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FIRST DAY of trying primal (hope its gonna work this time)

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  • FIRST DAY of trying primal (hope its gonna work this time)

    i have tryid once before to go primal but started rigth on lots of fat and counting calories to be in the fatburning face = i was going to sleep hungry so it made my stomach feel so bad too like no digestion was possible - i got some oats with milk and i was fine and dropped primal.
    this time im trying to get more and more fat in .. slowly.

    you might also call this post, the sensitive young man goes primal (he might never have survived in that time haha, yeah or maybe if that would have been the guy in the village/tribe painting the animals on the murals ?

    DAY 1 (PART1)

    ok i wake up at 12pm ... hehe i was tired from last nigth celebrating my sister.
    today i got so irritated on my bad morning breath and taste in mouth that i disaded to go primal.
    well i been living on some kind of fitness diet with low-semi fat (i mean whole eggs, olive oil, fish oils, little nuts have been part of my diet... but not BUTTER and full saturated fat meats) and lots protein and whole grains veggies and low fat youghurt and cottage cheese so i decided that today - fuck it im trying ..

    S: i started eating some nuts and an apple.. what i had that seemed primal today.. but i was more hungry.. since have some muscle mass and im used to eat 4-7 times a day.

    i got out for food
    Breakfast: then i eated like 300 grams of organic ground meat (im a student, the cheapest organic in denmark and its not even cheap, its like 8 dollars) covered in butter and with a mix of broccoli, kale, carrots and pepper little sea salt.
    ... i was more hungry so i started eating carrot sticks dipped in cocnut oil !!!
    an hour later i was still eating it.... hmmm so i drinked half liter of whole fat milk and some blueberrys too..
    i reach after an hour some satisfaction ..
    i went to study some

    S: pre workout banana...
    WOD - then i drinked lots of water and headed for some CROSSFIT at 6pm.. i was feeling dizy and a little hunger, so i was not shure if it was a good idea but i did it, 45 min. later i was about to earl all my food up.. haha intense and with not so much energy than usual

    S: Then i ate a banana and was going to drink my protein shake with raw cacao powder and some coconut oil in it but i was not feeling like it at that moment

    its now 8pm and im feeling weird.. kind of ok energy in my body but short headed and dizzyness my eyes dont seem to hold focus haha... wow its weird .. i was supposed to go to a meeting at 7.30pm but i did not feel like it at all.

    now i am thinking about later go eat some herring with salad and some white potatoes since the intense workout... .. i feel hungry but just by thinking of eating something fatty makes my earl !

    hehe hope i can make trough the day !! if i feel too hungry i might eat lots of butter to get satisficed?

    / Sebastian
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    DAY 1 (PART 2 = later...)
    for dinner i had 130 grams of canned herring + salad and potatoes, 20 gram protein powder, butter, cocnut oil, cacao powder ...
    S?: later i was still hungry so i ate 3 eggs and some carrots sticks...

    i had i hard time fall to sleep because of hunger..

    S.. AGAIN: drinked half liter of organic whole milk and a bunch of blueberrys (wow expensive eating day)

    was sleeping about 3 in the night

    DAY 2.
    i was so tired from last nigth so i woke up at 11. (i have self/home studies rigth now)
    when i waked up i had like the baddest breath and taste in my mouth ever (i got in this diet to avoid it), but it was so bad in the mouth taste had followed me all day.. not a damn good sign !????

    S:Almonds (did not feel like eating so much because of my bad mouth taste)
    - had an espresso at my school with organic milk
    Breakfast: 3 eggs + spinach salad, butter and a tablespoon fish oil supplement (+chlorerella and probiotics)
    S: some almonds. more almonds and an cooked egg
    Dinner (lots hours later): 400 grams of pig/ham meat, common lobster and shrimps, brocolli, corrats, potato, butter, lots of kale salad, ... i kept fucking eating for an hour.. !!!!
    S: about 20 blueberrys ! 2 small cups of whole milk...
    Been drinking plenty of water trough the day .. 2-4 liters at least...

    now my bad breath and taste is even worse !?
    and its 22:58 pm ... i was at some freinds earlier and i was completely NOT THERE ... i feel horrible
    i just hope i can sleep tonigth !

    i seem not to be recovering from crossfit yesterday at all (feel still really tired, i dont normally this much on my rest days) + seems like i lost some muscle difination ..
    hmmm ..
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        thanks sarah


