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Journal- Kim does a 180.

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  • Journal- Kim does a 180.

    Goals: Want to have energy. Lose fifteen pounds or enough that I can go from a size 8 to a size 4. I'm 5'7 and was there before having kids. Would love to be there again. Mostly though, I want to regain my health.
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    Wow! What you have gone through! Primal is the place for you. Doing 80% is built in to the blueprint. Also sensible vices like dark chocolate.

    Some people make Primal boring. But there are hundreds of yummy recipes. Can you involve your children in looking for good ones?

    I am surprised that white rice made you sick. It is pretty neutral. Could it have been something else?

    You can get lots of support here for not obsessing. I am looking forward to you being one of Mark's Success Stories!
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      It didn't necessarily make me sick. It messed with my stomach and after a week of having no "issues" I wasn't happy about it.
      I've considered doing the GAPS diet because I'm so sensitive.
      I LOVE chocolate. Unfortunately, I have some pretty obnoxious reactions to it so I really have to weigh my decision to eat it.
      I'm blessed with two children that enjoy eating nearly anything so we've had a bit of fun over the last week coming up with some tasty meals. I've tweaked my favorites (eggplant parm. was yummy) and I'm looking forward to working on some others.


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        I lost five pounds. How is that even possible? Is it mostly water? Whatever the reason, I'm ecstatic. I'm 1/4 of the way to my goal.

        My husband (who just started doing it with me this past Monday lost four...despite eating pizza as his cheat.)
        Unless otherwise noted, all of our beef is grass fed, eggs and butter pastured, chickens are pastured or, at the very least, organic. Most of our produce is organic and fish is always wild caught from US waters.

        My food intake for today.
        B- I made one of those microwave bread things using chives and some good cheddar. Slathered it with pasture butter. It was so good. I'm not too keen on using the microwave so I'm going to try it in the oven next time.
        L-a handful of grapes
        D- two grilled chicken thighs (balsamic, EVOO, herbs de provence)
        a big Greek salad (homemade dressing, feta, anchovies, olives)
        a small sweet potato with butter and a bit of maple syrup (Maple syrup is a weakness of mine. It's my "chocolate".)
        S-a handful of almonds

        Questions- Are olives okay? Should I stay away from the sweet potatoes until I reach my goal weight?

        I ran around and played tag with my kids for about fifteen minutes. I walked for three hours yesterday with my family and I'll probably be out of commission for a few days. I used to thrive on tons of exercise. It energized me, but now working out or just being active makes me tired. I hope to come out of that soon!


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          Had a great day. Nice energy levels. Not enough to work out but I didn't need a nap and I spent the day running errands, doing laundry and playing with my kids.

          B-smoothie made with homemade yogurt (my milkman's wife makes incredible yogurt from their fabulous milk), blueberries, some mango and a bit of raw honey (1 TB split between three servings.)
          A hard boiled egg
          L- Another one of those microwave bread things (I use CO and I love that I can hardly taste it. I can't stand the stuff.) with applegate farms roast beef and turkey, lettuce, mustard
          Green beans sauteed in butter
          about 1 cup watermelon
          S- 15 almonds
          D- US wellness meat beef Italian sausage, grilled artichoke hearts with roasted red peppers and garlic, salad with mixed greens, carrots, onion and ranch dressing (homemade creme fraiche, yogurt and herbs)

          I may have a piece of raw Emmentaler in a bit since I would really like some cheese.
          Oh, I did have a grapefruit Zevia. I very rarely indulge in these, but it was so hot outside and I wonder if stevia is awful. Is it awful? Should I give it up completely? My husband is addicted to them, but I'd rather he drink these than the regular and diet sodas he was drinking before.


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            Worked in the garden for a few hours. Did five loads of laundry. Moved at a slow pace and lifted heavy things.

            B-Yogurt, blueberries
            L- "European" picnic. Salad with homemade ranch, Applegate farms roast beef, US wellness meats summer sausage (my favorite!), raw cheeses, Bubbies pickles, grapes and oranges
            S- two organic prunes
            D- Chicken breast sauteed in butter, mushroom and peppers, homemade guacamole and two small organic corn tortillas (made into tortilla chips using evoo and lime juice) Shouldn't have eaten the tortillas but they were so good.
            S- couple of almonds and one of Batty's blueberry butter balls

            I eat too much fruit. I wonder if it will hinder my weight loss.


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              Didn't get a chance to post yesterday's food.
              B-homemade yogurt with blueberries
              L-Rivven's bread with cheese and chives. Summer salami, salad
              D- Soup with bone broth, swiss chard and all natural turkey kielbasa, Roasted butternut squash
              S- another Rivven's bread with cinnamon and a couple organic, dark chocolate chips.

              I was starving today. I don't think I had enough fat at breakfast.
              I helped teach a couple preschool ballet classes. Not much movement but it was fun!
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                I over exerted myself today. Did a bit too much and dragged the rest of the day. I'm going to focus on short bits of exercise until I feel this diet begin to heal my body. My children were not happy to have mom napping instead of taking them outside to play.

                B- Rivvin's bread, blueberries, a cup of raw milk
                L- leftover soup, salad
                S- Blueberry butterball
                D- Turkey drumstick (which I didn't eat. Wasn't very appealing to me), small sweet potato with butter and a bit of maple syrup, green beans and walnuts cooked in walnut oil
                S- Strawberry shortcake (almond flour biscuit with strawberries and homemade whipped cream- sweetened with stevia)


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                  I didn't post Friday and Saturday but my meals were pretty typical and I had no cheats.
                  Today, Father's day, we went out so I did cheat.

