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    So...been lurking the forums and reading material for the past month. Read Paleo Diet for Athletes. Been off and on -- I'd say 70% Paleo. My diet and lifestyle wasn't too far from the ideas of the PB to being with. Still struggling with binge eating from time to time. So, instead of putting something off as a post-holiday/new year's resolution, going to start being accountable TODAY. This week's challenge: no alcohol.

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    I was out-of-town the last half of this week riding my bike in the nice, warm desert with some friends. This created challenges to staying paleo, but I still made healthy choices and stayed away from dairy and grains where I could. The few meals that included grains: one included a scoop or two of rice - no problem there. One was a quick sandwich grabbed at a local sandwich shop along with some cottage cheese on the side. Well, I ate both the cottage cheese and the bread of my sandwich...I needed calories to fuel up for my ride. Sure enough, though, I felt awful while riding less than an hour later.

    For one, I think this finally proves that as much as I like dairy on occasion, it's not worth the effort because I am positive now that I have some degree of lactose sensitivity. Second, I feel that the longer I eat clean, the more I feel the ill effects of less healthy and processed foods.


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      Yesterday evening, I was out at an acquaintance's for a dinner gathering. He had recently been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and was having to drastically change his eating habits. It became the a point of discussion throughout the evening. One of my good girl friends (also present) has been eliminating wheat and dairy from her diet in attempts to improve allergy/asthma issues that have been going on for about 6 months now. Then, out comes dessert (pumpkin pie) and another acquaintance says, "Count me out. I'm also thinking I may have issues with gluten as well." He apparently had been cutting gluten from his diet for the past 2 weeks.

      These people really made me do a double-take that evening. What?!?! 3 people in the room (not including me) re-thinking wheat or gluten? Friend #1: case positive for gluten intolerance; Friend #2: had been told by her practitioner and numerous books and research that a food allergy would be at the root of her problem and to look to wheat and dairy as the most plausible issue; and Friend #3 who was just experimenting with cutting gluten from his daily fare.

      My thoughts:

      1.) Have the now readily-available "gluten-free" products that we see daily in the grocery store aisles led to a greater awareness of how gluten products can negatively affect us -- and I'm not talking about those that have been diagnosed or even have a gluten intolerance, I'm talking the average Joe that leads a seemingly healthy life on the SAD?

      and 2.) Will this be a passing fad in popular culture? Is friend #3 simply jumping on the bandwagon? Is he wanting to improve his quality of life or simply wanting to fit into the norm of the week? Are people buying "gluten-free" products simply because marketing leads them to believe they will be healthier by buying this gluten-free loaf of bread and not their usual?


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        I am ever-hopeful that people are starting to think for themselves...even if it IS just a fad--- maybe they will start to feel better, and that accomplishes the same thing?


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          For myself, I only gave PB a try because I did have some health problems, and a really hot friend of mine introduced me ;-)

          Althaur, are your ears burning?

          But here I am, and here I will stay! There are a thousand paths to Here.


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            did a short IF through breakfast today. ate a light lunch. going home to some hot soup and chicken breast. plan to do the same tomorrow.

            my schedule has been less than uniform the past few weeks. top that with a bunch of stress and anxiety with lack of hours at work and i've been quite a mess. i've been turning to food to fill in my time. not good. luckily, by cutting sugar, grains, and alcohol most of the time, i am able to minimize the sugar-induced eating sprees...but i still have issues there.

            luckily, as the winter is coming into full swing, i am picking up a few short-term work opportunities. this means: less time sitting bored at the house, more time being out and about and active.

            i feel it's always the hardest to stick to behavioral/eating habits when everything else in your life is up in the air.


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              a long weekend's worth of falling off the wagon. err.


              had a great time with friends. ate & drank without a second thought to my paleo/primal beliefs. was a favorite I had no problem allowing myself this gluttonous meal.

              the problem comes the following days.


              woke up hungover and my friend made some delicious potato and egg BF burritos. I followed this with some leftover stuffing with my lunch. OK...not too bad i suppose. no drinking today.


              again, non-paleo leftovers followed by a long XC ski followed by beers and bar food. i passed on most of the french fries, but ate the breaded fish.

              ...and it continues...


              another day out with friends. raced my bike in the AM, then went out to happy hour for beers and sushi followed by a few snacks later in the evening.

              so...i realize mistake after mistake before, while, and after I am making them, but still struggle with changing my habits. it's especially hard in social situations when you are invited out. i don't want to be "that person" ordering wine in a brewery bar, making modifications to my food orders, etc. I guess I have to get over it. Learn to make better choices. Pause to think before ordering food or that 2nd or 3rd beer. Don't deny the social situations, just make better decisions.


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                In response to: "In response to the numerous binging posts" without directly getting involved/fueling the's my thoughts:

                Growing up, I had become programmed to eat grains; drink gallons of milk; and include other unhealthy, processed convenience foods into my daily diet. This is a habit that doesn't go down without a fight for most...whether it's the convenience of going out with friends and sharing that burger or pizza or fighting that craving for product X.

                So, yeah...I agree it's annoying to constantly be beating yourself up about 'primal' and 'non-primal'...about 80/20...about general compliance and how well a person conforms to their primal diet standards. It's annoying for me to think about it every time I make a food choice. But, I believe that the more "compliant" I can be now and on down the line, the easier it will become. Currently, it can be a battle...but with a little support or venting of challenges on an online forum, maybe it can be made a little easier. No one is looking for a pat on the back or an "It's OK, move on"...but, as anonymous that a forum can be, it can also be the one place an otherwise helpless person may go to post for accountability or support amongst other anonymous posters that share the same struggles or victories. No, I am not going to turn to friends that would neither understand or support the primal diet...I am going to go to a forum of people that have common diets and share the same dietary beliefs.

                If the subject turns to binging: as go_ginger_go said...the PB is a huge help in steadying insulin levels, curbing hunger, and keeping an even-keel diet. it is relevant to the forum and the fact that people seek company and advice here is beneficial to them and others like them in the community.

                and yes...being a nutritionally-wise person appeals to the OCD deep within us all (whether it's counting carbs, watching amounts of fat, ratios of O3 vs O6, etc). to a person with disordered eating , hanging on to that little thread of control -- following this plan or that plan...scheduling/knowing what to eat when -- can be the best method of controlling and changing past eating habits.

                my .02


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                  Wow... you write so frequently in your journal.... Y_Y

                  GET ON THAT! >:]

                  "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                  -Raymond Peat, PhD