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    Filling these in ahead of time, since my routine is totally busted. This way I get to combine meal planning with my newest obsession, primal eating I'll update as the days go by.

    Saturday, July 2

    B: dakjuk / korean chicken rice porridge (a little rice to thicken the porridge) with cooked egg on top
    L: black eyed pea* salad (with bacon bits and bacon grease, chorizo, red onions, cherry tomatoes, collard greens, chopped hard-boiled egg and olives, drizzled with olive oil)
    D/Snack: 2 squares dark chocolate. Chorizo & olives pizza
    * Not primal, but I still have to go through the stash of dry beans. We're too poor to throw away food. Boyfriend is going through rice and pasta stash, since he needs a lot more carbs than I do.

    Sunday, July 3
    B: pizza leftovers. 2 bananas because I really needed some. Covered in 80+% chocolate because I really needed that too.
    L: dakjuk again.

    Monday, July 4
    B: dakjuk. I made lots thinking it would be gone in 2 breakfasts, if boyfriend and I eat it, but he didn't eat any... so I've got to eat it all :-/
    L: Pizza again :-O
    D/Snack: popcorn :-O

    Tuesday, July 5
    B: nil
    L: chicken "lo-mein" with red and green peppers instead of broccoli
    D: same as lunch with the addition of shrimp
    Snack: chocolate cake + strawberries + whipped cream. Coffee with cream. Ugh.

    Wednesday, July 6
    B: 2 scrambled eggs with tons of beef slices
    L: Ice cream, after seeing the swimming pool O_O. Wanted to go swimming, but the place was packed with kids as if they were sardines. 10 dollar day-care for the whole summer. EVIL. The other swimming pool in town is a 100 dollar seasonal membership; no thanks.
    D/Snack: BAS - mixed greens, bacon, chicken, strawberries, slivered almonds, cucumbers, cottage cheese.

    Thursday, July 7
    B: Was shaky and with headache and tired when I woke up, put the first thing I found in my mouth: granola bar. Once I was functioning a little better, but still not good enough, I managed to make 1/4 cup whipped heavy cream with strawberries.
    L: oven baked haddock (lemon juice, salt, paprika, olive oil, garlic), green and red peppers.
    D/Snack: gluten-free brownies that the boyfriend made, 3 slices. Still feel like shit (oh really? no way!). zucchini and summer squash beef salad

    Friday, July 8
    L: butter microwave popcorn. Ell-oh-ell.
    D/Snack: Napa cabbage salad (half an apple cooked in butter, almonds, 1/4 napa cabbage, slivered and sauteed, toasted almonds. Grilled pork. 2 Smores. @_@

    Weekly stats:

    No comment. Maybe if I show these nutrition graphs to the boyfriend, he'll see that no matter how he looks at it, eating junk is not healthy. Looks at that poor nutrition :-P I don't know. I'd think it's common sense, but he doesn't get it.

    • Feet getting smaller / less fat.
    • I actually sweat when exercising, or when it's hot. In the past, I wouldn't sweat at all, even if I killed myself exercising.
    • Much lighter menses.
    • My nose feels so plugged at night that I have to breathe through my mouth (blowing my nose doesn't help, there's nothing there). It's been so long I had that, I'd forgotten about it. No more cakes, 'k?!
    • I keep tossing and turning at night, and even though I'm soooo sleepy, I can't fall asleeep. Normally (after going Primal), I fall asleep real quick, and don't move much. NO MOAR CAKES!
    • I got a big fat sore on the roof of my mouth, like I had all the time before going Primal. No caaakes!
    • No amount of water quenches my thirst, after eating a ton of sugary carbs. I'm drinking, and drinking, but my whole body feels dehydrated.

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      Do gyms mess up with their scales? O_o ?

      I walked into a gym today so I could weigh myself, the same I went to last month. They have one of those old-fashioned scales, the kind they have at health clinics.
      I weighed myself and it said 61kg. That can't be right. That's 134 Lbs. Last time I was there I was 154 pounds. Hmmm...
      I tried a few times, and it always said 61-62kg.

      When I was a skinny college student, I was 145 lbs. But at the moment I'm obviously fat, so how can I be down to 134 pounds already? I certainly don't look like I'm 134 pounds, I don't even look anything like what I did in college.
      I'm going to my BIL's house today, maybe he has a scale... I'll check there. I'll probably feel sad when it says 165 lbs instead (hehe!)

