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    Good workout today, I'm still in the process of primal-izing my workouts, but I am in and out of the gym in 35 minutes. Seriously looking at ordering a copy of Convict Conditioning.

    I noticed today that I am retaining fluid, not exactly sure what is up with that (maybe the bacon ?) Curious ....
    Meals today
    B - eggs, meatballs, 4 strawberries
    L - Avocado, chicken rolled into romaine leaves
    D - Pork chop, steamed asparagus w/organic lemon
    Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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      Sat in a doctor's office today for an hour and half, while my Mom had a routine checkup. I neglected to grab a book before I left, so I resorted to reading the few available magazines in the lobby. I've had email offers lately to a women's fitness magazine, including one email asking what types of articles I would find relevant regarding workouts, nutrition, etc. - and the same magazine was sitting on a side table.
      So, I picked up the copy to check it out. Several articles were vaguely interesting (ok, I was bored) , others like the multiple pages on shoe comparisons and ratings ... not so much. Truthfully, there was very little meat in the magazine for my tastes. (Literally !)
      Glossy pics, ads and more ads .... but the confirmation on why I don't waste my money on subscriptions on these things came with the diet and nutrition pages (ok, on the workouts too .... )
      I suppose I shouldn't be surprised with the pointers for "healthy" eating .... with the premise of exchanging an unhealthy food for one that is "healthy" .....ex.: exchange white bread for healthy whole wheat bread, include more whole grains, etc. .... holy crappola. I didn't miss the little 'ad' touting canola oil as a "safe, healthy" alternative either .... gimme my coconut oil, bacon fat, tallow !

      Just frigging pisses me off to see publications that claim to be all about health and fitness polishing up the same misinformed mainstream bullshit and throwing it out there as if it is the answer to all. Total sell-out.
      Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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        Still in the dark as to why in the hell Google shows a link to my private messages on here ... luckily it was a simple question and answer thing, but having my settings on private from the very beginning, it should not be there. Sonsabeaches.

        Made up a huge batch of meatballs this afternoon. One batch basic with grated squash, onions, coconut, dry seasonings with a mix of ground beef and ground turkey. The remaining batch I added in curry powder. They came out good, although the curry seasoning could be stronger.

        B - eggs, turkey bacon
        L - cucumbers in lemon juice, meatballs
        D - meatballs, broccoli, mushrooms

        I've spent some time on the site today looking at the supplements. I've run out of everything other than my Vit. D. I'm finding myself debating back and forth between the Damage Control and the Advanced Health Formula. Obviously the Damage Control will give me a wider range of supplementation. If any of you are taking either - please let me know your thoughts. Thanks !
        Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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          So, despite hitting my foot again last night, I believe the bone is healing now, much less pain when I am walking, minimal swelling.
          Meals were ok ...
          B - turkey bacon, small avocado
          L - handful raw walnuts, small apple, meatlballs
          D - cucumber in lemon juice and dill, chicken

          Heading on to dream, stayed up till 3 last night to finish my article and get it sent it. Now I am ready for some sleep !
          Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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            IF today .... primarily due to the heat today and just not wanting to eat a lot. My son made an awesome roast for us tonight with roasted cauliflower and carrots. I keep holding out that he will begin eating primal, but right now he's not at the point of letting go of bread and pasta. I keep the primal cookbooks and the Blueprint out where he can see them, and I have noticed that he is taking the time to read through them .... so who knows, maybe he will be a primal convert soon !
            Finished out the last of the grass-fed beef and now I'm looking at locating a better source of meat. There's a great meat market about 15 minutes away, but they don't carry grass-fed - in fact when I asked about it, the reply was "I have no idea what the cattle are fed".
            The supplier I had been buying from has obviously changed and the last two times that I have bought from them, the meat is tough, grisly and not enjoyable at all. It's been frustrating to me, the first year and a half that I bought from them, the meat was fabulous, and it's the polar opposite.