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          Adjusting to a low carb diet can cause the 'carb flu' which can involve weakness, light-headedness, nausea, just plain feeling weird ... lots of symptoms that will go away, probably in a few days. Fight through them and you'll do fine.
          Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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          GW 140 lbs
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            DAY 3 + Some inspirational links..
            last night i had some kind of anxiaty before sleeping, this is not really normal and im a little worried about my overall health condition.
            also some heartburn stroke me and i felt like my organs was having a blast - like a party down there around the stomach could feel it on the outside.
            i had some itching near my ass hole too (yeah nice .. ! WTF)

            i was exhosted when i wake up at 11am.. (my clock was going for 8am, but my body was so tired...)
            this morning i felt hunger but it did not felt natural to eat lots of fat, i also have lots of bad mouth taste and breath.. but well

            BREAKFAST: 3 eggs covered in butter, 4 blueberrys, mixed salad with some olive oil and different veggies. (probiotics, d vitamin, chlorella, 1spoon fish oil).. water ....
            S:before i left out the door i eated some more blueberrys and half liter of organic whole milk ! .. a carrot covered in coconut oil
            S: some meat stick sample, strawberries and some other berryes (i was in the supermarket with some freind - free tryouts) . plus had a big handfull nuts myself.
            WOD/PLAY: i went swimming...
            S: 1 (organic) banana and 30 gram protein shake with raw cacao powder and 1 1/2 table spoon coconut oil
            LATE LUNCH?: (6pm): 130 grams of herring, big bowl mixed salad, handfull of full fat feta, LOTS of LOTS of olive oil and some coconut oil.. table spoon fish oil and probiotics.

            - heartburn... i read some articles wich was not proclaiming a such fat diet, but this was todays inspiration:
            and since i+m from denmark, and live in the norse, scandinavia this one:
            (the did eat lots of fat but also some grain ... dont know about it but they had like 2 meals a day, and that sounds pretty logic (2-4). all the 4-7 meals a day i had before is just pure stress, it does not seem natural)

            late-DINNER (11:30pm eating): 200 grams of COD LIVER ... and lots of cooked green veggies (good ol frozen mix) ... butter and lemon.
            allrigth this one was a tryout shot, and i did not really like the liver !! blar ! ...
            water ...
            - now heading for a party hope its gonna work like this

            a thing i discovered today is that on this diet i DO NOT really feel like im being PRESENT (and when with others its strong) .. hope that will be better

            since from now i have not felt any benefits from the diet so lets see how it goes
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              does anyone know:
              should i be worried about my heartburn ?
              how is it with honey or Agave nectar on primal diet?
              mark does talk about balsamic vinegar for salads - is it full of sugar ha?

              / thanks sebastian
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                DAY 4

                party last nigth got to sleep at 4.. damn ..
                wake up at 11. going shopping for food.
                did some exam school related stuff (going up wednsday .. so i am beginning to think this START-UP going primal is a little bad timing actually hehe)

                BREAKFAST: bacon, 2 eggs, butter, big salad with advocado and olive oil and a glas of organic milk .. (fish oil, probiotics, d vitamin)
                S: handfull nuts, banana, carrot
                Late lunch: portobello mushruums covered in butter with strips of bacon on.

                i got tired - lay down for a while felt dizy ... had grilled 2 fresh fish , but saving it for later..

                late Dinner: protein shake with raw cacao and coconu oil, 1 fish, carrots, butter, tomatos.. water.. nuts more butter .. more nuts .. more water more carrots... hehe 1 hour later.. still eating..

                yesterday and today when i felt so weird i did look a lot on the internet about food and our ancosters.
                today when i brougth fish i was also thinking about where in my logic primal does suffer, what if some people lived near the sea and lived mainly of seafood (as norse people migth have), thats not THAT fatty as in main fuel is fat, is it ?
                does anyone in here has experiences with trying paleo diets wich has fat but still more veggies or potatoes ?
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                  i do not know what to think of this... im confused about all the information on the internet... some say this he say that... WTF !
                  History of Vegetarianism - Vegetarianism and Archaeology
                  one thing we all can negotiate on is water rigth !.. allright i will drink some !
                  i mean is this diet really healthy?, isnt it just some form of unhealthy starvation mode?, i feel like im almost about to go into a depression at this moment, i dont really feel that ok ... could really need some support of some kind..
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                    I suffered from bad heartburn before going Primal. It only took me about three days of not eating grains to have my heartburn disappear completely.

