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  • Day 4 Again

    Well here I am on day #4 again of my primal challenge. I lasted about 8 days before I snapped and molested a bag of doritos hahahaha. This is really my first journal entry, so I will give a little back ground I suppose.
    I am 39 years old and 5'8" tall and about 270 lbs. I have always been on the heavy side, at my highest weight I was about 320lbs. I have read/tried almost every diet out there, adkins, you on diet, body for life. All of them worked while I was "on" them, the problem I have is they were diets, not lifestyle changes which I have finally come to understand. I am learning to appreciate the 80/20 rule, but I am hoping to keep it a little tighter than that say maybe 90/10. Before if I messed up on a day I would throw the whole day away and feel like a failure.
    So here is a typical day for me food wise
    B-a couple eggs (either fried, hard boiled, or scrambled), 3 strips of bacon or sausage links, sometimes on spinach leaves, sometimes not, sometimes with hollandaise sauce, sometimes without.
    L-a protein shake, or left overs from dinner the day before.
    S-a hand full of almonds
    D-a piece of meat (steak, fish, chicken, pork), a low carb veggie, and maybe some cottage cheese.

    I am going to try and weigh in maybe once a week and see how that goes, so here are todays stats
    current weight-272
    goal weight-less than 200
    current waist-46/48
    goal waist-36/38

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    Why can't you strive for 100%? I'm only 4 weeks into primal and I am going 100%. I'm not planning 90/10 because I'm not planning to screw up. If it happens it happens, but if I PLAN to screw up, I give myself too much leeway. That doesn't mean messing up is the end of the world, but if your focus is on "how much can I get away with" then it's in the wrong place.
    I think your diet plan is a really good one. If you follow that I think you will do really well. If Doritos is your Achilles' heel (and I love Doritos too, evil delicious bastards) then I wonder if you could get the same kind of paprika-y flavor on something else?


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      Thank you so much for the feed back secretlobster, it was more of a mental thing for me, or a way to quantify my effort more than an allowance. I am striving for 100%, not planning on/wanting to screw up, but allowing for a mess up now and then. Knowing that if I do, it isn't the end of the program, its a bump in the road and an opportunity to refocus for the next meal. Congratulations on your success and keep up the great work, it is inspiring :-)


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        You can do eeet
        Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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