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    I've been lurking about here for a couple weeks and finally decided to commit to a journal. Ideally I would like to be able to look back one day and see how far I've come.

    So some basic stuff about me, I'm 33, female, I work in hospitality, I weigh 80kg (sorry you Americans I just can't understand pounds!) and I'm 169cm with 41.4% body fat. So definitely overweight, I've gone and put on the dreaded boyfriend 10, you know when you first move in with your gorgeous man and before you know it you've packed on 10kgs (more like 15 for me) from eating massive boyfriend portions and matching him beer for beer? Plus he's what you'd call a 'feeder' he loves to cook for and feed me and I certainly don't complain about that (it's certainly not his fault - well maybe it is for being such a great cook ). I do however complain about the fact that I've been wearing only 2 pairs of trousers for the last 6 months because I can no longer fit any of my clothes!

    That's depressing (but since that's the only negative aspect of moving in together then I think I can handle it). I've also been in a sedentary job for the last few years and have noticed the weight creep on.

    Just as important as the weight, I've suffered from allergies, eczema, asthma, mystery rashes, bloated stomach upset stomach all manner of digestion issues and joint aches for most my life. I read the bonus thread where everyone writes in their unexpected bonuses and that's basically what clinched it for me. I cannot imagine a life without hayfever, I really can't, and I know it's not what most people would consider debilitating or anything (surely people who've never experienced it) but I would love it if -if nothing else- I would be able to live hayfever free. (well okay, I want it all, a hay fever, rash, eczema, asthma and bloating free life yes please - oh and of course the weight too). Oh and I'm especially hopeful my teeth become awesome too, no matter how diligent I've been with flossing, brushing and mouth wash I still get so many cavities.

    So one thing that really got me at first with the Primal Blueprint was the whole lifestyle aspect, no more obsessive calorie counting or over exercising. I've been a yoyo dieter since 12 so I really don't want to get hooked in to diet mentality. I can get obsessive and extreme and then rebel into absolute laziness and gluttony.

    I've been grain-free for nearly two weeks, I don't miss it at all. That surprised my socks off, even on the weekend I was thinking of things I could cheat with and nothing actually appealed at all and I enjoyed and preferred my PB meals. That gives me hope.

    I also love that I feel full all the way through until the next meal. I haven't quite figured out my portions so far (particularly when it comes to fat - I still have some of that residual fear of fat thing) and the one biggie that I hadn't kicked yet is Alcohol. yep I gave that a capital A. This is quite a lifestyle change as my partner and I (and pretty much 99% or our friends) work in hospitality, where a beer after work is practically mandatory . I do realise that if I'm going to give this my best shot then I need to really commit wholeheartedly and I'm ready to do that.

    So I am grain free and alcohol free, I'm going to lay off dairy except for butter and utilise all those good fats instead of bad. I'm only going to weigh myself every 3 or so months (I want to focus on losing weight and gaining muscle so I don't think the scales are going to be that helpful and could trigger negativity) I'll use clothes and the measuring tape and body fat percentage to clock my progress. I'm looking forward to a PB exercise -I was about to type 'regime' and then realised that's exactly what it isn't! I'm looking forward to embracing the PB lifestyle starting with a nice walk home from work tonight.

    My goals are to get to a healthy BMI (60-62kgs is where I've felt healthiest in the past and is around the halfway point in the healthy BMI range for my height), I would like to aim for 23-27% body fat.

    My partner isn't on board (yet - I do hope he'll join me one day) but he has already tested out some of the recipes from Mark's book with excellent results and he supports my changes.

    Anyway, what a massive blab to start myself off.
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    Yesterday went excellently
    B bacon and eggs
    L prawn caesar salad with egg (no croutons or cheese)
    D BBQ pork with bok choy in a rich broth
    S Herbal tea
    E 1 1/2 hr walk from work to home

    Energy levels yesterday were even and average
    Mood kind of agitated, really feeling the stress from work\
    Apetite, remained satisfied between meals, was able to eat mindfully, ate until just full (would like to ideally eat until just before full)

    Decided that I'll really need to bring in some stress management type stuff, while walking home I was just ruminating over bad situations, running things over and over in my head, it was very difficult trying to be mindful and I realised I was just so frustrated. This mainly comes from my job which I'm definitely over - I'm heading back to uni next year and just have to make it through the rest of this one, put my head down, save some cash and make the most of it. I'm definitely lucky with my job and it's not a hell hole (I'm just not a salesperson basically and i'm sick and tired of pretending/trying to be something I'm not), I've just finally figured out what I want to do and now just feel like I want to get out there and hurry up and start doing it. Then I also find myself worrying about how I'll make ends meet as a student for the next three years - yeah too much thinking and overdoing the worrying thing.....SO.... I got home and did a couple of hypnosis downloads for stress relief and then had a hot bath and an early night. Will definitely have to make sure I stay on top of the stress levels.

