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    Today has been an unpleasant lesson in not ignoring your body.
    Somehow, I believed that if I could power through the weekend leftovers, grains and all, I would come out just fine. FAIL.
    On the bright side, today has put an unequivocal stop to Grain-Fest 2011. And diminished some of the consequential water-weight. Also, I hope I never see another refried bean.
    Last night I made the immensely terrible mistake of eating refried beans, rice, queso fresco, and sour cream. Went to bed feeling off, woke up at 4am with a stomach ache, vom-a-thon five hours later. Still recovering and living on almond milk and excedrin for the day.
    I suppose I deserve it, its sort of a huge "FUCK YOU" from my body, which has endured five straight days of overindulgence and less-than-ideal nutrition.
    Ultimately, I'm sort of thankful. This has put me back on track, which I obviously was not accomplishing on willpower alone.


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      Feeling much better today.
      GF insisted I eat some saltine crackers, and I nearly acquiesced, because that is how you cure an upset stomach.
      EXCEPT, that I have been having mild breakouts which had gone away before the weekend. Vanity obviously trumps health for me when it comes to motivation.
      Probably the crackers would have been fairly innocuous, but I'd rather avoid any more 20% after last weekend.

      Incidentally, I went from a peak water-retaining weight of 158 on Tuesday back down to 153.6 this morning, so really I don't know why I keep having these lapses in common sense. Grains = 158, no grains = 153. Hmmmm. Which should I choose?

      Yesterday I managed to keep down almond milk, whey protein (barely, do not recommend), and a can of sprite (not primal I know but it was so cute the way gf picked it up and presented it to me after work).

      This morning I started slow with a shake consisting of berries, almond milk and whey. Felt sort of uneasy so I just grabbed a banana and sparkling water with "LIME ESSENCE" for lunch. Dear Solid Food, I miss you.

      I've taken to walking on the treadmill and reading during my lunch break since I was falling short on MFAASP. I have to say, I really enjoy it. I used to judge people who were reading at the gym, but they must have been getting the last laugh all this time.

      I think I'll wait until I feel a little more stable to get back to LHT circuits, but hopefully that will be tomorrow or Saturday.

      Oh, and Pride is this weekend. The idea of consuming alcohol makes me want to die a little bit right now.


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        Back to about 85% of aliveness today.

        Had a nice hour of reading & walking at the gym. Next to me was a guy pounding out sprints with a knee brace. He was in audible pain and it made me sad. Also, when I was leaving I observed that the buffest/leanest lady at the gym was at least 40 and she was doing the AMT at a slow pace while reading a magazine. Anecdotal, but I'll take it as reinforcement.

        Managed to eat some real things, finally. Last night had the Mahi Mahi with vegetables instead of noodles at CPK. Pretty tasty, perfect portion size, just a little too much too soon for my poor poor stomach. When our house guests arrived at 530 am I felt queasy and had a splitting headache. Took some excedrin, glass of water, and proceeded to lie awake. I just wasn't tired anymore, and I'm not sure whether to attribute it to the caffeine in the excedrin or REM cycle completion or something else entirely.

        Anyway, went to the gym as already mentioned, came back, ate some eggs fried in butter and a sausage link. Followed by TUMS. Still, it's an improvement.

        Also, despite not feeling 100%, I'm lookin' pretty fly.


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          So, good news. PB must be working because I have "The most beautiful legs in America," at least according to one homeless, drooling fellow in civic center. Thanks.
          Pride weekend was not the catastrophe that it could have been. There was an It's It situation and some mass-made pasta and vodka & diet coke, but most food choices were at least primal-inspired. Yesterday was the first day back and everything was good except the ice cream for dessert, but let's be real, it's summer.

          decaf americano, crustless quiche and bacon, peach, chicken alfredo & meat sauce (minus the noodles), smoked salmon, salad, macadamia nuts and the aforementioned ice cream.
          walked for an hour while reading my book, biked for ten min, then got hungry and went home

          decaf americano, a few varieties of different style eggs from the breakfast bar, bacon

          I'm trying to remember to frame dietary decisions as proactive and healthy rather than restrictive and sad. It means there has been less emphasis on rules and more cheating going on, but also less mental turmoil. In any case, I think the read-walks and staying on track this week will go well. Gotta get that LHT in so I can continue to impress the lesbians with my BART chin-ups.

          Then there's the prospect of birthday cake looming on the horizon...


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            Opted for an hour on the bike today rather than the treadmill to give my feet a rest. I've been experiencing some bearable pain on the treadmill which I would ascribe to either improper vibram form or some kind of "toughening up" period. Either way, like I said, it's not catastrophic, and I'll most likely be back at it tomorrow. I'll need a new book though, finished mine today.