      Oh, also, my boyfriend said he'd try Primal, hurray, hurray! I guess he's already eating primal at most meals, since he eats what I cook. I was afraid he'd feel deprived, but he must be enjoying the food :-D
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      My smartphone makes me about $100 per month
      Updating my journal again after a 2 year break.


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        If the scales are suddenly that different someone probably knocked them out of calibration (or maybe knocked them OVER). A gym isn't the easiest place to be a scale. :-)
        Life is short: Void the warranty.


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          Hooray for your boyfriend's conversion! That will really help a lot, even though the $#@$er will probably lose like 10lbs in a week.
          Hubby has a big race on Saturday so I might try to convert him after that. He said he did Atkins in the past and lost 10lb in a month (he lost 15lb in 12 months training for an Ironman), but his then-gfriend didn't lose any weight so they quit.
          Cooking Primal with Otter - Journal
          Otter's (Defunct) Primal Log
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            Yeah, we'll see how long he lasts. He's really afraid of fat and meat.
            I'm still searching around for a place I can weigh myself; YMCA doesn't have a scale, apparently. I'm not going to buy a scale when I only weigh myself once a month, and just for fun.

            Edit: not that I cared much about weight anyway, but I wanted to weigh myself just to keep track of primal weight loss. But I'll just weigh myself when I reach my goal (size 8, or whenever I reach healthy BF%).
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            My smartphone makes me about $100 per month
            Updating my journal again after a 2 year break.


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              Goals for this week:
              Resist boyfriend's influence, and the rest will take care of itself.
              Write his offenses here, and whether you resisted or not I'd better fine him, 10 dollars per offense!
              - Pepsi Max - didn't resist. Hey, it's been a while... ermm, hmm.. *cough*!
              - Pepsi Max again... was so thirsty, just took it and drank it :-x Oh well!
              - Slice of pizza. Hopefully next week I see these 'offenses' here, and I cut it out!

              Saturday, July 9

              Boyfriend feeling carb-withdrawal headaches, poor thing. Making sure he eats some more carbs. He's barely got much body fat to lose anyway. It was kinda cute how he blew up on me, saying that he likes his sweets, and he'll never give them up no matter what. He's not addicted to them, he just liiiiikes them. Then later in the day he says he really should give up sweets. I LOL'ed. :-D
              I told him everyone likes sweets, but nowhere else in the world do people eat sweets every day! Sweets are supposed to be a treat!
              B Leftover grilled pork, 2 eggs fried in bacon juice :-D
              L 2 chocolate squares
              D Taco salad (beef, lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, olives, red onions). Chocolate pudding (avocado, banana, melted chocolate)

              Sunday, July 10
              Umm. Boyfriend says he likes breakfast, but he hates making it, therefore, Primal won't work for him. D-U-H. I never noticed him eating breakfast, ever, in 5 years, besides occasional cheerios or a banana right as lunch is ready to go on the table. Funny guy. Anyway, I'm keeping ready-to-eat breakfasts in the fridge for both of us. I needed a change from eggs anyway :-)
              B 3 pieces of bacon, 2 scrambled eggs
              L Curried coconut cashew chicken with 3 tablespoons rice (Call 911! Ran out of vegetables!)
              D Salad (chorizo, apple, pecans, lettuce, cucumbers). Pepsi Max. 2 Chocolate squares.

              Monday, July 11
              *sigh* I love Primal eating. Had a great big breakfast, then around mid-day, started feeling hungry. But since we're really low on groceries, I wanted to keep the food for dinner, when the boyfriend is home. The hunger went away, then I didn't feel any hunger at all until 3:30. I felt some hunger, then it went away again, and I feel fine... I bet that hunger is just expectation: "It's lunch time! I should eat! It's tea-time, I should eat!". Pfffft!
              B God-sent leftover kabobs from a cook-out (young potatoes, summer squash, mushrooms, chicken, garlic cloves), 2 eggs fried with butter, with thyme and dill.
              S: Fresh picked strawberries and blueberries. So sweet, tasted like I was drinking Port, seriously!
              L Skipping lunch so there's enough food for dinner @_@ Still not quite sure what to do about different meal schedules.
              D Salad: lettuce, pulled pork (from pork loin), avocado, olives. Tastier than it sounds.

