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    So, I was still tired when I got done eating my breakfast, and to keep myself from falling asleep and snacking all day on the little food that i have, I decided to clean. I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the really bad spots on the floor, and then mopped. It took me about an hour to do it all. I'm going to clean the glass next. Now, i feel awake, and a little overheated, but thats because i'm in a hut with no air conditioning on. I have it, but I prefer not to use it. Now i'm thinking of taking a break, sitting with my coffee while i watch Ghost Adventures, and possibly eat my lunch. If i feel hungry.
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      A rose by any other name.


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        So i'm leaving work in half an hour. I'm content as of right now. I think i'm going to take a nap when i get to my second job, and then when i clock on at 5, i'll get a burger, nix the bun, from Paradise Grill (angus beef baby!) Would it be terrible of me to get fries? I'm kind of tired of salad already.
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          Can you get sweet potato fries? Or maybe a baked potato with some butter or sour cream?
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            Not sure...I'll have to see. I doubt it. I know they have things like onion rings and fried mushrooms, so i doubt they'd have a baked potato. they don't really go for healthy, they just go for "good home cooking"
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              It is so awesome to see you going through with this, girlfriend! I'm just really glad I told you to visit MDA in the first place *hearts* and that you actually did *doublehearts* Glad to hear that Justin is on board!

              Even though you are not where you want to be yet, remember to love yourself: for making the right eating decisions; for bouncing on your ball at work; for having pretty, curly hair (mine sheds too, btw); for being a great, creative writer; for having such a great sense of dark humor; for keeping me company at the mall; for daring to sing Karaoke in front of strangers; etc. etc. etc! Remember that there is a LOT more to Becca than her weight and body type!

              I can't wait to see you get healthy and happy and hot(ter)! Right behind you all the way, my little pony (bwahahaha)

              P.S. about the fries . . . the last few times I ordered fries with my burger, I got heartburn, and a soggy lump feeling in my gut. Gross. They are pretty limited in side options that are not deep-fried. Your best bet is probably a side salad.

              Don't forget, there's a Jimmy Johns, you can get a huge sandwich for $4.25, get roast beef or turkey breast, and make it an Unwich, they will wrap it in lettuce and deliver to the mall!
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                So the power was out when i got home. my stepdad went to get us food. McDonalds. I ate two cheeseburgers, no bread with some bacon between the two. I'm now sitting here, being good. not eating the french fries sitting right in front of my face. I'm about to go cut up my own potatoes and cook them up in bacon grease so that i can have some fries.
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                  I'm dragging a bit this morning. Very tired, and my arms and head feel kind of heavy. I'm going to guess this is carb flu coming on? It's not so bad, it's what i've always felt like when waking up before 10am. I"ve got my coffee and i'm about to bring in some background noise while i do some work. Going to be a rainy day again today.
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                    So it is now 1:32 in the afternoon, and I've not eaten anything but a carrot since i had breakfast this morning. i feel great, a little bit blah, but energy wise, compared to earlier, i feel fine. Eating my lunch. same as yesterday. steak, carrots, and broccoli. I also brought some butter with me, melted it, and mixed in some garlic. not as good as i thought, but eh, its more fat, so it works.
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                      So while i was at the mall i had a cheeseburger, no bun, and some broccoli and carrots (really going to get tired of those soon). I felt great afterwards. felt awake, alert, fabulous. I was still hungry, and wanted to treat myself so i got a small ice cream. bad idea. i was tired, and lethargic, and just generally in a very sour mood. never again. I got home and was very hungry, so i made myself two of these.

                      very yummy. I've got some cucumber stewing in vinigar in the fridge.
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                        Mm, that looks good. I had a cucumber/onion salad the other night, too. Apple Cider Vinegar, stevia (for sweetness), and mint. Nice and crunchy!


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                          So yesterday was rather uneventful. I had my usual eggs for breakfast, added bacon to the mix. cleaned a bit and then prepared some food for today/tomorrow. I made my steaks and veggies for me, some vinigar soaked cucumbers, and some plain cucumbers. Spent the last (nearly) 24 hrs with my baby. He really wanted taco bell last night, so we went there. i got my tacos but didn't eat the shells, just the meat and lettuce with some mild sauce on it. very yummy. i wanted some ice cream really bad, so i checked a couple different brands. Haagen daas Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream isn't too bad. the sugar is a bit high, but it has 23 grams of fat, all saturated. and it didn't make me as tired as plain old vanilla ice cream did. i felt good after having eaten it. Today, i made my eggs and bacon, no cheese, cooked in butter. Justin had two fried egg sandwiches with bacon on them, cooked in bacon grease. with a cup of coffee and grapefruit juice. I'm trying to get him to go on the diet, but he doesn't want to give up bread. i've even told him he wouldn't have to give it up perminently. he thinks that even if he is able to give it up for now, once he's allowed to have it every once in a while as a treat kind of thing, with it being such a readily available "treat", he'd eat it all the time and end up back where he is now. i can't even get him to try it for a month. He said he probably won't even try it when he sees results for me. I wish he'd do it. I want him to be more healthy, have more energy, and just be overall more happy. I have an ace in the hole i'm going to try. I'll let you know how that goes.
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                            Originally posted by belinda View Post
                            Here's a jerky recipe you can make at home. I plan on trying it some time soon.

