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  • Mon-ster's Journal - NOT strictly primal (at least, not yet)

    It's been over three months since I first introduced myself on this forum. Here's a link to that introduction, for anyone who's interested:

    I've been reading a lot lately, and it's time to start doing things. I've been putting it off due to an eating disorder diagnosis (binge eating) and body image issues, but I've decided it's time to commit to cutting out wheat and added sugars in my diet, while also limiting other grains (rice and rice noodles are really the only other grains I eat) and potatoes (which I don't usually eat often, but fries have been an issue lately).

    I have to take it slowly and build this up so that it becomes a habit over time, rather than becoming an obsession. So, I'm committing to no wheat or added sugars/desserts in my diet from now (June 8) to my 31st birthday (June 30). I'll report everyday on my progress.

    I don't weigh myself or count calories, by the way. I'll be measuring progress based on how clothes fit and how I feel.

    I really like this forum and the atmosphere around here is generally quite supportive. Nevertheless, I would like to request that anyone who responds to please refrain from telling me it's better to go at this 100% right off the bat, etc. I'm not in that headspace right now. Rather, I'm looking to break a few really bad habits, and then see how I feel in a month or two about becoming more restrictive.

    Wish me luck!

    - Monica

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    Oh, and I think I will probably move into this following this guide from PaNu:

    Archevore - Archevore Diet


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      Good for you! I myself ran the gamut of eating disorders (anorexia to exercise bulimia to binge eating) but I after a lot of hard work I finally recovered. I don't eat 100% primally, but I do do as Mark recommends and try to eat 80% primally/20% for pleasure. If you ever need a buddy to help you through the tough times, drop me a message. I understand what you're going through, and I'd love to help.


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        Thanks Shamra! I really appreciate that


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          Well, I didn't do well the past few days. I got all stressed out about things and all I could think about was food, and then I just wanted to give up - so I did.

          The good thing is that I didn't go absolutely nuts and eat everything in sight. I did eat a lot of junk, but I didn't binge - at least, not in the way that I'm usually capable of. That's progress.

          I went to the gym today. Had a great, challenging workout. Feeling it in my glutes. I'm going to check out PB workout, and start building a workout/activity routine around that. I do love moving my body and using it and seeing what it can do. I think that if I start focussing on the fitness component, then the eating component won't feel so stressful.

          Man, I really am a piece of work, eh?