              Tuesday, July 12
              It's shopping day, yay!
              I can finally remove my ring without greasing my finger to death, and pushing back and forth for an hour.
              B Scrambled eggs: 2 eggs, pulled pork, 1 fat tablespoon guacamole, olives. A small squeeze of honey on my mint iced tea.
              L Beef, mashed sweet potatoes and peas. Now, we go shopping! Bye!
              D Snickers 'cornetto', slice of the boyfriend's pizza. Not that I was hungry, but it was there, so I ate it. Seriously, girl, stop being a dummy. It doesn't even taste good.

              Yes, it's really hot, yes, seems like you're sweating from every pore. But iced mint-tea and cucumber can cool you off much better than ice cream or soda. And they're way more delicious.

              Wednesday, July 13

              To do today: meatballs, ground meat patties; tuna patties; cut half of lettuce (ugh, cheap iceberg), wash, dry, store.
              B Warmed mixed berries with yogurt
              D Balsamic pork chops, Brussels sprouts, radishes, almond. Yes, brussels sprouts, in Summer. I'm as surprised as you.

              Thursday, July 14
              To do today: transplant those small plants into bigger containers, place on back porch facing north.
              Check farmer's market for napa cabbage or bok choy. Doubt they'll have it, but atleast I'll get a walk.
              Start some fermented foods such as ginger-carrot, kimchee, ... good for now.
              B breakfast patty
              L 2 buckets Ben & Jerry's ice cream thanks to bad mood.
              D Whoppie pie, yes, that's dinner. I don't crave it, I'm just in a really bad mood. And eat is what I do when I'm in a bad mood. Guess that's something I have to find an alternative to!

              Friday, July 15
              B 1 big and 1 small slice of delicious quiche (eggs, coconut milk, spinach)
              L Coffee with milk x2
              D 2 small catfishies and 1 big catfishy battered in tahini egg, then fried in coconut oil; like, 2 carrots rolled in butter.

              Weekly stats :
              I don't feel like logging in the food to fitday. Maybe tomorrow. Or never :P

              I'm loosing tons of hair. I have very thick hair, so I'm used to already losing a lot of hair. My daily fat-gerbal-sized furball of hair creeps out most people. But I've been losing enough hair to fill a cereal bowl - packed tight - each day. I know you lose a lot more hair in the summer, but this is just too much.
              You'd think I'd be bald by now, losing this much hair everyday... nope, like I said, I've got lots of hair! Still, this can't be good...
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                Finally found something that will work regarding meals.
                1- Boyfriend and I will eat a big breakfast.
                2- I'll make lunch, making sure there's leftovers for the next day, and extra meat.
                3- For dinner, if we are hungry, we eat the leftover meat with a BAS. If not, we'll eat it for next morning's breakfast.
                4- Boyfriend takes leftover meal to work the next day.
                5- Repeat.

                It's so simple, now that he actually eats breakfast. Hurray!
                When it's winter, a light soup might replace dinner salads.
                My smartphone makes me about $100 per month
                Updating my journal again after a 2 year break.


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                  I knew I should be eating more bone broth, and liver, etc, but this thread about thyroid damage really convinced me.
                  Skimming the thread I found some nice tidbits:
                  Lamb, calf, young animal liver is tastier.
                  Chicken liver = Eww. True, my mother cooked liver, but I could never stomach the chicken liver.
                  Going to make sure I buy whole chicken + giblets, and make a rich broth out of that and the carcass. I know I won't be able to drink it straight, but I can use it in soups and sauces, but preferably in breakfast porridge.

                  The meat we buy at the commissary never has bones on it, and our local grocery stores don't have bones at the butcher. There's also no ethnic stores around here. So I guess I'm stuck with chicken broth for now. Grr.
                  Chicken broth info
                  Chicken Giblets: An Illustrated Guide

                  To start this habit, replace one meat meal a week with bone / giblet broth, and one with liver.
                  Keep that library Korean cookbook a little longer, it has a lot of recipes that will be useful.
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                    The boyfriend keeps waking me up from a deep sleep, each morning, to say goodbye before going to work.
                    It's finally taking a toll on me, woke up with a giant headache today. Worse, when I fall asleep after he wakes me up, I usually have really bad nightmares. And I wake up scared from said nightmares. Doesn't make it a nice way to start the day.

