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    I am fat. There I said what I hate to admit. I am fat, and I have been virtually all my life. Without getting to psychoanalyzy, being fat provides a way for me to distance myself from those around me. The humble truth at this point, is that it hurts to be overweight so I hope to change all that.

    I hit my peak just prior to the birth of my second child in Nov 2010 when I weighed in at a whopping 252. I gained *only* 3 pounds with my pregnancy, but of course that didn't mean much when the scale tipped in at over 250. Within a week of delivering my son, I had lost about 20 pounds. I discovered this web site and the Primal philosophy in Feb 2011. I'm 5'8" and currently weigh 214.4 pounds while half heartedly doing Primal the past three months.

    I love food. I love the association with certain foods, and I love the smells and the tastes. There is nothing wrong with that. Food is fuel, but it also so much more. To deny that is ridiculous (for me anyway). When I first started eating Primally, I tried a few recipes to fake myself out, and quickly decided that's no fun. Why eat a bad approximation of bread or a cookie when there are so many good, real foods out there to enjoy instead? When I stray from the Primal diet, it is usually a conscious a choice and usually in the presence of stress or a depressed attitude. Honestly, it's the same mechanism that I have used to justify overeating my whole life.... "This one won't hurt. Okay, two won't hurt much. What the hell, you've already ruined everything, just enjoy the whole package." Rinse. Repeat. Often. I'm working on it. Some days are better than others. I try to get over the bad days quickly, learn from my mistakes, listen to my body, and move on without falling into the downward spiral.

    I'm okay with giving up grains. I love cheese, and I'm not going to beat myself up over a few ounces everyday. I can do without processed sugar since I can easily satisfy the sweet cravings with fruit. I love my coffee, but I know it probably needs to go. I love to cook, and it's been fairly easy to find good, wholesome menus that fit into the Primal lifestyle. The key is to find balance in the quantities and not let life's little disappointments give me reason to indulge. I'm still working on that part.

    My husband is overweight as well, he feels bad, and he has little or no energy. He's not there yet, but I'm trying to convince him to join me. I'm also trying to wean my daughter from grains and processed sugar. It's slow going, and that's probably wise since she's only 2 and loves her PB&J. Meals in my house are almost exclusively Primal, but the husband and the daughter sometimes eat bread with their meals. My son, 6 months, is just starting to eat purees, and my goal is to not even start with the grains. Of course, he hasn't figured out eating in general yet, so I don't have to worry about it as much with him.

    I hope this journal will help me feel accountable. After all, if no one knows I ate a cupcake, then it didn't really happen, right? This journal is my someone-is-always-watching tool.

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    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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