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    I'm a scale avoider as well. I'm ok with the idea that potentially I could end up weighing 200 lbs and be wearing a size 6 or. I know, could be crazy but I'm ok with it. I seem to be one of those women that Murphy seems to attract. Damn Murph.


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      Oh boy. I think I gotta lay off the almond butter for a while guys. Banana + almond butter is my ultimate favorite primal treat. The problem is that I tend to take the almond butter jar with me wherever I go to eat the banana --> super overconsumption of almond butter. Also, its ratio of fatrotein is not that great, making it difficult to make my protein goals without having too many calories/being full. It was a struggle to fit the whey and almond milk after lunch today. I know, I know, "Don't eat when you aren't hungry" blah blah blah I'm just trying to keep my numbers in check so the protein shake had to happen.

      So far today:
      Eggs, sausage & various veggies for breakfast
      ALMOND BUTTER, banana, salad w/sausage, and protein shake for lunch
      Totals for that are 1104, 76g fat, 53g carbs, 61g protein

      Protein goal will not be met today. Even with the chicken parm planned for dinner. Lesson learned. I could maybe make it if I did another shake but that sounds awful and also the idea of consuming extra fuel that I don't feel I need just to meet the protein number seems like it would not contribute to the overall goal of baby bump reduction.



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        Almond butter definitely will do that to a person. Fortunately, I only find I crave during certain times of the month.


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          You, unsuperb, are indeed a lucky girl. I crave it at all times of every month.

          P.S. Good news, it appears that with the chicken parm I should actually hit pretty close to goal numbers. But who knows, fitday is all over the place. I should probably do some investigative weighing and measuring if I want to know what I'm actually eating, but that seems like a lot of effort.


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            I don't like almond butter. I would actually hold out for peanut butter. I know, not primal but I think in moderation it's ok.


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              I agree with that thinking. The BBM and scale ignorance at is.. I think I will go the next 30 without scale and shoot for 100% adherence. Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck with making the BBM smaller each time!
              "If a man has common sense, he has all the sense there is."

              My Journal -

              Starting weight prePB - 258 lbs on 5/6/11

              244.2 lbs on 6/3/11 (28 days in!)

              240 lbs on 7/1/11 (59 days in!)

              234.2 on 7/15/11 (73 days in!)

              228.2 on 8/12/11 (101 days in!)

              224 on 8/28/11 (117 days in!)

              220.6 on 9/14/11 (134 days in!)

              Goal weight PB - 205 lbs


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                Originally posted by primaLeaf View Post
                Mood Swings:
                I was always a mellow kid, but sometime around puberty I developed Intermittent Raging Bitch Syndrome. I hid my disease well. My outbursts were known only to my family and significant others. I could go from, "Hi, how was your day?" to "WTF is wrong with you? How hard is it to replace the toilet paper? I'm going to kill you!" in about thirty seconds. I didn't want to be a Raging Bitch. Maybe it was just because im a Cancer, and that is our nature. Sometimes I was just hungry. Sometimes I was just on my period. They were the kind of mood swings where you don't even want to be yelling but the fire in your throat burns so badly that you have to yell just to get it out.
                The fire is gone. I don't mean that I never get grouchy or that I don't point out at every opportunity that Gf has failed to replace the toilet paper, but I am not at the mercy of my discontent anymore. If something pisses me off, I can see ahead to five minutes from now, when I am going to seriously regret whatever I just said, grit my teeth, and just not say it.

                brb. STEAK.
                LOLOLOLOLOL! I have this problem too, but it is greatly improved eating PB! I think carb/insulin induced blood sugar swings were partly to blame. Totally loving your writing style, humor and wit!
                Lori, wife to Mark, Mom to Alex, Andy, Henry, Lizzie, Ben, Catie, Timmy and Thomas, owner/operator of Max (dog) and Ellie (cat), daughter of the King


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                  Screw law school! Just publish this journal and make your millions! Funny stuff!
                  Lori, wife to Mark, Mom to Alex, Andy, Henry, Lizzie, Ben, Catie, Timmy and Thomas, owner/operator of Max (dog) and Ellie (cat), daughter of the King


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                    @ lshock - Thanks! Where were you when I was putting down my deposit a month ago??

                    SO I haven't updated in a couple of days because I've been busy eating my face off. Whoops. For the most part it's been primal, but yesterday gf brought home Mexican macaroni salad and Hershey's Kisses with almonds and also there was champagne and vodka to celebrate completion of her job so...

                    Anywayyyy, I'm trying to simultaneously not beat myself up and get things in check 'cause bday/pride/swimsuittime are upon me and I'm tryna look fly, yafeelme?

