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    Still doing good. Taking a few days off the computer to enjoy nature and stuff. I had rice today, but otherwise sticking to plan well.


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      Back from our trip. I seriously didn't plan very well. I didn't bring enough food for myself and ended up eating a couple cheeseburgers with bun and a candy bar. I also had a small tortilla and some mini pizzas today. I didn't go hog wild on the carbs, but I definitely strayed a bit. Next time we go to the cabin, I'm going to plan better.
      Back to primal eating tomorrow.


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        Been doing better this week, but not squeaky clean. I had 1/2 cup of rice and some salt water taffy today. Fortunately, the taffy is all gone. Still having cravings, but not as bad. I came in around 90 carbs today and about 1400 calories. I want to get those carbs back down to 50 - 70 and see how I feel.

        B: 3 pork sausages and 1 egg
        L: chicken tikka masala & 1/2 cup rice
        S: protein shake w/ frozen strawberries & almond butter
        D: BA taco salad - I could have ate the whole pound of taco meat. It was so good.
        S: kiwi, salt water taffy


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          Last two days have been great. I've been able to talk myself out of foods that I wanted (like general tso's chicken). I had a really hard time talking myself out of cravings before eating primal. I only had about 50 carbs yesterday, but I felt like I ate so much. I made a chuck roast for lunch and ate a few raw veggies. I made spaghetti squash with a tomato meat sauce. It felt like cheating, it was soooo good. I've been dreaming about tomorrow so that I can eat some more.

          Wish I could get some sleep. I couldn't fall asleep until 12:30, then a storm woke me up at 2:30. It's 5 and still loud. At least my husband and kids are gone and I can sleep in.


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            Day 22 almost done. I can't believe I've made it this long. It's getting easier and easier. Barely feels like I'm on a "diet". I guess diet = hunger in my mind. I get a little hungry in the afternoon, but it's not panic (I need to stuff my face NOW) hunger. Today I took a nap instead of eating when I was a little hungry. Then, I ate dinner when I woke up.

            I just had my first apple since starting primal. Whoa! I didn't realize there were so many carbs in an apple. I had some Trader Joe's almond butter with roasted flax. It's soooo good.

            B: 3 sausage, 1 egg, 1 tomato
            L: pork chop w/ milk gravy and a salad, dark chocolate
            D: spaghetti squash w/ tomato meat sauce
            S: apple w/ almond butter


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              4 weeks down. Woo hoo! I love eating primal. It's so true what they say about it taking 21 days to form a habit. Eating primal is totally second nature now. It's great. I'm definitely going to keep going, although I don't feel like I'm seeing so much change. I probably need to tighten up the diet a bit. I've also been slacking on the coconut oil and the potatoes have been creeping in.

              We're going to our cabin part of next weekend and visiting friends the other part. I'm definitely going to plan ahead and maybe even buy some of that expensive jerkey from Trader Joes. I hate paying that much, but it's worth it to keep me on track. I intend to indulge a little over the weekend, but no wheat at all. I'm scared to death to even try to eat anything with gluten. I don't want those horrible stomach pains.

              Going to a primal potluck on Thursday. I'm so excited. I met a couple primal gals last week. It was so nice to talk to people about it in person.

              I'll weigh in on Thursday morning and report my 30 day results.


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                I made it past my 30 days. I celebrated by eating some dark chocolate covered almonds. YUMMM!

                Weight this morning: 233
                Waist: 45 inches, actually slightly below

                Otherwise, I'm not feeling as much better as I thought I would. I know I need better sleep. Still have plantars fasciitis. Still have dandruff. My yeast infection has mostly cleared up. Very little itching now. Skin seems about the same. Still have reddness on my face. Mood is about the same. Energy about the same.

                I plan on staying on the diet. Even without the spectacular results after 30 days, I think this is a better way to eat. I let dairy sneek back in a little last month. I plan on cutting that back out and seeing if there's improvement this month.