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    Why? Health reasons straight up. I have a number of conditions that I would like to see some improvement in and my old diet wasn't cutting it, and what the doc gives me is band aids only.


    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 115-118
    Measurements: 32-26-35
    dress size: 2
    pants size: 0-2
    all other: XS

    I have a hard time finding clothes--I wear a lot of dance clothes--that's fine if you like black or pink. Luckily I look good in those colors. Clearly, I don't want to lose weight--I'm thin enough, and my doc would have a coronary just like he did last time I got below 110--I like my doc, so I want him to stay healthy.

    Today's breakfast:

    half a mango
    twelve hazel nuts
    6 oz. homemade raw milk full fat kefir
    2 t of unrefined coconut oil
    tea--yes cavemen drank tea

    I'm a moderate exerciser when I feel well. I dance at least 2 hours a week (well or not) and I clean house and garden. I was doing up to an hour of yoga per day until this last bout of sickness--hoping to get back to that ASAP. I also enjoy swimming (if the sun would EVER shine again in southern California at the beach ), and walking. I enjoy a bit of weight training, but am too cheap to belong to a gym--they are blood suckers--what can I say?

    I'm foregoing grains right now, as they seem to be upsetting my system. I have been diagnosed as gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant. I'm experimenting with adding milk back to my diet with fermented products--so far--so good. Yesterday's soaked oatmeal was bad, bad, bad, so no more of that nonsense.

    I love the site--great reading.

    Until next time....
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    Ditching all grains for 6 months made a huge difference in my well-being. I can now eat some white rice on occasion, with no issues.
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      Dragonfly--thanks for the encouragement. I've gone grain free before, but missed them. Now I can't wait to get rid of them--so I'm hoping that it stays easy! I think a big help is the adding dairy back in (fermented of course). I know that primal types don't always embrace dairy, but I think it will help me out--time will tell.


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        I eat dairy daily--just took a break from unfermented dairy at the beginning--just like you are doing!

        Now I can drink raw milk (wouldn't touch pasteurized, anyway) with no issues.
        Ice cream (which is pasteurized) still gives me gas, but it's become an occasional indulgence, so no problem.
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        Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
        Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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          Shell's Food Musings

          Okie-dokie. I didn't get back to finish yesterday's foods, so I'll do that at the same time as I add today's.


          6 oz. kefir
          12 hazelnuts
          1/2 mango
          2 t coconut oil

          6 oz. kefir
          spring mix salad w/ tomatoes, almonds, and olives
          cold chicken drumstick
          1/4 guacamole

          snack: 6 oz. kefir

          roasted veggies: artichoke, sweet potato, parsnips
          roasted chicken sausage
          fermented veggie pickles

          exercise: 50 push ups


          6 oz. kefir
          2 small organic apples

          6 oz. kefir
          spring mix salad w/cherry toms, almonds, olives
          hard boiled organic egg
          two very small slices of organic raw cheese
          two dates and a few dried cherries
          2 small squares of dark chocolate

          t of raw organic butter

          beef pot roast with carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, garlic
          6 oz. kefir
          1 date
          2 small squares of chocolate

          exercise: 2.5 hours of dance

          Things are going pretty well so far. One of the things I like about this diet is that I don't feel deprived or hungry. When I was just taking stuff out of my diet I was always looking for sweets or at least something else to eat. I think that I've been slowly starving myself of things I need--if that makes any sense? Anyway, I feel more energetic and sharper. I also noticed that my color has improved--I have roses in my cheeks.

          So, I'm pretty satisfied with my progress. Tentatively, I'm doing this for the summer. Whether I add in any grains (soaked or soured only) depends on how I feel. I don't think I want to be completely grain free forever, but right now it's working.

          I'm finding the info on the site inspiring and instructional. I've ordered some cultures for water kefir and viili (a type of Finnish yogurt that can be made on the counter top from raw milk). I also have a friend sending me milk kefir grains and am buying a kombucha scoby from a local seller. I'm working toward healing myself, and I think that it's going to take a while, maybe quite a while, with some discomfort in the process, so I guess I'll need to be patient.

          Until next time.
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            Wed 6/15/11

            B: 6 oz. kefir, one apple, tea--this was not enough food--hungry and crabby by lunch--shut up!
            L: Stir Fresh beef, chicken, lamb, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, gr. onions, cabbage, water--no rice or noodles, kombucha
            S: Raw cheese, nuts, dried fruit, mango, kefir, 2 squares chocolate
            D: Beef pot roast, carrots, celery, onions, 4 square chocolate
            Exercise: mini hike on uneven ground, some uphill, 4 creek crossings, about 1.5 miles. Tried out new VFFs and got some vit. D exposure

            Thoughts on day: over all pleased with diet and exercise. I didn't eat enough for breakfast, and ate too much chocolate after dinner. I'm not worried though. Walk was just the right length for my energy levels and a perfect way to try out new hiking shoes. I am a barefoot person, so VFFs are perfect for me--if only my style (Bikila laces) came in pink.


