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Primal Journal (FFG_Kev) NO NO DOMINOS!!!!

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  • Primal Journal (FFG_Kev) NO NO DOMINOS!!!!

    I had a body stat taken at the gym tonight. Pretty shameful, hopefully this motivates me to keep to PB diet and exercise more consistently, so eventually I get back in shape.

    Age 43, Height 171cm (5feet 7inches)
    Weight = 140.4kg (308lbs)
    Fat = 46.2% (64.9kg)
    Lean = 53.8% (75.5kg)
    Water = 38.9%
    Resting Metabolic rate = 2156kcal
    Avg Energy required = 3234kcal

    My goal is to get down to 200lbs and stay there. My weight is more cyclic than the financial markets, The usual cycle is get too fat, train like crazy, eat like crazy, lose weight, stop training through injury or boredom, keep eating, grow bigger.

    I gave up the booze last August, I was briefly in my halls beer drinking team at Sheffield University, learning to neck a pint in 3 seconds didn't really help my waistline. Giving up the devils Dominos Pizza has proven much much harder than alcohol. So far I'm 11 days in, Jonesing, and still amazed DA does not exist.

    I've been trying to eat primal for 9 days now. Figured I'd start a journal now that I 'm beginning to know my way around PB.

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    Primal Food Intake Today:

    B: 3 thick slices of roast gammon joint, 3 tomatoes, lettuce (left overs from last nights dinner)

    S: Green Apple

    L: Crayfish and advacado Salad with lettuce

    S: Green Apple

    D: 3 small haddock fillets with carrots, asparagus, and brocolli

    2. Exercise routine

    Walking to work and lunch time stroll - 45 mins

    Gym PT session. 10 minute rowing intervals (1 minute fast, 1 min slower), running/walking intervals on treadmill (10 mins), press ups, kettlebell step ups, squats with kettlebell swung above head, alternate side arm lifts, medicine ball catching then clean and press. (50 minutes).



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      B: 2 small haddock fillets, tomato

      S: Fasting

      L: Fasting

      S: Fasting

      D: chicken stew with carrots, parsnips, turnip and swede.

      2. Exercise routine

      Walking to work and back - 40 mins

      3. Fasting wasn't so bad today. Its been 12 hours almost without food now and I haven't got the stomach ache and hunger pangs I usually get at all.


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        B: 2 hard boiled eggs and 1 tomato.

        L: 5 hard boiled eggs and 3 tomatos, had to have a coffee about 1pm as I was nodding off at my desk, as usual.

        D: Was bad boy and had a takeaway, tried to keep it primal though as it was just meat, tandori mixed grill and murgh masala (lamb mince with chicken in spices), mmmmm. Perped me up a bit. I was feeling crap after a worse than usual day at work, also had massive gut ache, sweating, shakes and nausea on the tube and when I got to the gym. Felt worse waiting for my PT to arrive, so I wussed out and rearranged training for Saturday at 1.45pm. She was happy as she got to work out herself instead.

        Not sure why I feel so low or why my guts are killing me so much today. I only ate some eggs and tomatoes, all of which were fresh.

        Oh well, guess I'll pick myself up tomorrow and carry on.

        2. Exercise routine

        Walking to work and back - 40 mins


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          Took the day off work today, didnt get up properly until after 11am, apart from my usual diabetic wake up call three times a night....

          I'm certain that I don't get enough sleep. I get up at 5am for work and rarely go to bed before 11pm.

          I am feeling more energetic thanks to all the meat and animal fat, but its hard to tell with the virus I have at the moment.

          I seem to be fighting it off, and am not using any cough or cold medication after reading chapter 2.

          I suppose I am only one and a half weeks into PB so my immune system hasn't recovered from a life long wheat overload yet. Hopefully it will.

          For Breakfast today (more like early lunch) I had last nights leftover tandori meat, 4 tomatos, lettuce, carrots and raddish.

          Did the grocery shopping too and got lots of fatty beef, steaks, pork, gammon, chicken, and fish. With some veg.