                  B- Rivvin's bread with fried egg and two strawberries
                  L/D- We ate at Maggiano's and I got rigatoni "D" but had them substitute the pasta with extra veggies. It was really good. Caesar salad- no croutons.
                  Dessert- Couldn't pass up a scoop of Graeter's raspberry chip and if you are from Cincinnati, you know why.
                  I'm going to have a cup of pineapple blueberry herbal tea after the kiddo's go to bed.
                  No exercise for me the last few days, but I did go to Gap today to try on some clothes and I think, in a week or so, I'll be one size smaller! Yipee. I'm amazed at how quickly (and painlessly) I've gotten results.


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                    I feel awful. I'm just really tired but I've been told it's normal and will pass. Until it does, I'm laying off hard exercise and taking naps when I feel like one. Hopefully it won't take too long to get over the carb flu.

                    B- egg cream (Raw milk, a bit of raw honey, raw pastured egg, organic almond extract) a small slice of coconut bread (unsweetened) with pasture butter
                    L-Rivvin's bread (made with butter) with Applegate Farms roast beef and turkey, mustard, zucchini cooked with garlic and butter, Bubbie's sauerkraut.
                    D- Wasn't too hungry. I made a lovely soup with bone broth, turkey, veggies, kale from my garden and bacon from US wellness but all I ate was a couple slices of peach.
                    S- a couple grapes and a hunk of raw gruyere

                    It's so strange to not be starving in between meals and to even be able to skip them without getting all shaky.
                    My two little girls have also been big eaters. They always wanted to snack and never seemed satisfied (they weren't overweight and thank goodness I at least gave them only real foods) but now (since they eat what I eat by default) they barely ever complain of being hungry. They may have a butterball or some coconut butter dipped in dark chocolate at some point but they don't demand snacks all day long.


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                      I'm feeling a bit better today. I wasn't nearly as tired. I got two walks in. One pushing my step sister in a wheelchair and the other while walking my daughter to the park. About twenty minutes each.

                      B- two egg omelet cooked in butter with asparagus
                      L- Turkey, Kale, bacon soup. A chunk of horseradish cheddar
                      D- two pieces of everyday paleo breaded baked chicken (a thigh and a drumstick), roasted radishes, a salad with feta and EVOO/red wine vinegar
                      S- raw milk smoothe with some blueberries, mango and a bit of raw honey

                      I def. notice I don't eat as much if I have some coconut oil. I didn't today and that's probably why I'm still hungry. Unfortunately, the only way I can tolerate it is in Rivvin's bread.


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                        Got in a twenty minute walk with the kiddos. Also got in a one hour nap...I'm so glad my children are well behaved.
                        B- Primal cereal. I won't do this often. It is really calorie dense, but it was good. Mixed up a bunch of nuts and coconut in my processor. Added a tad of maple syrup, a few raisins and 1/3 of a banana. Ate it with raw milk.
                        L- one slice US wellness meats beef bacon (this stuff is going to break our food budget. I had a nice little moment with the bacon.) Two eggs scrambled in the drippings, salad with feta, evoo and red wine vinegar
                        D- Pepper stuffed with ground beef, veggies, tomatoes, a bit of raw parma. One sweet potato pancake (a small one), green beans cooked in butter
                        S- I made some mascarpone mousse (used 2 TB raw honey for four servings), some egg whites, raw cream, a vanilla bean and some mascarpone. Put it in the ice cream maker and ate it with a couple TB dark chocolate chips.

                        I need to lay off the chocolate. My body does not like it, but unfortunately my mouth isn't listening.


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                          Oh, and I'm a little annoyed. My husband, who has REGULAR sugar in his coffee every morning and has cheated much more than I, has already lost two pants sizes. What the heck?


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                            I'm confused about what is "primal" and what isn't. Everyone on here says something different. I'm trying to cut my fruit down to one serving a day yet now I'm reading that no fruit is better. Oh my God. No fruit? I'm not sure I want to be skinny that bad. No yogurt? Cut out the almond flour? Then how come Elana from Elana's pantry is so friggin' thin? Every other recipe she posts has almond flour in it! I suffered from an eating disorder once already. I'm not really interested in inducing another one. And I am not talking simply about restricting calories. It is just way too easy to get sucked into becoming an obsessive compulsive, legalistic food Nazi. Is there anyone that has lost fifteen pounds or so being balanced? I mean, I get that grains and carbs and sugar make you fat and screw with your body, but is a bit of homemade yogurt, raw honey and some pineapple going to keep me from losing weight? Seriously? I guess I can't really wrap my mind around the fact that some raw, grass fed Gruyere is a cheat. When I think of cheat I think of eating rice with my Paneer Makhani or a scoop of Graeter's. I don't think of a couple slices of apple with almond butter a cheat. I can easily imagine living the rest of my life without grains and sugar. Easy peasy. But I think I would rather be a size eight forever than have to live on pemmican and lettuce the rest of my life. I have two kids and a husband that are used to homemade meals three times a day and fried eggs and steak gets boring for even the most iron deficient ex vegetarian if eaten everyday without vary.


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                              B-a small smoothie with some blueberries, bit of raw honey, raw milk and an egg
                              Rivvin's bread with almond flour, cinnamon
                              s- two US wellness meats beef snack sticks. I was at a bridal shower so I indulged and had a small glass of sangria, a salmon sushi roll and a Lindt truffle.
                              D- stuffed pepper (ground beef and veggies)

                              Why am I still so tired? I took a two hour nap this afternoon. Two hours! I wish I would start feeling better so I can justify eating all this butter. Actually, I'd be happy if I lost a couple pounds. Energy or weight loss. Either way, I'd be happy.