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    Hi Im Nathan. Im a male and I am very excited for the PB lifestyle. I have decided to log my days here to help keep track of what I eat but also having it logged would help me stay motivated to keep with it. I am 5'11 and I weight around 155lb. I plan on using the PB to help me get in shape and gain lean muscle. I work full time at a grocery store around 50 hours a week, and most of that time is spent walking quickly up and down the isles usually with boxes that weigh around 10 lbs or less. This accounts for my aerobic exercise I believe, but I will still be doing sprints and heavy lifting. So here we go...

    Breakfast: 4 Scrambled Eggs, 5 oz of bacon and coffee with milk
    Dinner: Went to Applebees had a 9 oz Sirloin and double serving of vegetables (Woo no potatoes!)

    I didnt have lunch today because I had the day off and grabbed some extra sleep, so I woke up later than normal. Other than that Im pleased I resisted the sweets and other indulgences.

    I did a 15-20 minute medium intensity workout that consisted of 2 sets of push ups, sit ups, curling, and weighted squats.

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    Day 2,
    Didnt get as many veggies as I would have liked to in, but Im going to have a try at cooking because my lady isnt home to hold my hand and help me. Going to make a steak with a portobello mushroom and some brocolli . Havent made that yet but I will be on that soon. Had lots of sugar cravings today but i fought them and my regular temptations to go to fast food for lunch and so on but I did well and resisted all of this. Helped the sugar cravings with a couple hand fulls of red grapes. Energy levels were a bit down today but Ive always had a carb heavy diet so Im sure its just beginning stages of the Carb Flu I've read so much about.

    B: Banana (running late for work)
    S: 2 rotisserie chicken thighs with leg
    L: 2 Egg Omelette with 4 ham slices, red onion, and cheese. Another banana on the way out.
    S: 2 hand fulls of red grapes.
    D: 9 oz Sirloin, Portobello mushroom, 2 cups broccoli.

    I worked today and that is the extent of my workout today. 7-5 shift so Id say about 6-7 hours of walking and light lifting.


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      Update on my dinner, its to late to cook that much. Im just going to go with some scrambled eggs to hold me over till the morning.


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        Hi Nathan. Welcome!

        Get some strawberries or blueberries and eat them or half an apple instead of grapes.
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          Originally posted by belinda View Post
          Hi Nathan. Welcome!

          Get some strawberries or blueberries and eat them or half an apple instead of grapes.
          Alright thank you, I wasnt sure if grapes were to high on the glycemic chart, I just remember reading a lot about their antioxidants.


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            Hi Nathan. Welcome. I was a grocery clerk for about 10 years (at natural food co-ops.) Hard work.
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              Originally posted by Hedonist View Post
              Hi Nathan. Welcome. I was a grocery clerk for about 10 years (at natural food co-ops.) Hard work.
              Glad someone understands, grocery store worker doesnt sound that hard in writing.


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                Day 3,
                I slipped up a small bit today at my girlfriend cousins birthday party. I went under the impression there was a bbq and found out they only had pizza. Only had one slice to hold me over till dinner but I didnt have any cake or ice cream. I also have stayed clear of all soda which I used to be a major junkie for. Other than that another decent day, still missing a salad in my day but I did get some veggies in today.

                S: Coffee cream only (used to be a 5-6 sugar sort of guy but I went cold turkey with that a couple days ago)
                B: Bacon and scrambled eggs with ham.
                L:One slice of pizza.. Didnt eat the crust and it was a thin pizza if thats any better lol..
                D: 9oz Sirloin with sauteed portobello mushrooms and onions, 1 cup of broccoli and 1 cup of cut green beans.

                I worked today but I was covering a different department so I didnt do much walking, just a lot of standing in one spot. Only worked a 5 hour shift but it was a 6 am shift and I took a power nap when I got out. Still lacking energy to want to do a workout today. Work a 4 hour shift tomorrow and supposed to see some sunshine for the first time in 2 weeks so I will hopefully be starting my sprints.
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                  Havent posted in a few weeks but Im back to check up. Im not to worried about updating on this everyday since Im not a calorie counter but it still keeps a little voice going in the back of my head. Over the last few weeks Ive had my good days and my bad but after eating fully primal for a week I did notice how awful I felt after eating fast food or other unhealthy foods. Before I would have just brushed it off as lactose intolerance by the cheese on the burger or just having an off day and my body wasnt feeling right but now I can really tell the difference. I dont really stress to much over food to where Ill let the PB effect my social life. It was meant to be livable and when Im at home I almost always make the conscious choice on what to eat. The way I look at it is the 20% that is free for whatever breaks down to around a day and a half a week you could eat absolutely nothing primal. Im not saying its something I strive to reach but I feel if some people put a number value to it like I did they would live a lot easier. On that note I did some sprints today and going to get my gym membership this week. Going back cold turkey all primal today. Waiting a few hours before I eat though