                            Thanks belinda. I was just going to suggest this. Homemade jerky is way less expensive than store bought and is a really good portable craving buster.
                            It sounds like you are doing great rabraham. Keep it up.


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                              So last night was a doozy. My mood was all over the place, and poor Justin got the brute force of it all. He doesn't do well when I get upset and start arguements over something stupid. He doesn't like to argue. Who does? Here's how it kind of went down.

                              arguement 1: I had booked us a hotel so that we could have the night to ourselves, no parents, no work, no friends, nothing. Just the two of us relaxing with each other. the original plan was to go see a movie, maybe get a nice dinner, but we both were broke by wednesday, so I made us a picnic kind of dinner and brought my DVD player with me so we could eat and watch movies at the hotel. We ended up eating taco bell, watching some Mythbusters, the weather, then bed. Ok, whatever. I like mythbusters, so no complaints there, really. The next morning he tells me that he didn't sleep at all the night before, because the bed/pillows were too uncomfortable. I felt bad about this. So we go back to his dads and sleep for maybe an hour. we make breakfast, and go to his friend's shop where they proceed to talk business until 430. I wasn't complaining about that at first, because he deals in antiques, and sometimes you can't ignore your work, because if you do you won't make any money. We got into a stupid arguement because there wasn't anything else to do for the day, so he was going to go home. I didn't really have the gas to go all the way back to his house, and i don't like being couped up inside a room all day. I was already upset that my plans for the evening almost completely fell through. He offered to give me some gas money saturday when he gets some cash again, so we went back to his house. We made our food that we hadn't eaten yet, and then went to his room. I thought maybe we'd put in a movie. No. He turns on Mr.& Mrs. Smith and gets on his computer. I didn't say anything, because I know that almost all of his business is done on the internet. Needless to say my mood didn't improve much.

                              Arguement 2: We had watched TV for a while, and he was asking me when i wanted to stay the night again. I told him I didn't know, that my days off were Wednesday and Thursday, so it would have to be Tuesday or Wednesday night. Easy enough to understand, right? He got confused. And I'm sorry, even on a good day, when somebody gets confused over something that simple, and makes me repeat myself three or four times, it irks me. I got a bit snippy with him, and he said that I didn't need to make him feel stupid for getting confused. He was right, but excuse the fuck out of me for not liking to repeat myself over something simple.

                              We sparred last night. We haven't done that since before we started dating. I missed that so much. I was letting my agression out, though. I may not hit very hard, but i did manage to make him almost hit himself in the nuts with my hand. that was kind of funny as hell. He also jammed the finger on the left hand that is the polar opposite of the finger on the right that i broke....which was partly his fault! Heh, it was funny. We were pillow fighting, but not girly pillow fighting. More like, get all of the pillow bunched up in one spot, spin the remianing case so you have a good handle, and swing with full force. I got him in the stomach a couple times, and he went to swing at me, i turned to the left, and caught the pillow in my knee and took it from him. lol, I gots the ninja skilllz! We ended the night alright, but my overall mood was just shit

                              So far today I feel alright. I think that mostly the major bitchiness was due to my monthly coming in sometime soon. That and the hormone changes i've read about on here. I told him about that, and i think he understands that it's nothing personal, but i'll talk to him about it again today just to make sure.

                              On a positive note, another pound gone this morning. That, and Justin said that when he moves out and can buy his own food (he lives with his dad at the moment, and his dad buys everything "no fat" because he's a dumbass douchebag) he might give it a try. he doesn't think he can give up breads, he says he likes them too much. I told him that if i could do it, he could. I also told him that I wanted to see him healthy. I pulled the same thing he did on me when he convinced me to quit smoking...........



                              we intterupt this broadcast for a special announcement.....



                              we now return you to your original broadcast show...

                              Anyway, I pulled the same thing on him he did to me when he got me to quit smoking. I told him I wanted to see him healthy, to think of it as an investment into our future. I think he might give it a try. Not sure. I want him to give it at least 6 months, but I have a feeling that unless he sees something happen in a month or two, he'll give up. We'll see when we get there, i suppose.

                              So my question today is, the mood swings, do they get better? How long do they usually last? I already feel like i'm a demon when i'm just fluxuating during the monthly, i don't want to scare him away. i doubt that i could, but i don't want to risk it.

                              He told me last night that he thinks he's always loved me. ( we went to high school together)

                              I love him so much. *commence mushy gushy girly side of me taking over*

                              He's my rock, and i just hope he knows that.
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                                I think your next step is getting off the sugar. I mean completely, at least for a while. See if that helps your moods.