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    I'm just starting this. Finding substitutes for grains is not easy when you are allergic to eggs and birds as well as pork. This is leaving my breakfasts a bit light.

    Breakfast - one grapefruit, one cup of coffee
    Lunch - leftovers (brisket, grilled zucchini, a bit of sweet potato), water
    Snack - almonds
    Supper - leftovers (brisket, 1/2 red potato, steamed broccoli), tea
    Snack - Apple

    And to think I used to bake 4 or more loaves of bread each week.

    Put in 40 minutes commuting by bicycle and exercised by having to lift many overweight dogs at work today.

    We'll see how this goes.

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    Are you taking vitamin D3 or getting lots of sunshine. D helped my allergies a lot.

    Remember, you don't have to eat "breakfast foods" at breakfast.

    And welcome!
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      Well, this morning I ate 2 sausage patties and some almonds with my coffee. Then for 3 hours I rode my bicycle. About 32 miles. Lots of sunshine and wind. I cannot go as easy as MS recommends (not on a bicycle). I'll get into that elsewhere. I followed the ride with an apple, a bit of OJ and a 2 hour nap. I used a heart rate monitor just it is recommended to go easy. It said I burned 2338 calories. My empty gut sure felt like it.


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        That is a nice bike ride!


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          Ok, for 6/14
          Bkfst - 2 sausages, oj, a few almonds
          32 mile almost easy bike ride followed by 2 hour nap
          lunch - brisket leftovers
          supper - gotta use up the pantry stuff, spaghetti heavy on tomatoes and ground beef
          desert - strawberries and blueberries


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            If you can't eat pork for breakfast, cook up a batch of hamburgers and have one with your eggs. Alternately, cottage cheese gives a nice hit of protein.
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              I'll keep the cottage cheese in mind. No eggs, allergies.