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    survive or fail

    that's what i'm getting from the people around me
    i got one guy at work who is all into it, says he's never heard of primal blueprint
    yet every where i look it comes up....he's thinking of doing his own web site....

    other wise everyone at work thinks i'm a crack job and my parents think i'm off the deep end
    and yet again on another quest to lose weight
    my son is on board but his girlfriend is dead set against it

    i'm barely 5', 18 months ago i weighted 231 pounds ya, can't you say round?
    but still i completed marathons at 200 pounds i never stopped running
    now i'm at 188 -43 pounds on CW
    that's not a big enough pay off for the amount o pain, suffering and energy i put into my diet
    ( in all fairness my 20 year old daughter was killed in a car accident 5/09, not much weight loss
    going on months after that)
    but still no pay off for the amount of effort which brings me here

    i got again today 160 protein/51 carb amazing that i can do that
    i did have a down moment at 4ish had an apple that helped
    only had enough energy for 20' on the elliptical at 14 resistance
    did faulter with a handful of peanut M&M's (carb flu? i'm guessing the worst is et to come there?)
    they kept me from going to bed at 8pm
    i get close to 7 hours on a good night not really a problem for me

    i wasn't a big fast food'er anyways and try to not go processed prolly
    broke even with pro/carb ratio every day 130/130

    i'm hoping the next week is my hardest
    i ended up ordering everything because so many people think i will fail at this that
    i want to prove all wrong, plus i want my son to get it if i'm successful maybe he'll
    put some value into what i say about weight...and not fight it 40 years like me...if he gets it at
    22...he could be so powerful with his life instead of being held prisoner by his weight like me

    night all


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      I had a huge surge of energy when I went Paleo. I vastly overdid it after that in terms of physical activity since I felt more energy than I had had in years. I think I over-exercised. So I would echo what someone else said, take it easy physically for the first two months esp. since it sounds like you have a tendency to over-exert yourself (I used to be a runner and know about the addictive quality of that kind of thing; fortunately, agonizing tendonitis ended that for me when I was 20). Rest and do things you like. Maybe walk to a place you like and lie on the grass with a book or listening to music instead of walking long distances? Just my thoughts. In general, I would think that walking would be helpful.

      With regard to joint pain and tendonitis, I have found that one shot of Kenalog (triamcinolone) will remove inflammation pain. I have had doctors that want me to take ibuprofen for six weeks (nine pills a day) instead. I do not agree with that at all. So it may be an alternative to pain-killers if not over-used. Doctors disagree on the effects of Kenalog and other cortisone-like steroids. It might be something to look at instead of living on pills. I used to have a nagging inflammation pain at an insertion point and one shot of Kenalog took care of it for two years.

      Check out the "success stories" section of this website. Lots of inspiration there.


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        I have been reading *success stories* today WOW!

        I don't/can't run any more but i sure do make up for it in walking, it's sanctuary for me

        I have only once recently had a shot of cortisone, after last years Malibu 1/2 marathon..... and i will be walking it again this year
        Nov, 13th!!!! hope that the diet change bring at least 1/2 the relief people are telling me it will!!

        had a rough morning, had to dip into some Greek yogurt and a handful of blackberries and got some fresh air..
        seem to get the monkey off my back that was an hour ago..thumbs up!

        well another day coming to an end, this time my energy wasn't there for me in the middle of the day,tonight after my 2 workouts
        90mins i feel awesome!! plus i get the day off to do some charity work!! that's always good for my soul

        mom and dad are pushing food, they bad burgers for dinner and i came in to find them pre packaged and pressed pattys
        (something i have never seen my father do??) so i sat there ate 1/2 protein style and now i can't leave till i finish my burger UHHGGG!
        my mom bitchs like no tomorrow that i'm to fat a week goes by i lose 4 pounds now i'm going to get sick
        old people???

        totally awesome Primal day other wise!
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          Primal on!

          Feeling great today!!!

          i only did a 4 mile walk and got not even 900 cals (27C/110 P)
          did charity work all day kinda hard to stop and eat

          off to bed early, lots of work tomorrow price you pay when taking a day off
          my sos is looking into kettle bells for us
          he's pretty on board but he and i offically will start the 30 challenge together
          when my books get here crossing fingers for tomorrow..not fri!!

          that's all i got today
          i'm energized today!


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            Originally posted by sydneyto View Post
            Feeling great today!!!

            i only did a 4 mile walk and got not even 900 cals (27C/110 P)
            did charity work all day kinda hard to stop and eat

            off to bed early, lots of work tomorrow price you pay when taking a day off
            my sos is looking into kettle bells for us
            he's pretty on board but he and i offically will start the 30 challenge together
            when my books get here crossing fingers for tomorrow..not fri!!

            that's all i got today
            i'm energized today!

            Just take it one day at a time. Best to be very strict grain, sugar, and processed wise right off the bat. The cravings or carb flu will pass more quickly.

            You are doing great! Don't let anyone tell you or convince you otherwise! Keep up the great work!!
            "If a man has common sense, he has all the sense there is."