            Calling a rancher tomorrow where I can get a 1/4, which the website shows as an approximate 90-120 lbs. of steaks, roasts, stew meat and hamburger. Will be interesting to see what the price may be. Black Angus (my favorite) and Red and Black Wagyu. I came across the website unexpectedly and surprisingly they have the cattle grazing right here as well as on ranches about 45 minutes away. I like the fact that the cattle are raised and butchered locally.
            Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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              Good workout this morning, but overdid it on the walking this afternoon and my foot is not doing well. Wasn't able to get in touch with the rancher yet, but did leave a message, so I am hopeful that I have found a good source of grass fed meat (and at a good price).
              Ended up going into Austin with my son, he needed to get shoes. He's been dealing with plantar fasciitis and is constantly in pain. We went to Luke's Locker, where I get my shoes. These people are amazing with fitting shoes. So, after the guy watched my son walk, stand, run, etc. - he starts telling him about wearing shoes like the Vibrams and other shoes that allow the foot to move naturally. Since he can't wear Vibrams to work, he tried on multiple pairs of other styles and ended up with Nike Free.
              It was pretty cool to listen to the guy explaining why we need to go barefoot or wear shoes that are not restrictive - very primal ! Although I had not planned on buying shoes for myself, I ended up with a pair of Altra's. They feel amazing (well with the exception of the toe !).
              When the toe heals up, I'm going to see how the Vibrams feel ... have to start saving up the change now !

              Made a quick run into Whole Foods and left happy with four bunches of Dino Kale, apples, walnuts and picked up some Artisana coconut oil. Needless to say, kale was on the menu tonight.

              B - ham slice, scrambled eggs
              L - meatballs, large salad of romaine, sprouts, butter lettuce, avocado, radishes
              D - stir-fry kale with onions, mushrooms, carrot, bacon
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              Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                Apparently Mom decided to ask the guy at her shoe store about the VFFs. Amazing how they seem to think that wearing something that doesn't make my feet hurt now (other than their insoles) will make my feet fall apart later. *rolls her eyes*
                Most people don't realize how much energy it takes for me to pretend to be normal.

                If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I'd fart.

                Twibble's Twibbly Wibbly


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                  Never knew Nike made their own version of a minimalist shoe. How much did that run your son?


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                    I think he said the Nike's were 89.00 ... not cheap, but certainly not super expensive either.

                    I've been really pleased with Luke's Locker, they really take their time to fit you and give you a lot of alternatives.
                    Know what you mean Twibble .... I used to go to another store where it seemed that the salespeople pushed whatever shoes they were currently wearing and anything other than that, they were convinced were 'bad shoes'. Of course that was the same store who kept trying to fit me in a stability shoe when in reality it was the exact opposite of what I needed to wear.

                    I've had the Altras's on all day today and have had virtually no discomfort with the broken toe ... I feel more balanced and stable in these shoes, so much so that I am returning the Brooks shoes I bought a few weeks ago (had not worn them yet because of the toe) and exchanging them for another low profile shoe - maybe a second pair of Altras.
                    Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                      So I get online this morning after I get back from gym ... happily enjoying my bacon, eggs and a cup of black coffee while I am reading my email. An email from my Mom, hhmmnnnn, with a picture and a note about the 'title' which she had changed from Redneck Turtle Burgers to Happy Primal Turtle Burgers. Granted, I would have to omit the cheese and I would definitely use a good sausage or maybe a buffalo dog ... but I have to admit, the Momma has a sense of humor with the emails she gets and sends out.

                      Yeah .... there's a turtle burger in my near future !

                      Good workout this morning. IF for most of the day, then some leftover ground buffalo thrown in with coconut oil sauteed onions, yellow squash, okra and a handful of fresh green beans. Yummy !
                      Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                        Quite pleased today with my workout, although I have to wait a little longer on the calf raises. Goblet squats were smoother and more explosive and my muscles are not screaming painful tonight. My foot is improving and I'm sold on the more natural shoes.
                        Still researching meat prices for better prices, got an estimate on the next butchering from a local rancher and it's a lot higher than I can afford at this point. I'll be soooo glad when November rolls around so I can go hunt ! Seriously considering ordering some elk meat to supplement the venison I have left in the freezer.
                        We're still in an oppressive drought here that will definitely affect hunting season - and the size of the deer.
                        Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                          Quiet day today. Did a lot of functional movement today, reworked several cabinets, moved some big rocks outside, did laundry. Thought about my Dad a lot today, the things he used to talk about, the times we spent hunting, fishing, building fences, making stuff, so many memories. It will be 5 years come late November since he went to be with the Old Ones. Although a lot has changed at my parents home, some things remain the same, his camouflage hunting cap still hangs on the hat rack he made, where he left it after his final hunt just days before he crossed. I still stop in the kitchen at his "corner" of the counter-top where he kept loose change divided up in empty tuna cans, neatly tucked into a specialty cigar box. I had a habit of checking for wheat pennies, I still sift through them, as if one or two might magically appear.

