting to try slide a 3 x 2 m rug under a louge that is too heavy to move, over carpet. quite tired now!

          7 days no alcohol...
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            Brunch: black coffeee, eggs bacon and cherry tomatoes on spinach leaves
            Dinner: veal boscaoila with brocollini and asparagus

            with the bolognaise and boscaoila, have some nice sauces in freezer for when I work late.

            after reading a few posts on here about it, I bought some krill oil today, along with livatone tablets.

            also did a mass clean of some old paperwork, like decades of it, to declutter. utility bills from houses I no longer live in, rego slips from cars I no longer have, old cvs and letters re jobs, tax documents from the 80s when I have part time jobs, uni results, bank statements from when I was 16! anyway, I was ruthless and it feels so good to be rid of it. I was worried about identity theft or the fact it lays out my whole life, particularly financial, so instead of ripping up paper for a day I dumped it in a strong garbage bag, then threw over it a bottle of fish sauce (shaking inbetween pages on side), cans of mackerel (broehn up and smeared in pages) pea and ham soup, heated up sour cream that is just about past due by date. All food I wouldnt eat. Fingers crossed that does the trick!

            I feel cleaner now. Some nice new furniture and getting rid of some junk...feels good.


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              B: large black coffee with tablespoon coconut oil, poached eggs and spinach leaves
              L: barbq chicken, some steamed greens and other roast veg
              D: left over veal boscaiola with random roast vegand greens

              I made a big tray of roast veg on the weekend and I think it will save time and energy re dinner.

              I was going to start "your body is a gym" exercises tonight, but I was hurrying crossing the roadand I felt something snap/ tear in the muscles inback of my calf, mid calf. I can only walk by not liftingfoot up or down, and if I inadvertently land in a way that pulls on the muscles I get a shootingpain up leg. Home and it is elevated - hope it is just a sprain or bruise issue, rather than tear or something more serious. I think I am kidding myself though, it really kills. deny deny deny. I cant think what would rip mid calf.


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                B: large black coffee
                L: barbq chicken breast and few bits steamed brocolli
                D: 2 eggs omelette with crap load of tasty cheese

                Dr confirmed I have a torn calf muscle so I am on crutches, so had to ask staff to get me a coffee and lunch (cant carry and minimising movement) and dinner confined for while to what is in fridge and freezer. I need to enlist friend to shop for me...I usually pick up dinner on way home since large chain supermarket on way from busstop. This could be interesting. lucky I have lots of cheese and decided to defer the dairy thing....

                day 10 no etoh

                I had a small wart on my finger and its gone. strange. I have been primal for months at a time before, it is odd how little unexpected things change
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                  One thing I finally figured out was that I was not eating near enough protein. Once I upped the quantity, even though I wasn't hungry, I have had some very positive changes.
                  Protein will also help muscles heal.
                  Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                    thanks honeybuns, I will try it. More protein ....and enough sleep to allow sufficient time for the repairing to happen.

                    B: large black coffee, ts coconut oil
                    L: barbq chiken breast and randon roast veg
                    D: bolognaise sauce on roast pumpkin, sweet potato and eggplant, with tasy cheese on top.


                    • B: large black coffee with coconut oil
                      L: roast lamb and roast veg
                      D: steak with cheese, roast onion and beetroot and asparagus and brocollini


                      • B: large black coffee with coconut oil
                        L: barbq chicken breast and roast veg
                        D: 3egg omelette with tomato, bacon and cheese

                        contemplating baking an apple and eating it with cinnamon and cream later

                        add: had baked apple, 1/2 bananna, small handful (thrown in with apples near end so gooey) toosed with shredded coconut, cinnamon and cream. Yum, supersweet though after two weeks of nothing sweet.

                        14 days no etoh
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                        • dont think I like this forum anymore.


                          • If you leave, I hope that won't stop you from seeking optimal health through diet There are always ass-hats coming in a out of the forums, topics better left unsaid, but there are also a lot of worthwhile discussions going on. Sometimes it's worth it to just avoid the things that you know will tick you off, but I realize that is not the choice for everyone.
                            Depression Lies


                            • Why don't you like this forum any more? I have been nothing but supportive of you and your efforts for better health.
                              Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


                              • Honeybuns, of course you have and I appreciate it. I am not talking about my journal at all. Or me

                                Some of the spats, some of the collective conclusions, and some disquiet that some people are not real and have ulterior motives. I read the blog religiously and search the forums for answers rather than just asking questions, so whilst I do not actively participate that much, I can watch the tone change and the other night wasnt pretty so I was a bit over it.

                                I agree namelesswonder, I should just avoid some topics, and sometimes go back to the books rather than reading the forum.

                                ps - there are a LOT of cool people here too. Some make me laugh and I follow their journeys even if they do not know it. It is a cool place. I am a bit sad some great people from when I was first lurking in 2010 aren't around, but I guess that is the nature of forums.
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