            B: kefir, small mango, pan toasted egg/almond meal cake with slightly melted raw cheese to preserve enzymes, two squares of raw halvah (nuts, cocoa powder, honey blended, formed into a "bar" and cut into 3/4" squares), tea, and 1/4 cup of fermented veggies, 2 t coconut oil, kombucha. Maybe could have used more protein? Maybe I'll have an egg for a snack later.
            L: Japanese food out: grilled salmon, salad with ginger dressing, water, pickle, orange slice, sip of miso soup
            S: halvah, strawberries, kefir
            D: tri tip, potatoes with raw butter, squash with raw butter, kefir, two squares of chocolate
            Exercise: wanted to go for a walk, but I had a mammogram instead, might dance or to push ups tonight, or both

            Thoughts: I feel over full and bloated since dinner--potatoes? It's been several days since I've had them. Hmmmm.

            Got my milk kefir grains in the mail from a friend--they are culturing away.

            Off to go play cribbage with my men.

            Until next time.
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              B: steak and egg, kombucha, fermented veg, coffee, apple sauce with plenty of cinnamon, commercial kefir--lowfat pasteurized--yuck. I had 2t of raw unpasteurized butter to try to compensate
              L: banana chips, almonds, prune, raw cheese, water, fermented cukes, cherries
              S: more of said kefir with offset--trying to drink it up to make room for good homemade full fat unpasteurized kefir which is actual food. 1/3 mango--son sucked down the rest of it. I talked to him today about the PB; he'd be a natural if he'd give up sodas and cookies--or at least cut back--he agreed to give it a go/think--can't expect more than that from a 16 yo.
              D: hamburger, lettuce, tomato, no bun, fruit?, kefir, kombucha

              Exercise--started on the PBF plan. Today I assessed and did only one rep of LHT. I didn't want to overdo, especially as I wasn't feeling that well due to potato consumption yesterday--no more of that. I felt much better after the exercise, not surprisingly.


              wall push--20
              over press--10

              I need to buy a pull up bar to do those. I do like that it's low tech and I don't have to go to the gym. I might go for a walk, or just sit outside and soak up some vitamin D. I dunno. I also must practice dance routines for a show next weekend--another reason not to overdo.

              Until next time.
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                B: egg, mango, coconut oil, kefir
                L: orange peel shrimp (cornstarch--no ill effects), salmon, steamed spinach, tea--PF Chang's
                D: pork chops, turnips with raw butter, kefir, kombucha, squash
                E: ran errands--not much


                B: 3 small pork sausages, mango, kefir, apricot, tea, coconut oil, kombucha
                L: chicken leg, crudite, nuts, guacamole, kombucha
                D: chicken, turnips, kefir, kombucha
                E: one hour of dancing

                General health: getting yet another migraine--what's up? Otherwise, pretty good: energy and general health fine. Joint swelling not too bad either.
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                  Sorry, not keeping up too well here the last few days. I've been busy I guess. Diet has been much the same. I'm enjoying the dairy; I don't know if I'd make it without it, and so far I'm handling it very well.

                  I've had a series of migraines, but they seem to be better. It might be a reaction to the low carb/no grains, or it might have been caffeine. I'm off the caffeine and the headaches are better. I'm not much of a caffeine addict anyway, so quitting was easy.

                  Exercise was off for a few days, but the last two have been great. Monday I had a one hour dance class, but yesterday was two hours and very intense--in fact I'm going to calling it sprinting. Our teacher was testing our stamina--I passed.

                  I may do LHT today, in fact that's the plan. I got a pull up bar--yay! I might also end up going for a walk at the zoo--we'll see. I've been in the mood to swim, but it's too cold right now, and all pools are too cold.

                  Until next time.

                  ETA: I did indeed do LHT today:

                  pullups: 7
                  pushups: 15
                  overheads: 15
                  squats: 30
                  plank: 30/30/30

                  All times 2. Fighting a migraine, but not too bad. Planning that hike tomorrow.

                  B: banana pancake with a touch of syrup, kefir
                  L: meatloaf, apple, cheese, apricot, kombucha
                  S: cheese, kombucha
                  D: steak, broccoli, kefir
                  S: yogurt with jam

                  Until next time.
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                    B: two scrambled eggs, two sausages, 1/2 small mango, three slices of raw grueyere, kefir
                    L: carapacio, green salad, tea, a little bit of parmesan cheese--no ill effects
                    D: meatloaf, arugula salad, kefir, kombucha, 4 squares of dark chocolate
                    E: long walk about the zoo. Not sure I like my VFFs for pavement.


                    B: kefir
                    E: Dance practice--I have show tomorrow.

                    I have discovered that taking my pills very early in the morning, essentially before I wake up, is working well to keep the pain and stiffness at bay. I may have to talk to doc about getting more pills per day--we'll see.


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                      Hi Shell. I hope you find what you want here. Meanwhile, a poem for you:

                      maggie and milly and molly and may

                      by E. E. Cummings

                      maggie and milly and molly and may
                      went down to the beach (to play one day)

                      and maggie discovered a shell that sang
                      so sweetly she couldn't remember her troubles,and

                      milly befriended a stranded star
                      whose rays five languid fingers were;

                      and molly was chased by a horrible thing
                      which raced sideways while blowing bubbles:and

                      may came home with a smooth round stone
                      as small as a world and as large as alone.

                      For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
                      it's always ourselves we find in the sea
                      activate the rhythm, the rhythm that has always been within