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FIRST DAY of trying primal (hope its gonna work this time)

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    day 10

    i have dropped a lot of weight but actually and sadly most of it is muscle, makes me a little angry, i mean im a little dissapointed.
    well i almost have no energy to workout or do anything ! ..

    today im trying to avoid any milk, cream and protein-powder products.. except butter - and check out how that makes me feel, and if "the morning breath" can be becaused of it".

    breakfast: loots of bacon, egg, butter... little piece of broccoli... cod liver oil
    S: nuts, 1 hard boiled egg on the go.
    later lunch/dinner: 250 grams of salmon, broccoli, carrots, Cauliflower, spinach, butterrrrrr.
    Dinner: mixed Salad, herring, olive oil, olive oil, balsamic vinegear, chilli, fish oil, garlic.

    strawberries and cream... proteinshake before bed because of to much hunger..
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      im thinking about ordering "primal blueprint" (yeah a little late ? )
      and some primal/paleo cook books, anyone have some favorites to recommend?.. mainly quick meals


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        what do you guys do with all the dishes??.. (my dishes have boosted since going primal. feel like theres a ton of them ALL THE FUCING TIME all really fatty and stuff) ... hmm im a student so a machine aint the option


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          DAY 11.. yeah time goes almost 2 weeks .

          9 a clock.. S: small handfull nuts, 2-4 dried dates,
          Breakfast: protein shake, cocnut oil, cod liver oil, olive oil, cacao powder. - again today didnt feel like eating that much at this time at the day.
          S: big handfull nuts + apple
          WOD: deadlift (supersetting with dips), squats, different ABS "hard-fun" with kettlebells+weighted balls, rowing machine..
          S/ post wod: drinked a big glass of whole milk after workout...

          5:30 lunch?..: 250 grams salmon with garlic butter, big portion, mixed slightly cooked kale types, potatoes, more butter.. water

          dinner: bacon, goat cheese, spinach, salad, cailflower in very small crunchy pieces, balsamic vinegear, olive oil, olives and some black pepper
          wich was the best salad i have EVER eaten ! and it was total freestyle !

          dessert: strawberries with lots of heavy cream and some flax seeds for crunch nice
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            damn im tired today, this is insane ! ... and feel weak as fuck !, i mean this is crazy, and i have some flu/vira-thing in my system .. my skin looks bad, i dont really look healthy!


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              I'm sorry you're feeling bad.

              Looking at your food all I see is fat, oil, processed powder - I certainly couldn't eat like that.

              Why not just go back to basics - stick with proper meat, fish, eggs, veg, nuts (if you don't want to lose weight) and fruit (just berries if you want to lose weight) - get rid of protein shakes and start listening to your body. If its not hungry don't eat - nothing says you have to eat within 30 mins of waking just have some meat and salad when you are actually hungry. Try roasting vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, parsnips, onions with a little olive oil for a big plate of food with the evening meal. (just put in oven at 180 Deg for 40-45 mins).

              And be nice to yourself for the first couple of weeks - if you're hungry eat (real food not processed or powdered ***), if you're tired have a nap, and just go for moderate exercise till your body has had chance to adjust and get the energy levels back.

              Main thing - read the book and don't get too caught up in the detail of grams etc - just gently eat the right types of foods and the rest can be tweaked later

              Hope this helps.
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              Messed about on and off for the rest of the year

              June 2012 - Had the practice - now time to do it for real


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                was reading this stuff today, greatfull i even live in theese days and times where its possible to "live like a cavemen", back in the days in europe it was not even possible for the majority of people to have enough food, meat was a luxury:

                Before 1860: Peasants' kitchen with open fireplace
                Home Baking bread was a necessity for the Danes until the early 1900-century.