          My kids and wife aren't eating primal yet. Hopefully when I lose some weight and get a bit healthier they will join me. My other plan is to let my twelve year old smartarse daughter read PB and let her convert the rest, since she is pretty much big sister (although technically the middle child). She loves history and science so I think she'll like PB and it will make sense to her.


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            Love the idea of getting your 12 year old involved! If you haven't seen successes yourself yet, you will soon!
            Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

            Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
            CW: 146.8 lbs
            GW 140 lbs
            A proud member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals


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              Thanks so much belinda. Cool that we both live in 'London' too, although 3662 miles apart


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                L: chicken stew leftovers

                D: pork sausages and plum tomatoes

                Will exercise tomorrow, still feeling rough. Drinking lots of water and napping, starting to feel better now.


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                  B: Left over sausages and scrambled eggs fried in butter

                  D: Steak and tomatoes fried in butter with mixed veg.

                  This is the first time I've eaten butter, everything tasted so much better.


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                    Cannot think what to eat today so I suppose I am fasting, out of laziness and lack of imagination

                    But we do have 3 chickens for dinner, between 5 of us.

                    I did think the kids and mum were starting to go more primal after last nights steak, until they heard the cursed ice cream van. I'm avoiding the front room until they finish.

                    Feeling better today so hitting the gym at 3pm for some treadmill, rowing, bike sprints, pull ups, chin ups and press ups. Hopefully all the animal fat I have scoffed lately will give me some energy.


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                      L: Egg and tomato omlette fried in butter.

                      D: Roast chicken, Cabbage, carrots, broccoli. I made gravy with the chicken fat and some bisto chicken stock.

                      No exercise yet again. My PT cancelled at last minute and I couldn't be arsed to go. Still coughing alot. I'll go tomorrow after work at 5pm. I'm thinking of dropping PT and just doing PB workout. I can't afford anymore PT at the moment and I only have one more session left now. Plus I need to motivate myself to go and train alone.


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                        L: Can of tinned Pilchards, 4 tomatoes and a bag of mixed salad

                        D: Chicken left overs and salad

                        I'd appreciate any pointers, comments, or help with my pb. I haven't exercise much recently as I've got a chest infection and I thought it better to eat right and recover first.




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                          B: handfull of chicken leftovers and a tomato

                          L: Tuna, lettuce, onion, egg salad

                          D: Minced beef, tomato passata sauce, brocolli, cauliflower

                          Exercise: Walked from 30 minutes to work and back and went to gym. Trained for 60 minutes - 10 mins rowing, 10 mins bike, 10 mins stepper, 30 mins of light/med cardio and stretching.

                          I weighed myself. Whoop Woo I lost 4lbs

                          starting to doubt myself. I guess I'll have to be more patient and hope it will work for me too. I really thought id lose more than 4lbs in two weeks.


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                            B: Minced beef, tomato passata sauce, brocolli, cauliflower

                            L: 5 hard boiled eggs, yum.

                            D: Minced beef, tomato passata sauce, brocolli, cauliflower

                            Exercise: Walked to work and back.


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                              B: 1 tomato

                              L: 4 eggs and 5 tomatos.

                              D: Pork loin joint, brocolli, carrots, cabbage (lots of pork fat and oil from joint drizzled onto).

                              Exercise: Walked to work and Back (40 minutes slow gait). Went to gym and did low/med intensity workout.

                              2000m row in 10 minutes 30 seconds.
                              Bike for 5.1km in 13 minutes
                              Ski elliptical thingy for 10 minutes
                              Squats - 3 sets of 15 reps on 160kg, 10 seconds rest between.

                              Feeling more positive today, even though my job still sucks donkey butt
                              Enjoyed my training today at the gym, tried to keep my HR under 75% on machines. Plan on buying a Heart rate monitor but my chest is about 58inches and most of the straps wont fit me .

                              I also planned out on gped a nice walking route from my office around Barbacan, London Wall and back past Moorgate. 1.6 miles so hopefully I can do that in less than an hour tomorrow. Then try and do that each day next week to boost my moving around at a slow pace.

                              I think I need to eat less but I will be able to gauge that from how much I weigh in at next tuesday. Trying to stick to weekly weigh ins so I don't get frustrated and break the gym scales over some poor guys head