                    I used a little honey the first couple of weeks while I was learning to cut back on sugar. But I gradually took it out of my diet. Now, the only sugar I take in is an occasional 1/4 teaspoon in a cup of tea (maybe once or twice a week) or a little in some barbecue sauce.

                    I use balsamic vinegar and olive oil on my salad every day, and I've lost 31 lbs so I don't worry if it has a little sugar in it.

                    I've never heard of anyone eating an actual cod liver, usually they would eat calf, beef, or chicken livers. Or liverwurst which is usually made from pork liver.
                    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

                    Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
                    CW: 146.8 lbs
                    GW 140 lbs
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                      I'm on Day 5 of No Grains my self.
                      Good luck to you!


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                        thanks a lot belinda, and hey Cletc good to know you, thanks for saying hi, when i get out of my little EGOCENTRIC world for feeling like this i might begin to read journals and other threads at this forum .. right now its too much to follow all that stuff it makes me confused haha (says a little of where i am)

                        still day 4 _ status (late have been sitting here at my computer reading, looking at stuff for long now):


                        at this point this diet fills up a lot of my time and planning and speculation - lot more then the diet before even dough i ate 4-6 max 7 times a day , i dont "run"/function really well, my brain function is down and my presence with other is bad, had a really weird feeling today - got angry at a good freind of mine for a stupid reason, and i feel like when looking at people like im a stoner (u know gone), i hope i will get back to planet earth soon.
                        im also thinking about if this diet will work when visiting parents, freinds and stuff for lets say a week and something like that, i mean will you then shift from fat energy to carb energy in one week and then the same long period to get on fats again.. hmm

                        i migth go for a walk .. actually im usually a happy positive guy altough it does not look like that in this journal so far
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                          well i never had heartburn before turning primal ..


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                            i feel really weird, my skin is looking horrible and my body is itching and acting weird, cleansing out (my diet before was pretty clean, almost the same just higher in whole grains, just not full in saturated fats and all that

                            i just saw this on another girls journal - some girl wrote this as feedback to her (hope it is true):

                            In this article <> she gives a list of healing symptoms:

                            "Healing Symptoms & Reactions

                            Healing symptoms and reactions occur as a result of the activity of nature's healing forces in overcoming chronic disease conditions. It is brought about when the body becomes overcrowded by wastes and toxins.

                            Cells and tissues begin to throw off the waste and carry it from the bloodstream to various eliminating organs including the bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin, nasal passages, ears, throat, and genital organs.

                            These organs, in turn, become congested and irritated, producing symptoms such as colds, the flu, boils, skin problems (rash, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.), kidney and bladder infections, headaches, ear or eye infections, a fever, diarrhea and/or constipation, to name a few.

                            That is what the body creates during a healing crisis in order to heal and eliminate toxins. First the toxins are removed and then the tissues are renewed. These symptoms and the process of elimination are part of the cure which should not be suppressed. Although a healing crisis and a disease crisis may look alike they are very different.

                            A disease crisis is when the body is loaded to the toleration point with wastes and toxins. The body arouses itself in self-defense and brings on an acute inflammation such as a cold, fever, the flu, etc. in order to get rid of wastes and toxins.

                            If they are not eliminated the body adapts itself to function at a lower energy level. However these wastes and toxins accumulate and inhibit the body's organs from performing their normal functions until a chronic disease occurs.

                            On the other hand, a healing crisis develops because the healing forces are strengthening. By changing the diet to a highly nutritious one, and by eliminating as many sources of damaging substances as possible the body gets stronger, so it digs into the tissues and eliminates old chronic waste and toxins, and it rebuilds and renews them.

                            Skin problems are caused by toxins being eliminated through the skin, and because the body externalizes healing to the skin to protect vital inner organs. "
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                              short introduction: hey everybody good to be here (i hope, since im doing this all by myself at home) my name is sebastian im an 24 years student from denmark (studying illustration) - anybody in the same booth?
                              besides that i do strength training, swimming, running in summer time, crossfit (new to it).
                              im also a 2 and a half years sober Alcoholic, wich im so gratefull for (think what you want)
                              - makes me more creative, productive, happier and a the capebility of being a better human
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