                Until the beginning of the industrial revolution in Denmark around 1860 lived the majority of the rural population and supported himself with what could be grown, caught and reared there. It was a challenge to gather enough food for the winter, and in the peasant kitchen, there was no surplus to actual cooking. Only a small upper class had surplus approach to wide range of food and inspiration from abroad, for they were really cooking. In the country ate Mon bread and porridge, a few vegetables such. kale and slightly salted or smoked pork (fresh meat was a rare luxury). The soup yellow peas were also common. Everything was homemade: rye bread was baked, typically monthly, and every year was a pig slaughtered and salted and smoked. If there were cows that were made cheese from the milk and churned butter from cream at the farm. The rest was used for various types of porridge (to drink milk has only become commonplace long time later). The cows gave milk almost exclusively in summer, and the lack of refrigeration meant that milk was in short supply throughout the year. Moreover, the peasant often use butter as a country feast performance (tax to the landowner)
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                  thanks solldara, i dont think i have only powders, but i do use some, im a student and if i "with my appetite" have to eat every meal back to basics would be extremely expensive here in denmark, and take damn longtime, even now takes long time i have from 2-3 big meals with some meat, fish, egss, and veggies or salad a day. but yeah i migth leave the protein shakes..
                  but thanks for you support i will try.
                  how would you organize my meal plan then ? thanks.
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                    DAY 12
                    breakfast 3 egg, 2 slices bacon, cooked in coconut oil .. some cod liver oil for o3 and the D-vitamin
                    S: nuts
                    lunch: bacon, goat cheese, spinach, salad, cailflower in very small crunchy pieces, balsamic vinegear, olive oil, olives and some black pepper
                    S: almonds and some bacon leftover
                    rigth after i discovered i was like really really hungry so got for dinner... have eaten the most of my food today in a very small amount of hours, just because of the principle eat when your hungry riight
                    Dinner: shrimps oh shrimps in wok with biig plate of veggies and coconut oil.
                    desert: bowl with blueberries, little strawberries, high fat cream with some nuts on top ...
                    before sleep i was hungry .. like again .. avoided the protein shake and hitted 2 hard boiled eggs instead to fill up the emptyness

                    should i leave the balsamic vinegear if i want to shred the fat?..
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                      i really feel like doing a cheat day today, thats not good in the first 3 weeks?


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                        im a sucker for hardcoreness ! this video made my day - YouTube - ‪The 4-Hour Body - Official Video Trailer‬‏
                        plus some hardcore MASCULIN morning WAKE UP- music haha

                        not to bitch - its just facts - well im a little frustated by only this far losing like ALMOST all the muscle mass gained the lost year or more (that means still have little difenition, but the hardworked mass is like gone) ... now only have little muscle still i guess i lost fat but around my belly still some, guess it even looks like im fattier now since i lost so much muscle ... its proppebly due to a lot of things like getting jused to this diet, muscle fatique, tiredness, not really much workout after all (i mean not that intense and all), and maybe more factors come in play..

                        hope i can get the muscle back after my body start running on fat
                        to build muscle on primal i need more Carbs or more fat, or just plain more calories? like say nuts and a few starchy carbs only after workouts, like most Crossfitters tend to do ... (YouTube - ‪What elite athletes eat (From the Crossfit Games)‬‏) ??
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                          and no i dont think i am that important that i can just answer questions on my journal and have people answer them all the time, but well its not criminalized to just try, maybe somebody drops by and answers shortly who knows...
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                            Lol - 1860 isn't really relevant to primal - its looking at our ancestors 24,000+ years ago - not 150 years ago. I've actually been watch a couple of episodes on TV showing why Homo Sapiens (us) beat the competition Hominid species Homo Erectus and Neanderthal. It had nothing to do with the primal diet but all you saw food wise was the men trying to kill animals and eating meat and the women were mentioned to forage for berries etc.
                            1st June 11 to 30st Aug 11 - 36lb removed in 13 weeks
                            Messed about on and off for the rest of the year

                            June 2012 - Had the practice - now time to do it for real


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                              I'm not a guy, and I don't work out hard, but I'm pretty sure that your muscles will come back .... with a vengeance if any of the other guys who've posted pics in these forums are to be believed
                              Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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                                hehe nice one, yeah i know .. my point is just that even dough grain is nood good, grain in some kind of variety is also one of the reasons we have come so far, at least a lot of poor people all up in the most of the "covered" history in europe had been completely neccesery to have grains for survival .. so my point is just that, plus that i do think that some can tollerete grains at some degree better then others, i mean when some humans have developed the "skill" or "mutation" to drink milk, must be because that we humans do have the (evolutionary) skill to develop ...
                                when that thing is said i am now saying i do not want to eat grains if this diet works for me so its not a pro grain thing just that im actually in some ways are graitfull for grains, my tip tip tip grandfarthers and so on may not have been here if it was not for grains and therefore i migth not.. so grain or no grain it has done some good, even dough a lot of us is not happy for it.. or maybe i should so "on it".
                                grains migth not be super good, but i do believe the biggest enermies is too much proccesing of things, like you just said, in denmark the averege joe (does not have a six pack abs) but is not fat either, and its both rye bread and fish and meats and all different traditional danish foods, but the main thing is the counter attack of the pizza, cola and candy, white bread (and so on.. sugar and corn syrup and..) has a lot to say, and it is visible for the eyes on some of the newly generations, it has a influence ..
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