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    Goals for the next 30 days are to go strictly primal and get rid of all of the toxins in my body then readjusting and refocusing goals from there. I also would like to lose some BF and continue to gain some muscle while making more strength and conditioning gains and having greater energy. Also I really need to focus on getting enough sleep which for the month of July will be slightly hard because of some military training that we have but everything is a challenge. I also want to continue participating in crossfit 5 times per week and really up the walking/ moderate cycling (not sure how this is going to go being gone for a month but we'll see if I can't at least keep up with a bunch of body weight WODs).
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    Primal Day 1:
    B around 08- raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries
    L around 1330- chicken and a spinach salad with tons of vegetables and sunflower seeds
    D around 1900- meatloaf (without bread) and bacon wraps with lettuce and tomato
    S around 2200- nectarine also a little bit of a caramel cupcake- my friend brought them over and I wanted to be polite so I tried it
    Crossfit: 1200-1300
    S: 10-7-5-3 cleans 65#-75#-85#-75# could have gone more but this was my 4th day in a row of Crossfit and just wanted to work on technique and get the blood flowing
    WOD: 3RFT 18 steps KB lunge 18kg, 12 KBS 18kg, 6 muscle ups (used a blue band wrapped around the rings almost there though!)- 7:17
    Overall pretty happy with the first day except for that little bit of cupcake. I know people will say I'm not getting enough protein but I had a lot of chicken and meatloaf. I did start to feel a little tired around 1600 but I think that was the carb craving kicking in so I went outside for a walk in the beautiful CA sunshine and that definitely helped we'll see what happens today.
    This morning I am definitely sore from the muscle ups! So I decided to take today off from crossfit because I'm doing a skills session later this morning to work more on the oly lifts and gymnastic aspects.