                          This is the time of year that we would begin prepping for deer season. Actually, that's not really the way it was - it was year round, just mixed in with everything else that we were doing. Summer would mark the time though that we would go out to shoot, check the scopes, adjust for the pull, go through the ammo boxes and check the shells, sharpen all of our knives, do all the little things. Granted 95% of it we would do again in late September, but it was how he lived, how we all lived.

                          As a rule this would also be about the time we would defrost the freezers, shuttling the meat from one freezer to the other, and pulling out older packages of venison that had not been used. We would thaw in ice chests, then do a double grind of the meat with some nice beef fat mixed in, then create the assembly line to package up venison hamburger. I still remember his smile when I came home one weekend from New Mexico and brought him ground buffalo. Now you can buy it at HEB.

                          I remember one week, several months after I had moved to NM, I was talking with the parents on the phone and my Dad mentioned he was making jerky that week. I was homesick in an instant. Two days later a guy from FedEx is knocking at my door with an overnight package .... my Dad shipped deer jerky to me.
                          I know that he would be pleased that I am primal again. Although he never said anything to me when I went veg, I know that he he was not pleased with that choice.

                          I had ground buffalo tonight mixed with squash, okra, onions and mushrooms. It reminded me of some of the things I would throw together when I living at home with the parents. It was always some cut of deer meat and whatever fresh veggies were in the garden, and I was always experimenting with seasonings, and lots of jalapenos. I was out in my Dad's shop one day to tell him lunch was ready, he was finishing up a brake job for a guy. When I walked out, I heard him tell the guy, "yeah, she's a hella good cook. I may not not what the hell it is I'm eating, but it's always good".

                          Happy Father's Day Daddy ... Miss you.
                          Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                            Ok ... I'm back. Well, I never actually left, my words just never found their way into the journal. I did get some work done, so there will be a check on the way (WOOOHOOO), continued with my workouts - sans calf raises, had two great adjustments with the chiro and still managed to screw up my neck again, and discovered that I have to improve how I am taping my foot, because the broken toe has not healed (which totally sucks).

                            Picked up some dino kale earlier this week, so there's a stir fry tonight. I also found some beautiful small eggplant, although I have no clue what the hell I'm going to do with them, although the thought of dredging them in a little coconut flour and frying them is pretty appealing.

                            Got up this morning and immediately noticed that my face is leaner, thinner ... quite pleased with that ! Now to see leaner hips and thighs !

                            Attended a family/extended family thing earlier today ... saw a relative there who asked me my age, then stated, wait, I can tell by how you look, and I am certain that you are maybe ** ... if not younger. I just smiled and said YES, I AM ** ... You are totally right ! She went on to tell me how great my skin looks, etc. .... So, never mind the fact that the age she declared me to be is a mere 8 years older than my son. I swear, she is of sound mind !!!

                            Giggling .... sure as hell made my day !
                            Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                              Started the lepin reset this morning ... a little strange for me to eat so soon after getting up, but I'm doing this. Still reading on Jack Kruse's site, although there are parts that just blow right past the wiring in my brain !
                              Off to the store for more meat, okra and olive oil.
                              Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                                Tried the cauliflower 'rice' yesterday ... OMG, it was absolutely amazing ! I've cooked cauliflower many ways and the majority of the dishes were quite yummy, but it was obviously cauliflower. This cauliflower 'rice' did not taste like cauliflower !!!
                                My next batch I will try a bit of curry with it. The only issue I had with it was my son came in and started eating the raw grated cauliflower before I could even start cooking LOL !
                                Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.