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FIRST DAY of trying primal (hope its gonna work this time)

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    i watched this video last nigth with mark sisson, and he is super cool BUT my fear was right - he is JUST AS I AM TO SOME LEVEL - a pseudo theory science "found our roots perfectionistic" ROMANTIC.. hehe i am a sucker for that stuff too but how reliable is it really.

    right know i am watching the first part of dough McGuffs speech ... he sounds cool
    The Champions of Exercise & Nutrition: Doug McGuff MD, Mark Sisson*|*The 21 Convention

    HERE IS DOUGH MCGUFFS WHOLE SPEAK.. i am watching it right now, so far really interresting:
    Doug McGuff M.D. T21C 2010*|*The 21 Convention
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      just found out there is SOY LECITIN - in my D-vitamin supplement.. should i be worried ?


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        aaagrh fuckers, theres sunflower seed oil in my fish oil too WTF IS THIS !? lol ... allrigth migth buy some new the first of this month .. damn they are both almost new ..
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          i wrote in my first post that
          you might also call this post, the sensitive young man goes primal (he might never have survived in that time haha, yeah or maybe if that would have been the guy in the village/tribe painting the animals on the murals?

          but oh wait just remembered that i actually was one of the fastest sprinters back in my school, even dough i was not a sports man - besides being a soccer goal keeper (and sometimes defender) when i was really small, and i was the baddest at long distence running hehe)...
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            DAY 5:

            felt tired and like shit when i woke up actually.

            breakfast: bacon, 3 eggs, some broccoli
            S: handfull nuts and a advocado

            i was meeting some freinds and was really hungry and short headed at that moment
            got home

            LUNCH: herring, big ass salad (Mark sisson slang) with olive oil and balsamic vinegear, glass of milk ... strawberries in cream ! mmmmmm ! (i havent eating this for years and NO I ACTUALLY DONT MISS THE SUGAR !

            WOD/PLAY: hehe well not actually a workout but today i helped some freinds move their stuff, and the big salad and some sunshine was so sweet, lots of "movements" in moving stuff up and down stairs - actually it hit me when moving a big heavy bookshelf there was some kind of power clean.. or maybe clean press movement in it hehe it was nice tried to turn it into play and fun and the salad today make me feel good i was a little closer to be happy me today. also always nice to help freinds making myself usefull as a good freind

            DINNER: mixed veggies, a medium size grilled fish.., homemade garlic butter (could get used to that one), fresh mint leaves on top of it all.... protein shake with coconut oil to make me feel satisfied.
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              i think this article about glycogen and the brain is in a little contrast to what sisson says about you donīt need carbs at all at the 21 convention..


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                I think Mark has written about both soy lecithin and sunflower seed oil. Soy lethicin is found in a lot of dark chocolate products and primals loooove their dark chocolate. I don't have time to find the articles, and can't even quote, other than to say that Mark thinks soy lethicin is ok and sunflower seed isn't anywhere near as bad as corn oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, or peanut oil.

                If you have time, you could put these in the forum search engine. But I think you'll be fine
                Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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                  thanks belinda, i will try read as much as possible both from mark an various sources.

                  well i been thinking a lot about diet today
                  i asked myself this question today
                  "why should a low carb diet be better IF the brain and bodys prefered energizer is carbs"
                  and why do athletes tend to HAVE to put in higher carbs, what if we assume that theese "athletes" back in the stone age was the finest hunters, warriors and best men (i assume that women not that often was hunters?.. huh maybe im wrong, and no im not an anti-feminist)
                  and what if theese guys would run and hunt for like .. we say they should be running long and be out "in the field" for like some days runnung long distances to find that big mammut or something ??? that is simply not possible on a low-carb diet .. is it??
                  (i might actually ask mark about this one some day)

                  -so as you see i been thinking about what would have been the most NATURAL and best diet for humans might be.. and some guy at the proteinpower blog said that low carb diets normally was pretty good for some years for most people and after that it was going down in health a lot .. hmm im a little worried about all this, but im still doing it because i want to know if it works for me in the long run.
                  and how come a lot people on really low carb get so much stomach issues ?
                  are our prefered food carbs ?
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                    DAY 6

                    Breakfast: bacon and eggs little salad + butter (i should find some other ideas for breakfast soon hehe)
                    Dinner: salad, tuna, olive oil, glass of milk.
                    i always feel better after my dinner, then after my breakfast for some reason... it might be because im used to carbs as energy..

                    WOD: running .. i was trying to run a little 2-3 KILOMETERS run but it was way to hard .. so i walked. i felt like i had joint pains wich is kind of rare for me to have this much and, but i did some short sprints afterwords instead ... i was suprised at how fast i can run, its like my body dont seems to follow my feed haha...

                    S: Cherry...

                    Lunch: Shrimps, root veggies, broccoli, potato.. butter and cream - sea salt and pepper .. hell yeah this was good, and it was sunshine over here in the cold north today .. amazing dinner with the view of the sun going down (off topic as a lot of the other stuff im also writing i know i know- but its the whooole primal experience right ) i felt a little bloated after this .. it might be the potatoes but i did not feel like this last time i had potatoes so maybe its the butter-salt-potato-combo huh?

