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  • Primal Journal (impala454) (Chuck)

    The quick info

    Started Primal: 6/7/2011
    Male, 31
    Height: 6'4"
    Starting Waist: 46"
    Starting weight: 281 lbs
    Current Waist: 38"
    Current Weight: click here

    The full story

    My name is Chuck. As the quick info says I'm a male and 31 years old. I live in League City, TX (suburb of Houston). I graduated from Texas Tech in 2004 with a Computer Science degree and currently work at NASA's Johnson Space Center. My username, impala454, comes from when I was little, my dad had a drag race car, a 1970 Chevy Impala with a big block 454. I always use it as my username because I love the car, and the name is never already taken!

    I have always been a very large guy. I entered college in 1998 around 6'3" 240 lbs, and rather than the "freshman 15" I ended up with the freshman 80. My activity steadily decreased and I ended up around 320 lbs in my third year. I shaped up some at that point, eating nothing but salad and running my butt off, and got back to around 275. Then graduation happened.

    The nature of my work has me in a cubicle all day, and at the time I really enjoyed playing video games at home. In my first job, my day would consist of: Wake up to alarm at 8:00am; get fast food breakfast on the way to work; drink about four cups of coffee (with cream of course); have a large sit down meal for lunch; barely stay awake all afternoon; possibly have a small bag of chips as a snack; get fast food on the way home; scarf down food; start playing video games; snack while playing video games; go to bed at 2:00am. All of this also included several Dr Peppers a day. This obviously led to more weight gain, and I went from about 290 lbs up to nearly 350 lbs over the period of a couple of years. I also had back surgery in 2005, which severely derailed a good routine I had started.

    I started at NASA in July of 2008 a little under 350 lbs, and began making a change. I did traditional weight lifting at the gym they provide, and gradually added in cardio like walking and elliptical. Just by not eating crazy amounts of fast food I dropped about 40 lbs very quickly. Each 10 lbs after that was very difficult, with me plateauing for months at each double digit (and one triple digit!) change. The problem is/was at this stage I would still allow myself to really go "off the wagon" for days or even weeks at a time, and revert to horrible eating and not much exercise.

    I have done pretty well over the past few years by dropping that weight, but I'm tired of plateauing and yoyoing (lots of made up words here ) and decided it's time for a change. Some friends of mine in another city would post about how they were doing all this "primal" stuff and it intrigued me enough to take a look. I bought the book and am currently about halfway through it (I'm a slow reader). I also have been somewhat of a lurker on this forum for a while as well.

    As of yesterday (6/7/2011) I decided to go full primal. I went through my refridgerator and pantry and bagged up all the food that didn't fit the bill and gave it away. I also decided for at least the first 30 days to try out The Whole30. I started at a local crossfit last week (holy cow they kicked my butt!) and am going for the second time today. Hopefully I'll ramp that up as well. I'm actually excited about this stuff! I also feel like finally I'll be able to stave off the temptations. I'm doing as Mark suggests, and treating the non-primal stuff as if it was poison.

    Completed goals!

    -get into the 280s (completed January 2011)
    -finish a 5k under 40 mins (completed April 16, 2011, with a 39:13)
    -pulled nearly twenty shirts out of the almost pile (*)
    -get to the 260s
    -get to the 240s? (not sure on a long term weight goal)
    -pull a bunch more shirts out of my almost pile (*)
    -get into my old 42" pants

    Short term goals

    -see my jawline again (that face fat is the most stubborn on me!)

    Long term goals

    -5k in under 30 mins
    -get to ~36" waist? (again not sure on long term here)
    -do an unassisted pullup
    -do a flagpole
    -dunk a basketball

    (*) The "almost pile" is a large pile of shirts I have in my closet which almost fit me. When someone would get me a shirt as a gift, or when a limited time only shirt came up, I'd buy them as 2X. Some 2Xs run large and do fit me, but most are just a little too small for me. Therefore I have my "almost" pile. Every time I drop another 5-10 lbs, I go through the pile and see if there's any shirts I can pull out!

    I'm not sure that I'll post every little thing that I do or eat, but I will definitely update every time I get the urge to. Thanks for reading!
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