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    I don't know if this will help your sleep any but I have found that if I listen to my body and go to bed when I start getting tired I have a better quality sleep than when I stay up past that point and go to bed later. Start paying attention and see if you can't figure out your natural circadian rythm.
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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      I will try, thanks.

      B: strong flat white.
      L: roast chicken, vegies some greens and some roast
      D: steak and salad. Salad had fetta and balsamic.


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        wow, it has been so long,struggling off and on...I think when I give up my strength re drinking, everything else falls down.

        I have been primal for periods since last post. but there are always issues and I fail, I drink and comfort myself with food and indulge in self hatred and punishment.

        anyway, its my birthday, so tomorrow is the fresh start....

        so, I am reflecting on why I need to give this adecent shot again

        I am an intelligent person, I know this is right, I have a science medical background, I am smart, I have read widely. seriously, what is wrong with me

        sick of being fat and ho people treat you as inferior

        sick of being disgusted at myself

        sick of being single and lonely

        apart from feeling unloved, sick of feeling like a failure because I am late 30s and everyone else has husband and kids, even worse when I am successful careerwise, doesn't matter when others have their own families and are surroundedby love

        so hard to look nice, even professional, when you are larger than shop sizes

        miss out on events because you know you won't look nice, so will feel uncomfortable, so decline

        missed my 20 year school reunion because everyone would see I was the one who turned out FAT, esp when not surroundedby loved ones, and I was the school captain

        havent caught up with other old friends that are easily found these days bc of. face book etc, because they would see I turned out fat. my other successes - great career, own my own home etc wouldnt matter

        I am lucky I have the right knowledge to fix it and I havent any serious health problems to date.

        I would love to hit summer...actually anytime, book a beach holiday and unwind. I cant. I cant get in a swimsuit. I am alone so travelling sucks alone and I am getting too old for group stuff, creepy. I cant wait for first week offto somewhere beautiful where I can not feel self conscious..

        so, a list of bad things to remind me how miserable I will be if I don't change. Hopefully this time next year I will have greater things to report. If I am still like this turning 40, I won't.

        so 39, 5ft 1, 200 lb (wow), single, bursting out of size 18 (aus)


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          limited sleep

          large black coffee
          grilled chicken caesar salad minus parmesan or croutons
          no dinner, function I couldn't avoid so skipped non primal food all together and sipped a couple of glaases of red ( I know!)

          7 hours broken sleep
          3eggs and baby spinach, large black coffee
          chicken breast, mix of steamed greens and non white roast veg
          large salad with tuna, avocado and fetta


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            spinach and two eggs, largeblack coffee
            two gluten free salmon cakes, dont know what was in them but they were fresh, and salad
            lamb cutlets, salad with fetta.
            small square of lindt 70% dark choc


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              scrambled eggs, large black coffee
              barbq chicken breast, vegies: half roast veg (not potato) half greens
              veal veg
              2 squares of dark lindt


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                Originally posted by honeybuns View Post

                Remember these four things.

                Positive mental attitude.
                Believe in yourself.
                Like who you are.
                Never say quit.
                Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                  I have been at a stall since my hysterectomy in November and can actually see subcutaneous fat building up and the scale inching up. In a lightbulb moment I wondered if maybe I was not getting enough protein. This week I started eating two additional eggs a day and the weight is dropping.
                  Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                    I will print that out re four things, you are right Honeybuns, thanks.

                    I am trying to favour protein whole foods over other sources these days. Eggs are such a great breakfast...

                    Just spenthours following a few of the lengthy threads to get a few for the forum now. I have been using it to record my progress rather than participate this time. I originally joined early 2010 and it was such a different place, with different vocal members, it seems this forum goes through cycles with such different debates and emphasis. interesting.


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                      made yummy frittata for dinner and breakfast for a few days

                      eggs, cream, pumpkin, fetta, touch garlic, semi dried tomatoes, basil. mmmmm


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                        What I like about eggs is their versatility.You never have to have them the same way twice, even if you only eat scrambled. Different spices make different tastes. DH loves to have eggs that taste like french toast.
                        Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                 do you make eggs taste like french toast?!

                          been pretty busy with work but going ok

                          read Cordain's latest and I think, despite my new found love of fetta which makes me actually want salad, I am going dairy free for a while

                          B: 2 eggs black coffee
                          L: barbq chicken breast
                          D: steak with abundant fried tomato, onion and zucchini as sauce.


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                            Let's see. To make eggs taste like french toast I add a little maple syrup, cinnamon and some HWC. Mix together and scramble! It would be good without the cream also since you are going dairy free.
                            Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                              oh yum, that sounds great. Is maple syrup bad though?

                              B: two eggs with baby spinach leaves
                              L: prawns with an avocado and mango (just a bit) salad, spoons of salmon
                              D: lettuce, cucumber, tomato, barbq chicken (more than 1/4, less than 1/2 and lots of skin) and left over bacon

                              read Wheat Belly and then sad to see a negative review of it on Evolutionary Psychiatry. Plus, was reading reviews of Fallon's book of Weston A Price and then through surfing, saw someone I like smash her credibilty in a review, maybe it was Cordain's site. I hate the mixedmessages, it sets up an insecurity that was the dominant thought of my childhood perception of religion - what if I am following the wrong god? Lucky, no one in Paleo criticises Mark (just politely disagree on some points)...


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                                You'd use a small quantity of maple syrup if you want the eggs a little sweeter like DH does. Seriously, the amount you'd use is not very much so I can't see it being a problem. You wouldn't have to use it at all if you chose not to.
                                Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.