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FIRST DAY of trying primal (hope its gonna work this time)

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    DAY 23

    - 4 eggs, small salad, advocado, cod liver oil
    - few nuts
    - (i made 2 portions of this yesterday
    organic ground meat, bacon cutten in smal pieces, broccoli, caulflower, carrots, cream, herbs, ginger, tabasco, sea salt, tomato sauce (pure) .. big portion...
    - salad with canned fish ? .. olive oil..


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      and i look so bloated like wow thats sexy ! farting and shit.. its ridicules


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        Okay, after reading these last couple entries I took a step back and skimmed over all of your postings.

        You've been on this diet for three weeks and it's pretty clear you think it's doing terrible things to your body. And that view has been fairly consistent since at least day three. I'm actually not at all certain why you started this diet/lifestyle with so many questions as it whether it is healthy or not (as that was your stated reason for starting it) and I am even more amazed that you have attempted to stay on the diet as long as you have.
        It's almost as if you expected to immediately feel fantastic instead of giving your body any time to make the transition from a high-carb to a low-carb diet. And being tired or feeling hungry or having gas or bad breath were all detailed here and noted as signs that this diet may not be healthy for you.
        At this point I would say that you are so unhappy on this diet and have become more and more convinced that it isn't working for your body that very little could convince you otherwise. I'm honestly not certain if you are earnest or a crank.

        If you do want to stay on a more primal/paleo lifestyle, I would suggest making certain you are doing a couple things and also suggest a couple changes.

        Make certain you are eating enough vegetables. It's not just about fat and meat. Vegetables are a huge component of the primal diet. And to clarify, vegetables are carbohydrates, but unlike most grains they are rich in vitamins and minerals.
        I use a rule of thumb of 2/3 veggies, 1/3 protein plus 2-3 servings of fruit.
        You veggies should be a mix of raw and cooked and the volume of raw veggies particularly will give you some gas in the beginning until your body adjusts to the increase in fiber in your system. Make certain you dress your veggies in good oils like olive or coconut oil. (I tend to add vinegar to most of my veggies too as I like the flavor. No idea if there are benefits to the vinegar in terms of digestion or anything else).

        Your protein can be meat/eggs or fish - which your diet seems to be getting. I typically eat 2/3 of my protein as fish/shellfish as that works for my system better than a lot of red meat. I typically feel a bit bloated and heavy with red meat. Although there are days and weeks when red meat is exactly what I want and need to feel satisfied with my meals. I noticed you have commented on having difficult bowel movements in the past three weeks in at least one posting. This is probably due to the increased iron in your diet. Yup - iron makes your poo hard and almost black and some people suffer from constipation. I find that I need the large volume of veggies to keep myself regular. How much meat you need is a bit of calculation - and I know Mark has suggestions in the Primal 101 section - and trial and error. Proteins are going to help you feel full so essentially on days you still feel hungry immediately after a meal it is because you simply aren't eating enough. It's not the diet. It would simply be impossible for it to be the diet.

        I've personally spent a lot less time worrying about fat intake than you - perhaps because the transition to this diet was so easy for me. I make certain I use good fats like olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, bacon fat and duck fat. Essentially I use oils/fats as a Julia Child would in cooking and I find my food satisfying and filling. I don't think you need to go any farther than that.

        Now I have noticed that it took time for me to adjust to not having that feeling of full that comes from grains. It really was one of the hardest adjustments for me mentally. I have found the cauliflower mash and cauliflower rice recipes somehow seem to psych my brain into believing that I am getting potatoes and that has settled down the cravings for me a bit. That may or not help you with your feelings of hunger.

        A lot of people find dairy products can be a problem and that is why dairy is structured in the primal diet as something you don't eat a lot of. And when you do, it's recommended that you select full fat versions. That is why heavy cream is preferred over milk and full-fat yogurt over low-fat. I would recommend dropping out all dairy except butter for one week. If you are doing okay with that ... continue for a second week. Then, if all is still well, try to add in a small serving of yogurt or cheese into a meal on the third week. This will let you know how your body actually handles dairy - it's standard practice in identifying allergies. I'm finding that I really can't tolerate a small serving of yogurt and suffer from stomach pains and gas (sounds familiar?) which makes me sad as I love good yogurt.

        If you really think you need starches for your health then maybe you do. You could add them back in and still be primal. I don't get the sense that you are trying to lose weight, which cutting starches will help and it won't kill you to add some back in at least for right now. I would suggest adding a limited amount of starches back into your diet - specifically white rice and potatoes - about 175 gram serving should give you lots of calories. Try eating them with your evening meal instead of breakfast or lunch. Two reasons behind that suggestion - starches can be a bit soporific for some people as the body slows down some functions to digest the starches so it may help you fall asleep in the evening instead of putting you in a food coma during an afternoon class. There is no real science behind my suggestion of when to eat them so take that advise with that in mind.

        Exercise - What really has surprised me in your postings is that you are pushing yourself through some fairly demanding exercises at the same time as you are transitioning your body with the diet. That is a lot for your body to handle and would suggest that is why you are so darn tired. This may be the level you were working out at before you started, but pushing through hunger and exhaustion on a regular basis doesn't seem healthy. This isn't the primal diet/lifestyle. I would suggest slowing down for a month. Walk or ride your bike (within the speed limit) every day for about 60 minutes. You live in Denmark and for all I know ride your bike or walk to school every day. If you do, you're probably already doing this. Do body weight exercises from Primal Fitness twice a week and run sprints once a week. That's it. You won't turn into a 30 pound weakling trying this for a couple weeks but you will be allowing your body a bit of time off.

        You've said you are in college and I just want to remind you no beer. Red wine and some alcohol are fine but if you want to drink beer you might well eat a loaf of bread.

        One final suggestion: Go to your doctor and get a physical and some basic blood work done. I'm not entirely clear how the Danish health care system works but you should try to get in this week or next. You want to establish a measurable baseline of where you are. Then in 3-6 months, if you are still living primal (or even if you aren't), you can do them again to see if there are any changes and if they are good.

        Now, you can ignore these suggestions - I'm certainly no expert
        My primal journal that I don't update enough:


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          I really want to reinforce my suggestion that you see a doctor. I realized after I posted that I put this toward the end which might imply a lower priority.
          But you have some symptoms that are seriously concerning you and should be looked at and as soon as possible. Try to go in this week.

          The fact that you are suffering from fatigue and have for what appears to be 3 weeks is a symptom of something. Added to that you have itchy skin, sweating, bad breath, a general sense of malaise and some yellow pustules of some kind appearing. It may be the diet but it may be something else. Find out.

          Let us know how you are doing.
          My primal journal that I don't update enough: