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  • Just getting started: Allisfaith

    I am on day five of my primal food diet. I am really enjoying the cooking and, after much planning, I find the transition somewhat effortless. As per the instruction for the forum I must list my daily meals, exercises, and other stuff.

    breakfast smoothie (blueberries, cocnut milk, whey powder, flax seed, 1oz O.J.)
    turkey patty (lean ground turkey)

    kale and curry chicken

    paleo apple muffins (made with almond flour)

    beef jerky and handful of nuts

    2. fitness:
    30 zumba
    1/2mi walk

    3.other stuff...
    as a newbie, as someone who has done her homework and chosen this way of not only eating but fitness too, I'm needing some connection with others with the transition from carb diet to paleo diet... I'm on day five of my primal diet. I've been cooking and following all the rules. Today however I felt a bit out of it, like I was starving but I was eating all the right fats and protien.

    I searched around the internet and found that this sensation is perhaps normal when your body shifts from carb based diet to primal foods diet. I don't like the sensation and since I am doing this by myself I wonder if its safe and what to expect. I might just have some french fries, do a little cheat if you will, so I can feel normal again. I have done my researched and planned for months to start this diet, I'm not flying blind here but is this normal!

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    welcome, allisfaith! you have found a great forum!

    eek, i'm glad i didn't start a log: i didn't realize all the requirements, LOL!

    As to your symptoms... they are normal, BTW.

    Man... I remember when I first went Low Carb High Fat (not learned here but on another forum). NO ONE could tell me why i was feeling the way I was and it was scary not to have some confirmation about it!

    About 6 months after I made the switch, I found Bee Wilder's "Healing Naturally" site which has answered so many of my questions (and many I didn't even know i had!).

    In this article <> she gives a list of healing symptoms:

    "Healing Symptoms & Reactions

    Healing symptoms and reactions occur as a result of the activity of nature's healing forces in overcoming chronic disease conditions. It is brought about when the body becomes overcrowded by wastes and toxins.

    Cells and tissues begin to throw off the waste and carry it from the bloodstream to various eliminating organs including the bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin, nasal passages, ears, throat, and genital organs.

    These organs, in turn, become congested and irritated, producing symptoms such as colds, the flu, boils, skin problems (rash, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.), kidney and bladder infections, headaches, ear or eye infections, a fever, diarrhea and/or constipation, to name a few.

    That is what the body creates during a healing crisis in order to heal and eliminate toxins. First the toxins are removed and then the tissues are renewed. These symptoms and the process of elimination are part of the cure which should not be suppressed. Although a healing crisis and a disease crisis may look alike they are very different.

    A disease crisis is when the body is loaded to the toleration point with wastes and toxins. The body arouses itself in self-defense and brings on an acute inflammation such as a cold, fever, the flu, etc. in order to get rid of wastes and toxins.

    If they are not eliminated the body adapts itself to function at a lower energy level. However these wastes and toxins accumulate and inhibit the body's organs from performing their normal functions until a chronic disease occurs.

    On the other hand, a healing crisis develops because the healing forces are strengthening. By changing the diet to a highly nutritious one, and by eliminating as many sources of damaging substances as possible the body gets stronger, so it digs into the tissues and eliminates old chronic waste and toxins, and it rebuilds and renews them.

    Skin problems are caused by toxins being eliminated through the skin, and because the body externalizes healing to the skin to protect vital inner organs. "


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      Thank you for such a great reply. Today I am back on track


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        Fear of being hungry and no weight loss

        I'm not loosing weight, perhaps I'm eating too many nuts...I think I'm just scared of my old sugar highs and lows so I eat as a preventative, I need to exersize a lot more...


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          You'll do fine once you're over the carb flu Do watch the nuts and any dried fruits you might be eating. You can eat them, but watch your portion sizes.

          Also, I read something yesterday where the author theorized that when you're losing fat, the empty fat cells may fill with water for a short period of time. After they stabilize, they start purging the water and you will lose weight. This is only a theory, but it seems somewhat plausible.

          Also, your rate of weight loss might be dependent upon how much you need to lose in the first place.

          Eat right, do lots of walking, and be patient!
          Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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            Originally posted by allisfaith View Post
            I'm not loosing weight, perhaps I'm eating too many nuts...I think I'm just scared of my old sugar highs and lows so I eat as a preventative, I need to exersize a lot more...
            I will confess to NOT losing weight, tho I'd love to.

            I've had to accept that I must get healthy inside before I can ask my body to release fat and that takes patience and perseverance.

            So like the last person posted, your body might not be ready to get rid of it, yet.

            Find out about those sugar blues (highs and lows). Consuming protein and good fat at each meal will help regulate your blood sugar.

            And you DON'T need to 'exersize a lot more'... That is a myth. yes, exercising is good for your body but it is not how the body releases fat...