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    Just remember not to beat yourself up over things. Like you said, you will learn from it!
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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      Thanks honeybuns

      S: about 2hrs
      B: baby spinach and 2 poached eggs, large black coffee
      L: small steak with red wine jus (scraped off) asparagus, kumara with bit of parmesan, celery and something salad, lemongrass tea
      D: barbq chicken about 1/3 about 2/3 avocado


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        S: crappy again, about 4 hrs broken
        B: left over steak and asparagus, yum
        L: out and sucumbed to peer group pressure and had BLT and chips with sauce

        but, the mental test is not to spiral into weeks off wagon

        large black coffee for breakfast, flat white after lunch

        D: out again, veal bosciola with not great veg, but better than pizza

        ready Jack Kruse and stuff about Dukan diet and 4 hr body is making my head spin. more protein is key!


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          Remember to believe in yourself! Like who you are! Never say quit!!

          I know. I am a broken record.
          Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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   I appreciate the support honeybuns (hugs)

            s: about 6hr
            B: scrambled eggs and bit of bacon. i worry what is in t akeaway S eggs!
            L: someones birthday lunch, best option at horrible place- chicken schnitzel with bit of gravy and potatoes and salad, not great but again...the challenge for me is not to use it as an excuse to deviate, so...
            D: fish, pan fried with lemon caper butter and salad.

            a) i didnt use lunch as excuse for pizza and wine for dinner
            b) yum
            c) first time i have ever cooked fish. ever. it is a nice simple quick meal.

            i am pleased with myself :-)


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              Yay!! Keep that positive mental attitude going and you'll own it!
              Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                S: 7h
                B: scrambled eggs and bacon, large black coffee
                L: salmon niscoise minus the sauce and largely ignoring the potato and beans...ummm, so mainly grilled salmon
                D: sweet potato, tuna and sweet potato cakes...

                another victory for not ending the week with pizza and wine

                another victory for bothering to experiment with cooking andtrying new things. I love my tuna cakes, made them with sweet and normal potato, onion, coriander, parsley and egg. didnt coat them in anything, didnt bother trying to make cakes per se, more lumps that fried nicely in parts. Left over cakes will be good with avocado.



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                  typical pattern, one week on primal, one week on the booze...sigh

                  S: 6 hrs
                  B: large black coffee, 2 eggs, spinach and bacon ..only had a bit of the last 2
                  L: roast chicken breast meat and roast veg
                  D: lamb cutlets, brocollini and 2 roma tomatoes, all roasted

                  pls stick to this for at least a week...please...


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                    or is it two weeks bad, one week good? argh

                    B: two poached eggs on baby spinach leaves, large black coffee with tbs coconut oil
                    L: chicken breasts with some crusted olive coating, rocket pear and parmesan salad
                    D: roasted lamb cutlets, roma tomato, brocollini, asparagus and purple kumara ( first time I tried it, dont like it...chewy)

                    trying not to have mango just because its in the fridge, rather than bc I am hungry....

                    ok, 2 is my favourite number so I am hoping 22.11.11 is the start of a new lifestyle and health...


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                      Trying mix of Dukan and Ferriss ie VLC to kick things off again, need some success to motivate me.

                      B: large black coffee
                      L: chunk of grilled salmon
                      D: picked at half bbq chicken with skin (ate most) half avocado

                      trying to summons motivation to go for walk.

                      Edit: went for 35 min walk.
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                        S: very poor, a couple of hours but kept waking. I hate this phase...

                        B: large black coffee, 2 poached eggs on baby spinach
                        L: lamb cutlets with few roasted cherry tomatoes and slivers of roast zucchini
                        D: steak, with sauteed mushrooms and fried grape tomatoes

                        I am reading the Dukan diet but some of his comments frustrate me...still, good to read like Kruse and Ferris to maintain the rage against sugar.


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                          I thought of you yesterday and here you are!
                          Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                            hey honeybuns, happy new year! inability to withstand temptation, esp around the festive season sucks, but I guess I just have to try again. Trying VLC, less grey areas.

                            S: crappy again. very broken, awake most of night.
                            B: steak and 2 large black coffees as so sleep deprived
                            L: tuna nothing else
                            D: 4 egg omelette with bacon, cherry tomatoes and chives and a splash of milk. I don't even think milk goes in omelettes, esp when been dairy free all week. oh well

                            about to do some free weights tonight.

                            Edit: did a few reps of various lifts with heaviest weights, few squats and then went for 35 min walk.
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                              Just remember that there is no need to beat yourself up over a temporary lapse.
                              Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                                terrible sleep again!

                                B: steak, large black coffee
                                L: steak, bit of salad, a tomato and cucumber salsa and lettuce
                                D: roast lamb, tomato and asparagus