                    He's done that for years, and I tell him to pleaaaase, not wake me up from a deep sleep. I don't mind if he pats my shoulder once or twice to see if I'm somewhat awake, but don't bug me if I'm not!
                    I think he's missing a fuse, because he still doesn't get it! Or maybe I'm missing a fuse, maybe because I'm not a romantic person, I don't understand why he does it?

                    Today I dreamt my cat became a beast, hissing and attacking people, scratching their faces bloody, and basically being demonic :-(
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                      Mid may, I think:
                      TSH        < 0.02 (L)     RANGE:  0.27-4.20 UIU/ML  
                      Free T4      0.95         RANGE:  0.90-1.70 NG/DL
                      T3 Total   161.7          RANGE:  80 - 200 NG/DL
                      TSI          3 (H)        RANGE: <= 1.3 TSI Index
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                        Is hair loss a thyroid thing? I know when I did Weight Watchers (like an IDIOT; I blame WW for breaking me) I was losing a ton of hair and the people on the forums saw that as a good sign of weight loss.

                        I've been losing fat on PB, but not hair!
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                        Otter's (Defunct) Primal Log
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                          Goals for this week:
                          How about doing the primal diet? ~_^ Not surprisingly, after eating so SADly, I've gained all the water weight I'd lost before, doh! Yay for looking pudgy!

                          Saturday, July 16

                          Have this weird thing going on that I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat/chew.
                          B Berries, honeydew, yogurt. Coffee, coffee, coffee with whole milk.
                          D Coconut milk pudding (coconut milk, cocoa powder, some unmentionable amount of sugar, tablespoon cornstarch). Lobster, mayo, bun.

                          Sunday, July 17
                          Roasted the chicken, and it came out great. It was really easy!
                          L Wendy's spicy chicken, Oreo frosty, fries. Coffee, coffee, coffee with whole milk.
                          D Ice cream. Roasted chicken drumstick. Latenight snack: munched on honeydew and carrots.

                          Monday, July 18
                          B Two small wedges of quiche.
                          L OMG. This has to stop. I had pancakes. I wasn't even hungry, or craving pancakes/carbs. I don't understand!
                          L2: could feel myself going for another binge, so grabbed a cup of mixed frozen berries.
                          D Was in a bad mood and didn't eat dinner. Was able to stop myself from grabbing chocolate ice cream just because I didn't want people to see me "moody" :P

                          Tuesday, July 19
                          B 3 bacon slices, cucumber sticks dipped in cottage cheese and 2 hamburger patties wrapped in lettuce.
                          D Grilled Piri-piri pork, french vanilla ice cream.

                          Wednesday, July 20
                          B Dakjuk (chicken, chicken stock, eggs)
                          S M&Ms
                          D Portuguese Caldo Verde soup (collards, potatoes, chorizo, chicken broth) - Use up all the collards and keep some soup to eat for breakfast.

                          Thursday, July 21
                          B Leftover soup.
                          S Pretzel
                          D Sesame chicken with cauliflower rice; Caldo Verde leftovers.
                          S More M&Ms. Rollercoaster cravings that started last week. You dummy.

                          Friday, July 22
                          B 2 egg fritatta, in butter. Oh, how I missed eggs *licks lips*
                          D Flounder with collards *shrug*

                          I'm going to stop tracking on Fitday until eating well becomes second nature. After moving to USA, my diet became basically high-grain and packaged food, and eating a lot of junk was encouraged while studying, watching TV, after every meal... even at school...

                          I miss high-school in Portugal, the school food was as good as our mom's food. Compared to USA it was like going to a fine restaurant every day! And even better, we had one hour lunch break to enjoy it... which we could spend at the cafeteria, or go for a walk at the town's gardens/plaza, or go to a coffee house for a cappuccino, or go to the beach and enjoy the salty air smell, and jump around in the waves with our jeans folded up... or take a nap!

                          Aaaaaanyway, I'm just going to concentrate on eating good food. Once the habit/desire for junk goes away, I might backlog my entries to see what I need to adjust from a nutrient-standpoint.