            Breakfast was eggs w/ onions and mozzerella, plus smoked salmon
            Lunch was left over half of a pork chop from last night and a very berry cherry somethingorother protein shake

            Now that I'm back to totally clean in terms of no grains, my skin is returning to its previous glory. I mean, HELLO? There must be a broken pathway in my brain somewhere that makes me forget about my poor face when I'm eating lame pasta and bread. It definitely seems to be the grains too, not just the sugar like I had thought might be the case, as I'm noticing clearing in spite of the left over vanilla ice cream consumption.

            Exercise question for all of you physci enthusiasts out there:

            Should sprints and body weight exercises (LHT) be done on different days to be most beneficial, or is it okay to do them on the same day? Any input is appreciated!


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              LHT today. BBM is nearing the 35 1/2 mark. About 35 5/8. I think the hour-long walks/bikes at the gym are starting to have their intended impact. Also, a friend posted a handful of pictures of me from the back (not from the front? should i be offended?) and I actually wasn't horrified by what I saw. I was wearing the size 8 shorts that I thought might be a touch on the small side, and they looked good! Fairly big deal for me, as I tend to carry my weight on my lower half/limbs and those are the most stubborn spots to change. I really should have taken thigh measurements.

              P.S. My birthday is on the 4th and I've been hankering for a pair of Vibram classics, size 41. SO0o0o if you haven't bought me a present yet... hint hint


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                Walked to work today to take advantage of the summer sun and try and tan these legs. Added benefit of not having to go to the gym today. Think I had too many macadamia nuts and banana chips over the last few days, stomach is a little irritated.



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                  I've seen a lot of people posting that they are 1/16th Native American and thus tan well.

                  Dear My Genes,
                  You are 1/16th Native American. I've heard that means you are supposed to direct my skin to become a nice golden color when exposed to the sun. Have you heard that? You probably hadn't heard. Just thought I would let you know. I mean, I agree it's convenient that I could impersonate a lobster without a costume, but Halloween is in October. Just consider it maybe? Kthnx.

                  Other than my continual failed attempts at achieving a beautiful tan (it's lifelong, really), things are going well, but there are a few things I need to tell you:

                  Yesterday was my birthday, BFF flew in from San Diego and bought a Coldstone's ice cream cake for me, so you know, not the Primalest, but definitely the deliciousest. Went to breakfast with parents and gf yesterday to celebrate and shared something called Bread Pudding French Toast. Also amazing. Aaand other BFF made a cake she deemed "healthy" out of diet soda and cool whip. Another friend poined out that "low calorie" does not equal "healthy", but that the cake was delish. Brownies made out of IDONTKNOWWHAT that were also "healthy" (read: "low cal"). I also used a few tortilla chips as a vehicle for some spinach dip.
                  Good news is, everything else I ate was eggs, vegetables, or bbq sanz bun and sugary condiments.

                  Did take the day off from the gym yesterday, headed back today. GF got me a Kindle (yessss) as a gift, and I'll be walking and reading Taubes' latest this evening. Also, Mom is taking me to get Vibram classics (yessssss again) for the casual primal girl on the go in the summer heat.
                  For the record, Pops is buying us our own washer and dryer so we can stop hogging his. Not directly primal, but it didn't feel right to omit his AWESOME contribution.

                  Three over-medium eggs and bacon for breakfast this morning. I have to admit, I'm sort of getting tired of bacon. I mean it IS delicious of course, but awfully salty. I think i might try and incorporate some chicken into breakfast for the decreased salt and higher protein:fat ratio.

                  Oh yeah, btw, there is still half an ice cream cake left over, soo. Don't act like you wouldn't eat it too.


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                    I'm getting a cold. BOO.

                    Fortunately, I had the luxury of sleeping in today, which I steadfastly believe is the key to recovery. I'm also going to skip the gym today, but may do LHT at home after work.

                    In the interest of turning lemons into lemonade, I'm taking this opportunity to do a no-dairy experiment. The prospect of less snot should be a good motivator.

                    Eggs and bacon for breakfast. (Lunch really since I slept in) I've sort of taken to eating an early meal and a late meal rather than three, or a small snack or protein shake in the afternoon if I'm hungry. Interestingly, when I was actively attempting to fast, it was miserable. Now that I've stopped trying, it happens naturally?? I suppose this is more support for the theory that the less I try and micromanage my eating habits and the more I just focus on keeping everything paleo/primal, the more likely I am to really just eat when I'm hungry, and the healthier it feels.


                      (Pictures included, finally)

                      It's been just over two months since I went Primal. Since then, I have posted about the daily ins and outs, changing notions and whims, but I think its about time for another comprehensive and cohesive post.