    Today is rocking along nicely so far, definitely feel the benefits of an early night though I managed to strain my ankle from my walk last night by stepping on a tree root awkwardly, so much for avoiding danger.

    Still not sure whether I'm having enough/too much protein/fat so I'm thinking about doing Fitday to get a better idea - to be honest though that just kind of seems like too much work at the minute (I don't want to have to care too much and become all obsessed), maybe I'll really get used to this lifestyle first and worry about it later. or not.

    Oh and great news, I usually get PMT headaches like clockwork and lo and behold nothing so far! It's a bloomin' miracle!


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      So I've been great for the last few days except for drinking some beers on Wednesday while watching State of Origin (this is a Rugby League series fyi). We had some friends over and BF cooked up a storm, it was easy to resist the grainy items, I was very happy with my modified grain free version BUT I just couldn't resist the beer! I've realised that I'm getting sugar cravings and beer cravings when before I never liked sweets and I could easily turn down a beer. I was feeling a bit down about it (oh no am I an alcoholic? gah!) Then I read another post which directed me to Tom Naughton's website and a post he'd written about the alcohol cravings he used to get. It really made sense to me and given me added incentive to kick the booze for a decent amount of time to really try to eradicate the cravings. Also I noticed I got much drunker much faster and I've noticed a common thread now, looking back over my food journal I noticed that any time I had beers I ended up with upset stomach/diaorhhea by 2am the next morning. So it's only taken 4 times for me to learn the lesson!

      I've also (a bit nervously) decided to go off nuvaring (hormone birth control), I've been on hormone contraceptives for about 11 years now - I had a one year break in there somewhere but again the severe cramping and PMT had me running back before too long. I'm really hopeful that eating Primally will help me, I just want to be drug free and try to bring my body to a natural balance.

      Oh and my work now has grass fed sirloin on the menu (YAY!) I ate one for lunch the other day with sauteed greens and oh my goodness!!! I ate the fat for the first time in like 20 years and it was AMAZING! I am so happy to be eating this way
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        nice post


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          well I fell off the primal wagon a few times this weekend but I decided to enjoy and savour it and not beat myself up about it. And I ended up having the best weekend. Unfortunately I ended up limping the whole week with my bung ankle so I certainly didn''t get in enough moving about.

          But it's a new day, my ankle is now feeling sweet as and I'm back on the primal wagon. This week my goals are to do strength workouts from the e book a couple times. I've noticed how much muscle tone I've lost in the last year from only running and not doing any resistance/strength work. Very keen to get back some biceps.

          My other goal is to keep off the alcohol and really beat these sugar cravings.


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            Great day yesterday, really enjoyed my grass fed sirloin. I'm still eating potatoes at this stage and am now decided that I'll be moving them into the moderation category. Was also very surprised at how cheap the organic meat was at the supermarket the other day. It was only just (like around 50 cents) more expensive than the other stuff and I'm so glad I bought up quite a lot. I also did a bunch of cooking on the weekend so my freezer is full of good breakfasts which I am very happy about.

            Lunch is at work and I've been able to work out Primal friendly versions so that's good. Dinner was also easy. Actually I realise now that I prefer to eat this way, even when I thought I'd really miss my rice when I eat my stirfries etc I am so happy because I'm getting to eat the good part! I see now that rice, pasta, noodles, mash is just filler really.

            My eczema is playing up which I'm not loving and my hayfever is terrrible. I guess I can't really say that I've been primal for 3 weeks because I've only just stopped drinking beer (gluten) plus the hiccups over the last weekend. I understand the 80/20 rule, but I just really want to be 100% for a solid 3 months at least so I can really stop this chronic inflammation and now that I'm off the pill I especially want to ensure my best chances of having pain free PMT.

            Okay so yesterday was excellent except for having four wontons (gee I'm really gonna miss those!) but otherwise a really good day and no beer. Also I didn't manage any exercise but I'm going to try some strength exercises throughout the day - it's a great excuse to get out of the office chair.