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At least I can still have bacon...

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  • At least I can still have bacon...

    Giving this another go starting tomorrow. The first time I tried going primal it was working well for me, but I started to slip until I no longer was sticking with it at all. I'm not giving up dairy as part of this, as it has always agreed with me and I don't think my mind can get around this concept without knowing I can at least have my beloved Greek yogurt, cream in my coffee, and cheese on my bun-less burger. This weekend was kind of a free-for-all, so I am hoping to turn things around Monday.

    Starting Weight: 200
    1st Goal: -10 Pounds
    Ultimate Goal: 160 Pounds (I'm 5'8")

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    Good luck! You have the right idea. Reeeaaly enjoy the things you can have.
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