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  • Primal Journal of Coconut

    I've been thinking about starting my own Journal for while now. I am hoping it will help me stay accountable. Its like an online public diary!


    I was slim till about 15 when I started eating chocolate. My bro and I had a paper-round where we also sold chocolates.. I ate any not sold and soon I noticed all these red lines all over my breasts and hips. I wish my mother had told me there were stretch marks from putting on weight so fast!

    I then learnt about dieting from my school friends. That set me up for over 25 years of trying to unsuccessfully lose weight while getting heavier and heavier.

    Now, at 43 I'm:

    165cm tall
    BP medication after having baby 22 months ago. So I'm a stay at home mum.

    After years of seeking the diet answer, I intuitely always believed the 'caveman' diet was the best. Which has led me to here. I have the PB book and the PB cookbook.

    My biggest problem is I just love to eat. I have huge portions, comfort eat, and love my red wine. Or any wine and guiness for that matter. I love to excercise so that is never an issue for me.

    I'm very luck that my husbad totally supports eating the PB way.. infact its me that drags us off track.

    So now, its time to put what I believe into practice. Hopefully to lose weight, but more importantly to get rid of the niggling ageing issues I've notices are starting to creep in....occassional aching hips at night, tight archiies causeing me to hobble when I get up at night.

    I want this to be a lifestyle because I know diets don't work.. Believe me I know!!

    So here goes!!!

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    I have noticed that if I have a low carb breakfast, it does reduce cravings for the rest of the day.

    1. Scrambled eggs with left over Thai chicken and cashew, 2 coffees with cream.
    2. Bowl of rice with more left over Thai chicken and cashew.
    3. Chicken and avocado salad.
    Glass of barley greens and powder glutamine,
    And 1 pint of guiness!!

    I know tomorrow will be better as I've planned and prepared.
    Sunday wil be interesting as we are off to a race day with beer and wine and nibbles.

    I know cravings will subside... looking forward to that!!!

    Small steps....


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      Oh Yes, I was prepared for today.. at least the daylight hours.

      Breakfast was a coffee with cream
      Shared a smoothie with Hubby.. raw egg, coconut oil, frozen berries and powdered barley greens. Looked very unnatural, but if you closed your eyes it didnt taste too bad.. couldn't fool my toddler though.. he wasn't interested in any of it!!!

      By 1pm I was looking at the left over chicken and avocado salad.. I wasn't actuallly hungry, but felt I should eat. So I ate.. with some extra salami.
      Then I did 30 mins of Zumba, walked for an hour to get to my gym and had a really hot sauna, then walked back again. via the bottle shop. All that time i deliberated wheather or not to buy that bottle of red wine... so I did since hubby was drinking anyway, and who wants to drink alone?

      We really want to cut back on the alcohol. So we've agreed to only drink at social occassions.
      Oh, and dinner was snapper with roasted sweet potatoe, broccolli and cauliflower.

      All in all not a BAD day.. more activity than I've had in a while.

      But, the one thing that really surprised me was my energy today.. could it be the glutamine powder I took yesterday? I've been so tired, yet today I had all this energy to MOVE,....more steps forward!!!


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        I could have piggout out at the race do if I wanted to, but with what everyone brought as nibbles, to be honest I just ate what I bought.

        Pumpernickle base, egg mashed with mayo, salami, cheese and a gerkin. I did drink too much champus. Bit my desire to eat had subsided.

        Breakfast was a bike ride to the park, and an egg and spinach pie.
        Lunch was a barely grass drink with glutamine
        Then the race nibbles and pizza for dinner.

        NOT primal I KNOW!

        But I am happy that my desire to eat had subsided.. I feel bad for eating badly today.. shame on me! I know its bad for me.

        BUT, having this online journal really outlines how off track I am when in my head I KNOW the right way to eat.

        One goood thing.. After an good empty on the loo this morning, my wheat bloat is gone. And I'm feeling better.

        I feel really crappy after eating the pizza.. vegetarian with anchovies. Will give the rest for hubby for lunch. He doesnt mind at all.