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    Hello all!!

    Well, I have been a longtime lurker here on MDA, as in nearly 2 years, and finally decided on June 14, 2011 to go primal! So on June 15, I started my primal journey! And you know what? I felt AWFUL! I was tired, and cranky, and my stomach would just NOT settle down. But I just figured it was carb flu, and pushed on.
    So on that following Sunday (Father's Day) I noticed that I was a few days late. I had a pregnancy test, so I just took it, figuring I wasn't pregnant, but oh well, I will go ahead and get the test out of the way. Imagine my surprise when the test was positive! I took 2 more tests, and they both said yes, so now I am PREGNANT with my first baby! Yay me!

    But wait! What does this mean for my brand-new primal journey?? I had only been primal for a whopping 5 days, and now I find out I am pregnant! GAH. Well, I have decided to push on with my new lifestyle. I weighed about 237 when I started on Wednesday, and on Sunday I weighed 233. So I had already lost 4 pounds, and even though I know you are not supposed to try to lose weight while pregnant, I still want to continue with this. I am going to have to dial-down my workouts, but that is fine. I want to end this pregnancy healthier than I started it, and I know that being Primal is the way to do it.

    So now my goals have switched from weight loss, to gaining as much health as I can. I want to walk, and do yoga, and bodyweight exercises. I want to be a better, healthier, person for my baby. And I have decided to document this amazing journey here in the forums! I am not quite sure what all I will write about, but I know that I am interested in other women's primal pregnancies, so I want to put my experience on here to hopefully inspire someone else!

    Anyway, here are my stats as of today:
    Weeks Pregnant-6!!

    -healthy baby
    -gain fitness and muscle tone
    -be as healthy as possible while pregnant so my baby has the best start possible
    -not gain an enormous amount of weight

    My hubby is a truck driver, and he is usually gone during the week, and home on weekends, which will make it easier for me to eat right, since he refuses to go primal(at least for now!). I am also going to be having my baby in a certified-nurse-midwife staffed birth center! No hospitals for me! And I will document everything here.

    I know this is super long, and my future posts will probably not be this long, but I had to tell my story :]] So if there is anything that anyone wants to know, just ask! Thanks for reading this. and I look forward to getting to know all of you!!
    [[To live will be an awfully big adventure]]

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    Yay for new babies!!!

    I think you have it absolutely correct when you say you shouldn't try to lose weight and instead should gain health. Best wishes for you and your babe.

    P.S. Good on you for going the midwife route for your birth.


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      Thank you :]]
      And I am very excited that I get to use a midwife and not a doctor. I have always been terrified of having a baby in a hospital!
      [[To live will be an awfully big adventure]]


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        Ooooh, good luck with your pregnancy, and I also think you're making a good choice with the midwife. I almost 31 weeks along, and I'm going to try for a successful VBAC at the hospital. (It's really my only choice right now, besides a home birth, and I can't talk my husband into that one.) Anyway, I was primal for several months before getting pregnant this time, but I got really sick from week 6 - 22. I couldn't eat, smell or look at real food. I've since made my way back to a primal diet and I'm feeling great.


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          Good for you that you discovered primal now! Those months in utero are so important for determining how the baby's genes will be expressed.


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            I feel so lucky that I have found this now, and I can give my baby the best start possible. The only problem will be convincing my husband! It already took a lot of convincing to get him on board with the whole midwife thing. Maybe once he sees how great I am doing, he will be easily swayed.
            [[To live will be an awfully big adventure]]