                      As promised, here is the what I dug up to serve as a "before" picture. It was taken in June 2010 and I'd guess I was around 170 at the time.

                      I've already gone into detail about the 13 lbs. I lost on CW, so here are a couple of pictures of me at 157, when I started PB. As you can see, the sun literally shines out of my ass:

                      Here are the AFFIRMATIONS

                      Since I started PB:
                      - I've maintained the weight I lost on CW.
                      - I've dropped an additional 4 lbs. of bloat.
                      - I don't feel hungry or think about food all the time.
                      - My acne has greatly improved, and only seems to regress when I cheat with sugar or grains.
                      - I have way more upper body strength - I can almost do a dead-hang chin up and I can do nose-to-the-ground push ups.
                      - I walk better in my Vibrams. Since I corrected for my habit of leaning to the right, I no longer get pain in the ball of my right foot.
                      - No more menstrual cramps of doom.
                      - I'm not kept up at night but unwarranted "What-if...?" Scenarios

                      Generally, I feel 100% better as a human on PB. The fact that I can maintain weight loss without hunger is truly remarkable.

                      Here's the thing. I'm not quite ready to stabilize.

                      Enter ACCOUNTABILITY

                      The fact that I can cheat as much as I do and not gain weight is awesome. When it comes to maintenance, PB is for me. Nevertheless, I have vanity fat. I have to admit that its vanity fat and not health-risk fat to be honest with myself, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
                      Since I started reading Why We Get Fat, I've drifted toward a more VLC, traditional Paleo plan, meaning less fruit, starchy vegetables and dairy. I suspect this is what I need to follow if I want to shed fat and not just water.

                      SO, Here are some current pictures. They are all at 153, only in one I'm wearing the same outfit as before, and in the other two I'm wearing a FAR LESS FLATTERING sports bra and spandex ensemble. The change in outfit is in the interests of a) Keepin it real, b) Making it easy to see the areas from which I want to lose fat, and c) Making it perfectly clear that I could stand to get some more muscle up on dese bones.

                      Those final two pictures were taken this morning. I weighed in after breakfast at 153.2 and got a measurement around the biggest part of my lower abdomen of 35 and 5/8".

                      GF thinks I'm nuts for posting these, and I agree, but I'm also thinkin' the prospect of posting update photos is gonna be a great motivator for staying on track.


                      • Eggs & bacon for breakfast, w/1/4cup onion and a sliced mushroom.
                        Made deviled eggs. Nom nom nom.


                        • I can't realllllly count this weight as a victory, since I've been weighing after breakfast and this one was done before, but 152.2 is the lowest weight I've seen on a scale at any time of day since that one time I went on a semi-starvation diet during freshman year and was a huge cunt to everyone because I was hungry.

                          VLC, perhaps I dismissed you too quickly. Maybe we can try again? Just friends at first, you know, and then see where it goes?

                          Sidenote: For the second time in three days I have heard the synchronized click of a woman locking all of her car doors as I walk by. Really? Come on ladies, I'm not one of those "predatory lesbians." Shiett.


                          • looking great!! You are definitely looking more toned.


                            • Bwahahaha! Because you de-lurked. I have found your journal.

                              1) Nice writing style. I love understated sarcasm.

                              2) Damn girl, you are cute! Of course, my opinion matters not at all because a) I'm too old for you and b) I'm not a lesbian. (maybe that should have been "a")

                              Sounds like Primal has been good for you. Keep it up.
                              Primal since 9/24/2010
                              "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

                              Created by - Free Weight Loss Tools
                              MFP username: MDAPebbles67


                              • @ moo - thanks! its a slowwwww work in progress. but at least it is in progress! (i think)
                                @pebbles - double thanks! age and/or orientation could never depreciate the value of a compliment!

                                So VLC (relatively speaking, i haven't actually counted carbs) is continuing to treat me well.
                                3 eggs w/bacon, onions and peppers this morning, and coffee, caffeinated, because today was the first day of girl scout camp and somebody thought it was a good idea to put me in charge of a bus full of 60+ minor children
                                then at camp salmon salad (leftover salmon mixed with mayo) for lunch
                                more of the same for dinner, plus ground turkey cooked with eggplant, tomato, pepper, onion and leftover bbq sauce
                                (insert dark chocolate here > 0:<)

                                we voted on meal choices today for next week, and its gonna be tricky. for example, not sure what i'm eating for breakfast on the day that the girls elected ham and cheese quesadillas. oh well, cross that bridge when i get to it.

                                for now im going to park my ass on the couch for the criminal minds marathon. chasing around 18 kids from 8-5 is exhausting, i don't know how that duggar lady does it.

                                p.s. just started body by science, enjoying it so far

                                p.p.s. this post has been sponsored by a lackluster boycott of capital letters