                    WATER !.... and prepraing exam stuff.. i have brought priiiiiimal CHOCOLATE (lol) as belinda said , then i can get i sugar rush on wednsday before im going up


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                      got confused by reading this stuff
                      Primal Wisdom: Micronutrient Comparison: High fat vs. High carb; Plus: Ancient Greek Diet and Diseases
                      and this
                      and this

                      i really dont know what to believe anymore... as for now does anyone actually 100% what our ancestors ate and what we should eat ?
                      THE PERFECT DIET !?

                      well this guy had some advice for beginning a low carb diet: The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

                      well hell see you tommorow all you low carbers ..
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                        insane bad breath when waking up WTF ! ... this does NOT seems healthy and im not used to having bad breath in this kind of way... and i did not eat right before sleeping.. i eat at 9 pm sleeped at 2am


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                          this guy on the new evolution diet has another quite interesting idea of the human diet wich is a lot like .. basicly like some other a little lower in fat and higher in veggies-paleo style ... if this breath contenuis after 1 or 2 months im trying that ..
                          YouTube - ‪The New Evolution Diet - Episode 2‬‏


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                            DAY 7

                            bad breath - tired - weakness - lost weigth - mainly muscle mass -and dont feel like lifting wheight - i have a weird feeling in my body like i produce some toxins and having some warm nasty feelings in my body.

                            B: bacon eggs salad carrot olive oil
                            L: 200 grams of beef, butter, cream, veggies.

                            felt like hell after this one...
                            S: nuts milk... cherries cherries . give me some sugar before i fall dead ..

                            i now feel deppressed for real .. im thinking about giving up this diet.. it cant be healthy and i feel so weak i canīt possible argue that this diet should be long term healthy at this point .. it does not seem natural AT ALL ! if this contenues im ending up looking weak and skinny like one of theese raw food guys..

                            Dinner: salad, herring, full fat feta, olive oil, cod liver oil...
                            felt better after this one

                            S: apple little nuts

                            S: protein shake with little protein, lots of coconut oil, and cacao powder...
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                              was reading about the maasai peoples diet , and decided to go on with this for a while (thanks to whole health source blog)

                              DAY 8

                              S: nuts and cherries (around 7-9 am)
                              breakfast: (around 12-1pm) Protein shake cacao powder, cod liver oil (with A and Dīs) + loooots of coconut oil (is it possible to clean this "shaker" now ? haha .. really fatty like all of my cooking gear is after started this diet)

                              S: 85% chocolate before my exam today

                              this have very little today with my primal experience BUT, EXAM STATUS: whenīt out COMPLETELY PERFECT .

                              LUNCH: big ass salad with all kinds of lettuce, greensīnīshit, full fat feta and mozerella, advocado, olive oil, spoon fish oil!....

                              ... more to come.. hope i can do a workout later today... where i can be A MAN "MAN" and scream and stuff (and get my "primal" happiness for my exam out!!)
                              donīt know if a crossfit workout would be too much ?

                              S:could not eat the whole salad but took a little apple before the workout..

                              WOD: i figured crossfit would be too much. so instead i dead a intense slowly , supposed to be full body but ended up in - breast, shoulder, back, back extensions (really neccesary for me) focus on technique.. my strength has falled down a little but my tech was super.
                              i also trained on empty stomach because it was also like my system needed to relax a little before eating again (ieven dough i felt hunger, im not used to listening to that stuff on a 6 meals a day-kind of "muscle building"-diet, it might also be because you dont stress in all theese bodybuilding "rules" you see in mens magazines and see on the internet sites for looking like brad pitt or something something, so it was quite nice just listening to the body and dont stress the eating) 1 hour workout today, mainly compound movements .. except the to biggest squat and deads.. im taking them and some dips and curls yeah friday and some crossfit or a little sprint in the weekend if i feel like it and im all good..

                              so mainly today most of my foods has been eating from 12 to now evening, i was up early but felt like my system needed to get IT ALL OUT before start eating again.

                              S: protein shake with whole milk, coconut oil, cacao powder... some cherries and the rest of the salad i couldnt eat it all earlier.

                              DINNER(11om): 200 grams beef with sea salt and black pepper, mashed root veggies and potatoes with cream, onions in butter.. lots of butter...

                              Now going out with freinds and celebrate exam is done .. summer holidays now .. wehuu
                              nice dinner dough i was almost about to earl of all the fat !
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                                DAY 9 ... puuh theres a long way for 3 weeks..

                                protein shake, coconut oil, cod liver oil, apple
                                bacon eggs, small salad
                                nuts, advocado

                                Dinner with some freinds.... wich love vegan food...
                                carrot soup with organic creme fraiche and olive oil, tomato/mozeralla/onion/basil/olive oil/balsamic vinegar - salad... nice but there was not enough to make me full...

                                weird day.. not really many carbs today.. mostly fat i guess... feels like it, i feal really weird and tired and bloated..