                          * Hamburger patties: 1 lb ground pork, 1 lb ground turkey, 2 eggs, minced garlic and onion, cayenne, cumin, salt and pepper. Optional: Parmesan or cottage cheese.
                          * Quiche: 8 eggs, 1/4 can of coconut milk, a huge bunch of spinach, wilted in coconut oil or butter. Paprika, thyme. Optional: cottage cheese.
                          * Dakjuk (chicken porridge): Shredded chicken, 2 cups chicken stock, minced onions, carrots and celery, egg. Optional: 1/4 cup cooked rice, a nice cracked egg on top of hot bowl.
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                            Originally posted by ottercat View Post
                            Is hair loss a thyroid thing? I know when I did Weight Watchers (like an IDIOT; I blame WW for breaking me) I was losing a ton of hair and the people on the forums saw that as a good sign of weight loss.

                            I've been losing fat on PB, but not hair!
                            I guess so. Apparently it's common either in hypo and hyper people. I had undiagnosed/untreated hyperthyroid problems for years and I hadn't noticed hair loss.

                            Also heard it could be because of sudden/rapid weight loss, very low carb diets, or because of too much selenium, blah blah blah. Oh well. It's getting better, I stopped losing as much hair, but then again I'm back on the anti-thyroid drugs... so I guess that would be why !
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                              Saturday, July 23
                              Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Trying to control the crazy cravings I've been having, which roller-coasted after the few ice creams I had. Look at my breakfast! To avoid going to buy a sweet treat yet again, I'm stuffing myself silly. I hope this works. I hope I won't fall into this problem again.
                              • 2 hamburger patties, yogurt, honey and warm mixed berries. If I get junk cravings, I'm going to eat 2 eggs!
                              • Didn't need those eggs after all. Evening meal: Caldo-verde leftovers, a can of tuna + olive oil and chili pepper paste, OHYUMYUM!

                              Sunday, July 24
                              • Natural fast until dinner-time: Beef loin with pan-fried buttery nutmeg sweet potato chunks.
                              • A few Girl Scout cookies that the BF got for free. They're not as good as I remember O_o Doesn't taste like anything. The sweet potato at dinner was a lot more delicious.

                              Monday, July 25
                              Would love to give up gluten 100%. I still eat it sometimes. Like those Girl Scout cookies. I'm not worried that it can cause weight loss to stall (I'm not in a hurry to be skinny), but I wonder if it would make autoimmune hyperthyroidism better. I'm due for a blood test soon, maybe that will be my motivation! Then I can tell them, "I haven't been taking my drugs, but I'm better, lala-lala-laaa-la!" .... which is true, I feel like a normal person again, but I'd like to confirm it with blood tests :-)
                              • Small bite of hamburger patty, one big collards egg pancake with tamari. Tried some other Girl Scout cookies, they're so boring.
                              • Not sure yet.

                              Tuesday, July 26
                              • Leftover collards egg pancakes. & ... girl scout cookies because I got upset that I dropped my expensive fresh coffee.
                              • Lemon butter flounder; Green beans.

                              Wednesday, July 27

                              • BAS: strawberries, cucumber, bacon, hard-boiled egg, cottage cheese, mixed greens (bleh, who wants old lettuce? didn't eat it)
                              • BBQ Pulled pork. Moose Tracks ice cream. I really need a punching bag so I can vent stress. Maybe for Christmas.

                              Thursday, July 28
                              I am SO !*&#Y(!*# PISSED OFF TODAY so I'm just going to pay for a day-pass and hangout at a gym; if they kick me out because I've been there too long, I'll go to another, and another. If I don't wear myself out, SOMEONE's going to die, or worse, I'll buy-out all the ice cream at the shop.
                              • BBQ Pulled pork (rib meat) with 2 scrambled eggs and olives
                              • Curried sweet potato soup.

                              Friday, July 29
                              • Leftover sweet potato soup.
                              • Feeling kind of weak, craving beef, not surprisingly. Instead ordered a Domino's pizza. Tasted like farts.
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                              Updating my journal again after a 2 year break.


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                                Meal plan looks good! You can do it!
                                I'm totally going to try making some caldo verde, sounds awesome
                                Cooking Primal with Otter - Journal
                                Otter's (Defunct) Primal Log
                                "Not baked goods, Professor, baked bads!" ~ The Tick