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    I guess this is a good place to start. I have been "mostly" primal for a while (since Feb 2010?), but the past 3 weeks I have really fallen off the wagon. We are living overseas for the summer and I have struggled to find foods that I like that are primal. One of my biggest obstacles right now is that I seem to struggle giving up running. I don't run a lot, but the 3 days a week I am going, on top of being pregnant and caring for a 1 year old AND walking for all of my errands is too much. For some reason I don't feel like giving it up. Anyway, I think it is a big obstacle for me because it is exhausting and making me want to load up on junky carbs. I do not need to lose weight (though, being pregnant I really don't want to over gain), but I would LOVE to feel better. I have been getting a lot of headaches lately because my diet is lousy. I also just feel kinda blah. I have never really felt this way, but my diet is so bad right now that I can assume that is the problem. So, I want to try to journal for a while and see how I do. I can say already that I won't be perfect, but I can try MUCH harder than I am. It is tough living overseas and being invited to certain work functions for my husband and to maintain 100% primal. Furthermore, when I strive for perfection with my diet, I tend to go way overboard to the point of crazy. I would love to just get back to where I was. So, as I sign off for bed tonight I am looking forward to starting a new week tomorrow and learning to let my body relax a little. I feel like I push it so hard to run and lift and I am overdoing it a bit much. I also need to feed it better . I think everyone in my household will appreciate a happier, healthier me.

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    I don't know what to say to get you to stop running and relax. You do not need running. You do need to relax. You only need to do 80%, if that's all you can do. But you need to ditch the things that make you feel bad. If not for yourself, do it for your baby. Good luck.
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      NO running today! day 1

      Today was successful on the primal front. I avoided sugar and grains, did not run and we went for a walk to the mall today for our primal exercise . Maybe 2 hours of walking? It felt like a lot getting there and shopping! One thing I have noticed in the last week is that I have not eaten any yogurt and I have had pretty strong cravings. I found greek yogurt here, so I will try to eat it more regularly and see if it helps. Here is the rundown of the day:
      B- 2egg omelet with cheese, tomato and zucchini. 1 small coffee
      s- small coffee
      L- Large salad with lots of veggies, sardines and olive oil dressing
      s- trail mix at the mall
      D- pork stuffed with feta cheese, cucumber/tomato/onion salad, roasted potato bites, small glass of red wine (we are in Europe...they are fine with preggos having a small glass of wine fact they said no more than a bottle! hahaha, an American doctor would die at that statement!)

      After dinner still feeling hungry, so I tried a small bit of greek yogurt and 1 square dark chocolate (85%). Seemed to work. Overall, I am happy I kicked the sugar and grains for a day. It is probably going to be a few days before I feel like myself again, but I want to stick with it and feel better! In a stupid way I am proud of myself for not giving into junk while out and about in the city.

      Tomorrow my husband has agreed to do a quick HIIT workout with me. I am going to try to do 3 this week and ditch the running all together. This would be a big step for me, but I am tired of feeling worn out. I just want to feel good again. I think my muscles would appreciate this too.


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        Thanks helps to hear it! I felt great in my first pregnancy when I started primal...I think I found it in my 7th month or so. I don't know why I went back to it.


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          Finished day 2 and I have discovered a few things. First, I hate food journaling! I guess I feel like I change my choices because I am writing it down later. Also, I found myself eating things that I didn't want to eat, but thought I should because they were "more" primal. That is pretty lame! I don't think that is the point of being primal and I do think that being a little more laid back and ENJOYING food should be part of the equation. i think most people who go primal, truly are enjoying what they eat. I am not trying to lose weight, just trying to clean up what I eat. Anyway, this might be the last time I post a food journal because I don't like it! I know that my food choices have not been stellar while living overseas, but I am trying to give myself a little slack in that I am pregnant, overwhelmed in a country that I don't speak the language or know anyone, and also trying to navigate through a grocery store with very different choices from home. This is not the first time I have lived overseas, but I do think the food was a little better for my taste in Japan than here. is today:

          B-1/2 banana with nut butter. cottage cheese
          S- coffee (whole milk)
          L-Large salad with tons of veggies, chicken and avocado. EVOO dressing
          S- rice cake with homemade coconut butter....perfect example of me wanting something else, but reaching for this to be more primal...though rice cakes are most definitely not primal.
          S- rice cake with tomato slices and cheese
          D- hamburger lettuce wrap with sauteed veggies and a few roasted red potato bites
          S- a small square of 85% dark choc before eating a small square of what I really wanted....milk chocolate My husband keeps a stash in the fridge because it is his favorite.

