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Primal Challenge Journal (Zeus) 24/11/09-23/12/09

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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Zeus) 24/11/09-23/12/09

    Okay so I've finally figured out my problem in regards to diet and exercise and it's that everyone has there own opinion on whats right and whats wrong when really there is no right and wrong in most cases, I've spent the majority of this year trying so hard to get a six pack and wether it sounds vein of me I'm not sure but the likes of people like bruce lee and brad pitt (fight club) thats what I want in terms of leaness. Now from my picture you might think I have too little in the way of muscle but surely I should be able to attain very low body fat as long as I'm dedicated to my diet.

    Anytime I go to a forum for muscle building I get slathered with the same thing you need to build mass before you should even consider getting leaner but I'm only coming to realise what if I dont want to be 200lbs with 15-20% bf. I get the same advice and it's normally eat more and squat heavy, it must work but for me getting abs is my first goal and then I'll see what I want I'm only now seeing that I cant follow a goal when others are influencing me to do something else. I from now until my challenge ends will no longe visit any other forum nor will I change my decision in terms of my goal to attain abs.

    So I start my 3o days challenge- I weigh 150.8lbs

    my body fat is 15.2%

    my waist measures 32"

    I will update this thread every sunday night until the 30 days are up. Wish me luck.

    this is me today