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  • Primal Journal! mgardne (Michael)

    Well, today is day 4 of my primal excursion and I have decided it is time to start a little journal so I can better keep track of what I eat and do!

    Bfast: 4 slices of chicken breast lunch meat

    Lunch: Spinach salad with a handful of organic baby carrots. Balsamic Vinager on top. Had 4 thins slices of deli meat ham with a little chese rolled up in the middle as well.

    Will post dinner/workout later.

    I think this will really help me out!!

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    I guess a little background about me would be cool haha

    I am 20 years and a ful time student at Purdue University studying Building Construction Management.
    Right now I am on a co-op for the summer in Louisville, KY.
    I am almost 6'1" and weight right around 215.
    I am just looking for a healthy lifestyle to survive that nasty college diet and to also lost a little weight. I am not big, but not skinny either. Just need to slim down a bit. I loved carvs before I found this lifestyle, but I know I can overcome that!

    Wish me Luck!


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      For dinner tonight I had a chicken breast cut up and cooked with celery, zucchini, cauliflower, green pepper, and a little onion. And some spices. It was very good!

      I also went on a 30 min walk. Was going to go workout, but ended having to run to the store and just ran out of time.


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        I am attempting to IF this morning till about 11 or 12. I know I can do it! Drinking some water will help I believe.


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          Well it worked! I IF until 1! i did get hungry once, but had some water. I am now having leftovers for dinner and a glass of water.
          Energy was good all morning, which I was suprised at because I had no breakfast.

          Our office ordered in White Castle lol. I have no idea why, but I was hungry after my leftover, so I had 3 of the patties only. I need to get some more fat today anyways.
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            I was out of town all weekend. Went back home to visit the parents and sister. It was a good relaxing weekend, which is what I needed.

            B- Scrambled eggs and 3 pieces of bacon
            L- We werent hungry till around 2. Ate out, I had a steak with some steamed broccoli and a salad with balsamimc dressing.
            D-Had a snack dinner around 9pm. Tried a new recipe for chicken drumsticks!!!!
            We tossed the drumsticks in a garlic seasoning. Then made a brushing for the grill with honey,lime juice, and cilantro. They turned out great and were delicious!

            My workout over the weekend was walking with dog, who I miss, an doing yardwork.

            B- 3 eggs and 3 pieces of candian bacon, coffee black
            L- Met my cousin and his family out to eat at a new chinese restaurant calls Pei Wei. It was a really cool place and it was really good food. I had 2 lettuce wraps and some spicy steak. Had a bit of rice but not much at all.
            D- Had a spinach salad with a rasberry vinagrette and some leftover drumsticks.


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              Breakfast this morning was a bar, didnt go to the grocery yet, and was hungry so couldnt fast. Only carbs for the day though.

              For lunch right now I am eating a mixed green salad, with some diced up chicken and balsamic dressing. Might have an apple I brought if I am still hungry.


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                Welcome! Had any results yet? How are you feeling?


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                  Thanks for the welcome! after one week on this new way of life, I am feeling better than before. Especially in the afternoon, I am not as tired as much, which is nice. I have not weighed myself because I don't have a scale where I am currently, but I do feel a little healthier at least. My goal for this week, since work wont be as busy, is to do some different exercises instead of walking and lifting. How are you?


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                    Last night for dinner I had poppyseed chicken casserole. I did not eat the cracker crust that was on top, but I know the cream of mushroom soup had some carbs in it. I am pretty sure I was still under 100g of carbs yesterday for a total.
                    For my exercise, I did the sprint workout suggested by the e-fitness book. I just did the beginner workout and I felt really good after doing it, tired, but good. I think I will do that for one or two more times then move up to the intermediate level.

                    This morning I did not have time to grab breakfast/was not that hungry, so I am IF till lunch time. Somewhere between 11-1.

                    Energy level was really good yesterday, hoping to keep that up today.


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                      It seems like there is one meal a day where carbs find a way to let me eat them. lol. Today that was lunch. I really need to avoid these temptations at certain meals. I know it is not everyday that this happens, but it seems like out of the first week and 1 day there has been 3 or 4 days where I have eatin carbs. I guess this is a good way to wein(or however you spell that) myself off carbs.

                      Dinner will be better!


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                        Those carbs I ate at lunch have made me sleeeepy


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                          Dinner last night was leftover chicken casserole, with the crackers off of course. some brocoli, and some cranberries. Water to drink.
                          My workout last night was yardwork, mainly pulling and cutting out ivy. That stuff was strangely hard to get up.

                          This morning I wasnt hungry until I took my medicine, then I got hungry on the way to work, so I stopped at wendy's and got some food. Now before you think OH MY GOSH, HOW DARE YOU. I got a fruit cup, some coffee, and a bacon and egg sandwhich(took the bread off). So, I tried to stay as Primal as possible.


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                            Had some coffee straight black at a meeting this mornin.

                            Today for lunch is a mixed green salad, with diced chicken, carrots, and balsamic vinaget dressing.


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                              I had a really good dinner last night. Went out to eat with my grandma and I got blackened Mahi Mahi, with a salad and a side of zuccini, sqaush, carrots, and snap peas. Delicious!

                              For breakfast this morning I had some cottage cheese with paprika on it and some coffee!

                              Yesterday was a realy good day. I had plenty of energy all day and had great news at work, so all in all, awesome day!