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Journal of a slow adapting guy

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  • Journal of a slow adapting guy

    I read up on Marks way of living about two months ago and i mostly read instead of doing or changing my way. With 185cm and 118kg and constantly feeling tired, with no energy i knew i had to change...

    As i said i am a lazy guy but i did make some changes, first the fitness part,

    I live in the third floor i decided never to use the elevator again but use the stairs instead
    so thats free exercise at least twice a day

    I decided to never use the car when i can do it by foot or by bike, i made a 2 km radius my walking zone (so shopping errands, visiting friends etc..) and a 6km radius my biking zone, i stuck to this ever since..

    I am a passionate fishermen and usually fished trolling (trolling is a method of fishing where a fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn behind a moving boat) of course i used just like everyone else an electric motor to do that, i switched to actually rowing, thats usually twice a week about 4 hours each free exercise (that gets me often fish)

    I am also slow to implement the primal eating, however i managed so far to cut out completely bread
    havent had a slice in 2 months, i also cut out suger for my coffee, candy bars, and soft drinks i only drink water, (i never drank alcohol).

    I managed to cut out completely pasta and rice, however i do eat once in a while boiled potatoes, i probably eat too much fruit and starchy vegetables but i am getting there...

    I managed to cut out once a week two meals completely (dinner and the following day breakfast)

    I know i am not even close to primal, but i take it step by step and pick first stuff that i know i can handle easier, so far i lost in 2 months 7 kilograms = 15.4 pounds without really much trouble, the more important thing however is that i am much more aware about my body and his needs, thanks Mark and the community...

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    Hey, it sounds like you are doing well. Some people jump right in, whole hog. I took it slow and I am doing fine. So are you. Just keep on Grokking. You'll get there.
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