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  • Yeah, I was ok. I hate recording that but I think it is becoming clear to me that my triggers for bad lifestyle is emotional. Especially drinking. And I should be proud when I don't cope with emotions with food and drink.

    So I read a book and went to bed early. I declined an offer to go out because I wanted to drink to oblivion!

    I had a big bowl of bolognaise for dinner, from the freeser. Usually have over eggplant or spinach but didn't want to go out so had just the bolognaise with fresh basil


    • Brunch: coffee with cream. Omelette with left over red onion, tomato, basil and fetta
      D: steak and salad with kumato tomato, red onion, cucumber, fetta and avocado with balsamic vinegar.

      The steak was grassfed but finished with 100 days of grain. Cost twice as much as normal beef, but seems to be the best I can get. I think even the beef at the organic butcher is "grain finished".


      • B: large black coffee
        L: barbeque chicken breast and roast veg, sans potato
        D: gluten free lamb rosemary and mint sausages, with salad which included fetta and avocado.


        • Oh, now you are making me hungry!!!
          Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


          • B: cheese omelette. take away, not sure there was much cheese in there
            L: teriyaki grilled slamon, bunch of steamed greens and salad
            D: lamb cutlets and salad with fetta and avocado, tomato, onion etc

            Teriyaki marinade on salmon wasn't ideal but gee it taste good and free lunch, so...meh

            getting sick of this salad but when I buy a head of lettuce, and mix it up with a bunch of parsley, coriander and mint, its a massive bowl that will last a week! Still, it is handy to just chop up the other vegies whilst meat is cooking


            • Upside down day

              B: blueberries, cherries, shredded coconut and cream. large black coffee
              L: roast chicken breast with skin and roast veg, sans potato
              D: lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon and egg. yum! nice alternative to hunk of meat and salad


              • B: large black coffee
                client work lunch,not great: sourdough roll, duck with some cabbage thing and chestnut and minifigs with a zucchini and roast onion salad and roast potato with roast garlic and rosemary. Glass of pinot.

                D:SO tempted to call the day a failure, and get pizza and wine, but I know I would eat badly all weekend. But got half a chicken with lettuce and avocado...lots of skin. Berries, cherries and raspberries with shredded coconut and cream.


                • Yesterday wasn't great...

                  long black coffee
                  chicken schnitzel and chips for lunch

                  no dinner. Met a friend to give some feedback on a book he wrote after work. Six hours later we had gone through two bottles of red, some bread with dips and temura prawns.

                  I read some one saying their rule with cheats is too make sure they don't cheat twice in a row. I was going out for brunch today but stayed in an had a nice primal bacon and eggs breaky instead...


                  • Brunch: bacon eggs tomato on lettuce coffee
                    Dinner: veal boscaiola (bacon mushrooms onion garlic cream and dash wostershire sauce) asparagus and baked sweet potato
                    a fig and some cherries

                    a few fresh ginger teas

                    I am sick, cold and sore throat thing. Bought some cough medicine but it must be full of offensive sweet shit. I want to go get
                    some lemsip or something for my throat but I know it will be full of more shit. miserable


                    • Tea with rum and honey. Best thing for a sore throat. Not only does it work, but nothing bothers you after a couple of those!
                      Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


                      • +1 on the tea with rum and honey for what ails you, though I generally skip the honey, and often the tea...
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                        • sorry you are feeling bad , saw the thread about remedies, hope the alcohol works and you feel better soon


                          • Oh thanks guys, I appreciate the thoughts.

                            a bit delirious// where does ALL that snot come from? so much it burns. throat so sore. really kills to cough

                            I am embracing alcohol tonight...oh man ...


                            • I slept most of the day.

                              The alcohol helped! I can't talk without violent coughing andmy throat is still raw. Less snot!

                              I think I will have tomorrow off too. I hope another day of sleep will be enough to ride it out.

                              Am contemplating another boozy is freezing out and I look like crap, so couldn't be bothered going out to get some. i think one night was enough to punish the germs!


                              • another day home but think I am getting better. Hasn't been the most primal three days.

                                Today it was annoying to watch Dr Oz and look at his food pyramid with pasta on the bottom and listen to him talk about cardiac damage and the need to minimise meat.

                                Back to work tomorrow methinks.