            My Journal -

            Starting weight prePB - 258 lbs on 5/6/11

            244.2 lbs on 6/3/11 (28 days in!)

            240 lbs on 7/1/11 (59 days in!)

            234.2 on 7/15/11 (73 days in!)

            228.2 on 8/12/11 (101 days in!)

            224 on 8/28/11 (117 days in!)

            220.6 on 9/14/11 (134 days in!)

            Goal weight PB - 205 lbs


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              Talking about falling off..and completly lost :geez;

              was doing awesome, carbed flu a few days last week and then today out of no-where
              i had a 2egg 4slices bacon then a piece of french toast 3 mamosa's WTF.....

              came home and there is pizza ?? not even good pizza i took 2 pieces took all the meat and put it on one
              and ate it,,lots of meat 1 crust not bad drank it down with a isopure40gr drink,NOT A BEER!!!

              WHY would i do that?
              i have been the same weight for more than 8 months i start BP and i have lost a 1/2 pound a day
              to weight swings either (with grains i could swing 6+ pounds)
              down 7 pounds people are noticing , my clothes are fitting
              Hell, i already need new panties!!!!
              with 1/2 the exercise i was doing & EVEN not starving all the time

              part of this is i don't have my own place and cooking for myself
              and my parents at my back saying this is all to unhealthy for me and i'll get sick (if i get sick who will take care of them?)
              you can't discount so many success stories i have been fighting my belly since i was 9 years old
              i'm 48 39 years the old diet is NOT WORKING
              REALLY if you keep doing what you did you'll get the same results.....
              why can't people see that?

              enough bitching back on track
              great walk today, drinking extra water log my food intake and move on.
              one day is not going to be the end of me right?

              my books haven't come yet either, but, when they do my son and i will do the 30 challenge together!!

              i'm off


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                Just get back on the horse and keep going. Your body will get back to where it was faster than you think.

                Don't stress, just learn from it.


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                  fighting too hard.....

                  call me impatient maybe...or just feel like bitching today..

                  i have tried really hard the first 2 weeks, this being the 3rd,trying to be as focused as possible
                  My 22 yr old is really interested but wants to follow my lead on this whole
                  primal endevour
                  however two problems exist
                  one being i ordered the *Primal Leap* 10 days ago...i live 10miles from Malibu..really 10 days?
                  WFT shipping 10 days from anywhere is just wrong.....IMO and really for $270...of my hard earned money to believe and have faith in where are the books?
                  with that i'm kinda lost being a new at this and all
                  the lack of energy is going to get me fired i need more input as to how to get around that
                  or at least how to feed that i walk alot but do no weight training at all, i was hoping that there was a guide to that too, although a friend loaned me *everyday paleo* and i got some dumbells to start a few arm exercises
                  i kinda need a poster with 25 weight exercises to do and how to do them i'd be set, me and my corner of the garage(anyone know where to get a poster?)

                  2nd is well i just got out of a 20 year relationship full of (we will calling him Nothing)nothing and beer.. really nothing and beer
                  and going to work i moved in with my 73 year old parents (i know, 48 living with Mom and dad not what i pictured for myself...)
                  so i'm starting over...been into starting over 6 months now almost out of debit!! pre approved for a home loan just waiting for the right house, no more beer, no fast food *no nothing *
                  i lost 10 pounds then started BP lost 9 already in less than 3 weeks! without even trying...
                  70 more to go :blush:
                  MOM AND DAD are CARB whores...................testing me at every meal... pizza, battered fish, pasta
                  candy, cookies, pastries ..yes mom and dad are thin.. My mom has had kidney cancer for a year
                  from all points to taking *celebrex* for 10 years hence even more motivation to do this running
                  100 miles a week year after year does a number on your bones and they hurt all the time...
                  i'd like to skip the drug part and find a way to live with it, marks book spoke to me alot about
                  all that training... work out harder to keep the weight down and get stronger...
                  sound like i can get around that by going Primal!!

                  i wish the candy cravings would go away, since i have never been a candy person in the first's kinda out of no-where.... i heard it might be a carb/sugar reaction to the lack of alcohol
                  but, i really thought that would be gone by now, since beer has not been a *staple* in 6 months?
                  fast food on the other hand....tough 3 weeks.... who knew?

                  sorry for the bitch i'm just motivated and ready to get on with it i need to feel better about being me!!!


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                    okay so the bitching part has passed

                    i had an excellent day, i even have more energy than usual and being after my quick 4miler around the Lake walking i still
                    feel really good....
                    all my meals have been well balanced tonight in their usual selves Mom and Dad have cooked rice with tonight's chicken *sigh*
                    i have a abundant bowl of fresh farmers market veggies to help that

                    i friend suggested a core training class in the park for 10 weeks $100, since i don't have much of a core i should do it
                    not to mention i won't been to buy weights or kettle bells to mix up my training for 10 weeks!
                    marathon trains starts Aug anyways.. i think that will help me right now...