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Going primal in college

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  • Going primal in college

    Hi guys, 16 days ago i started our on a sort of PB eating challenge. I say sort of because it actually started as the whole 30 challenge, and partway through i discovered MDA and although it is only slightly different, the explanations behind theories made a whole lot more sense to me, and the community support seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of the whole 9 forum.

    So i`m starting this thread to document the last half of my transition into primal, post an odd screenshot of my fit-day to see if I`m doing alright, and give a brief outline of my progress so far.

    Personal stats - Age-16
    Height-180 cm/5.11"
    Weight-75.1kg/165.7 lbs (day 1)

    A little about myself. I have had past attempts of eating primal, but due to sickness and the inability to train, leading to a lack of motivation toward my health, coupled with my weakness for paleo/primal-baking, I have recently lost quite a lot of my progress.

    For exercise i generally do 5-6 Cross-fit sessions a weak (Cross-fit 42s, Tasmania), and if we ever get a day when its NOT raining, ill ride my bike about 25km to school and back. Apart from this, i do the odd skill session in the skill gym, as i am weary of over training since it cost me two weeks recently.

    So that just about sums up the activity side of things, so ill just leave this first post by im happy to become part of the primal community!