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  • Lame

    Ok, new journal time. I have just come in from a walk, jog, pull up session also including many other body weight exercises. I love it. I'm out the Door nice and early, no one around just nature.
    No alcohol last night which is good. Off road bike ride planned for tomorrow.
    L = less
    A = alcohol
    M = more
    E = exercise

    See ya later.
    "Carpe diem"

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    Bike at the ready. 6 am meet with friend.
    My food choices went on the wobble last night, had a few bits of bread with fish and chips! Yum. Not going to worry about it just crack on.
    Two pints of cider last night in the pub with family and a couple of glasses at home too.
    Right, I need that bike ride.
    "Carpe diem"


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      Wow! That was an awsome bike road. Sprint session done!

      Going to make it s weekly event now.
      "Carpe diem"


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        Well, you got the more exercise part right at least. LOL.
        Just keep at it and lay off the ciders!!!
        People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.


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          I know I should, but it's so nice! Tomorrow will be a zero cider/alcohol day :-)

          I will post my report at the end of the day.
          "Carpe diem"


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            I am setting myself a new challenge. There is a massive hill or Combe as it's called near my house, it's off road, long and steep. My challenge I's to train from this day until I ride to the top. How long will this take? Let's see.
            I am also going to focus on building my upper body strength. I will do all this by following the primal exercise plan. Swimming today with the kids the BBQ at home. Meat, meat and more meat.
            "Carpe diem"


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              Swimming was fantastic and I am now the BBQ king! My steak was the best. Yum yum.
              "Carpe diem"


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                Monday morning sprint session completed. It was good fun, vibrams on, light rain in the air, all good really.
                Sat having coffee now whilst my tribe sleep. 6.20 am.

                Off to pick up the chicken house today!

                Thinking about the Power of better daily choices.
                "Carpe diem"


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                  Ok, did go to the pub last night with my friend, we played pool! That's an activity right? :-)

                  I have also decided my exercise will become a non negotiable. I have been out this morning and jogged around a local field wearing my v f f.

                  Tomorrow is lift heavy things day.

                  No cider till sat, all primal choices this week.
                  "Carpe diem"