          So there it is. I have not run in a couple days and I can feel my energy slowly coming back. I did push ups/squats and jumping jacks today. I plan for some quick yoga tomorrow, but really with all the walking I do here, I just want to stretch. nothing crazy. I think the biggest change I need to continue is to skip the running. I still don't know why I think I should be going, but I feel better not going...that is for sure. Also, I would like to get my portion sizes smaller and eat more fat at each more for satiety. My lunch salads and dinner veggies are pretty big and that just annoys me for some reason! And would rather eat less dark chocolate or rice cakes or whatever, and really enjoy my small bit of milk chocolate or whatever it is that I really want. Whew!
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            It sounds like you're on the right track
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              Well, I guess I don't hate food journaling too much, because I came back. It does help to see how I feel when I eat certain foods or do certain workouts. And, the biggest thing I learned is why I was running. It keeps me from feeling crazy! While I was really tired, I didn't feel pregnant and crazy. After taking a few days off, I felt totally nutty yesterday. I have never been one to have any kind of PMS or moodiness, so this really strikes me as odd. Anyway, it is good to know why I was going. This morning after 3 days off, I did go for a short 20 minute run, but i did pulls ups and stairs in between to break up the monotony. Also, I ate a date before going. I think that made a big difference for me as I felt less like lead coming home and much more energetic. After running I had a 3egg omelet with cheese and a little berry jam (totally strange, but satisfied my craving for something sweet). I don't know if pregnancy throws off my sugar levels or what, but I am trying to give myself a little leniency and not obsess over it too much. I am not eating mcdonald's so that is good!

              B- eggs and berries
              S- PB on rice cake, coffee with whole milk
              L- large salad with tons of veggies, chicken and some kidney beans
              S- trail mix while walking through the city
              D- Large salad, burger wrapped in lettuce, few small roasted potato bites. 1 square85% dark, 1 square milk chocoalate

              Exercise: HIIT in the late afternoon after realizing why I was so cranky. walked through city for about 1 or 1.5 hours.

              At midnight i was starving and couldn't sleep. i felt satiated throughout day, but kept going through the pantry for something quick to eat. I ended up eating 2 more rice cakes. I should have grabbed a yogurt, but forgot we had them. Will work on that one tonight if need be.


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                Finally back in the states and have still been running off and on. I will go several days without running and then feel like I "have to" for my "health". I think I know better than this, especially since I feel my joints hurting when I go. I have some days that are wonderfully primal and some days that are so off I wonder what I was thinking. I started hot yoga and was loving it, but like all forms of exercise in my life...I just take it way too far. I wouldn't say I am a chronic overexerciser, but I would say I do too much and then end up eating half the kitchen to refuel. While I am not overweight, I always feel miserable after I do this! And of course I know it is bad for my health. Tomorrow is Monday and I want to try to do 30 minutes of walking a day this week. That is my goal. No running, just walking! I chase after a toddler all day, so this shouldn't be hard. I think if I correct my exercise, my eating will fall right into place.


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                  Monday I successfully didn't run . Tuesday I ran 1 mile and this morning I ran 1 mile. I find I am craving the endorphins and just love the feel of a short run. My mini experiment will be to run only 1 mile or do the PB exercises. Nothing more than a few short minutes....although being 5 months preg and running a hilly route keeps my "mile run" at about 9 minutes! Not exactly a sprint. Anyway, I have been taking walks with the toddler to various spots so she can play or explore. I have been cutting down my sugar during the day (including fruit) and saving my treat for after dinner. This is completely not primal, but I have been having a 1 square inch homemade dessert bar after dinner the past couple nights. I am working on a little thing called moderation. Hopefully I can get the hang of it as I don't usually have much success here. I am trying to be moderate in my exercise and my eating. The rest of my diet has been pretty good (high protein, veggies and good fats) so this small square doesn't seem to bother me.


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                    Sounds like you are doing better now! Maybe when you do run, you can try to incorporate high intensity sprints once or twice a week (if you can). This will help to shorten the length of your runs and is much better for you. Again, it's only a suggestion. I hope your changing diet is helping you feel better, it certainly seems like it is