                    A lot of adjustments going on at the same time. Today is day 3 of the "Switch to Decaf experiment." I didn't think I was super caffeine sensitive but yesterday I took an hour long nap for the first time in ages, so perhaps there's something to it. GF questions why I bother, as I'll inevitably be caffeinating by the gallon when law school starts, but perhaps I can restore my sensitivity and it will be all the more effective.

                    Today is day 2 of the 12-8 eating window (except the coffee, which is the only thing that inspires me to leave bed in the morning). It needs some work. Effectively, it's been 1130ish - wheneverirealizeiwassupposedtostopeatingat8. I sort of like the two meals versus three, as I have less anxiety about eating absolutely as much as I want. Still, need to clean things up here. I WILL STOP EATING AT 8PM TODAY.

                    Vegetable garden bed is still just a frame. I need to get over being intimidated by the project and realize that gardening is a learn-as-you-go kind of sport. I just have a lot of hesitation about investing already limited cash into a futile endeavor. Ah, well, wouldn't be the worst investment I've ever made. If only I could plant a money tree...


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                      Still trying to clean it up.

                      Eating window is not for me. I thought it would contribute to my ultimate goal of thinking about food less, but I actually think about it more. I also just end up eating abnormally large quantities of food within the window for fear of being hungry later. I'd rather just spread it out in a more genuine-to-hunger way. I'll keep the no eating after 8 aspect of it, but I'm ditching the rest.

                      Decaf experiment still going. Boy can I sleep. Our free coffee arrives Thursday, so we'll see if that sticks.



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                        I nearly fell asleep while writing that last post, and then when I went to bed I slept for TEN HOURS. I suppose the sailing trip yesterday may have taken more out of me than I thought, but really I just sat on my ass for four hours. There was some effort involved in not falling out of the tipping boat, but that was really it. Idk what the deal is, but I hope it levels out soon because I do not have ten hours out of every 24 to be asleep!

                        IT MAY HAVE BEEN RELATED to the cheating that has crept in over the last four days. It started with the mass quantities of macaroni salad and went downhill from there. I never gave in to the extent of eating toast or anything, but there were some beans and some ice cream and some of that sweet corn tamalito stuff they give you at Chevy's with your fajitas. I don't feel terrible but I don't feel awesome either, so I think that may be what I need to kick my ass into gear. Also, I just threw away my expired foundation and I'd really rather not start breaking out again.

                        Getting back to a routine that works for me, minus the copious caffeine.
                        Two eggs, half a sausage and veggies for breakfast.
                        Tall iced decaf americano in a grande cup with extra ice. (Highly recommend!)
                        Handful of mixed nuts
                        Modest salad w/bacon grease, couldn't deal with balsamic/mustard combo today
                        berry/spinach/whey/almond milk shake

                        Now I just have to figure out how to cook the whole chicken from the farmers market. This should be... comical and probably dangerous.
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                          I gave up caffeine and was managing fine after about 5/6 days when my body realised that hit wasn't coming.

                          Then last week I went to Spain and was drinking some seriously good coffee, and like 3 cups a day. It just tasted so effing amazing.
                          Then today I had an awful headache and realised it was because I was home and had switched to decaf, then had a 3 hour nap as I was so tired.

                          Less caffeine dependant is probs better though! Power through!!
                          My Primal Journal


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                            Originally posted by sarah1990 View Post
                            I gave up caffeine and was managing fine after about 5/6 days when my body realised that hit wasn't coming.

                            Then last week I went to Spain and was drinking some seriously good coffee, and like 3 cups a day. It just tasted so effing amazing.
                            Then today I had an awful headache and realised it was because I was home and had switched to decaf, then had a 3 hour nap as I was so tired.

                            Less caffeine dependant is probs better though! Power through!!

                            I agree, probably better, although in the caffeine-less stupor I've developed, I can't remember why I think so...
                            Still, going along with it. It makes sense that I fall asleep more quickly, but I don't understand why I have a harder time opening my eyes in the morning. It's not as if the french press is in my bedroom, I usually wouldn't get any coffee until at least 20 min after waking, and sometimes closer to an hour. Mysteries.

                            Dinner last night was roasted/baked chicken from a whole chicken I picked up at the farmers market. It far too closely resembled an actual animal for my liking, neck and all, but I prevailed and it actually turned out pretty tasty. I felt like I should do some sort of Native American ritual to thank the chicken for its sacrifice, but alas, 1/16 Mikmac blood does not a true Native American make.
                            Also had a yam each and asparagus. Actually, I don't know if it was a yam or a sweet potato. Apparently, they are different. Whatever it was, it was delicious and I'll be buying more today.

                            Today: eggs & linguisa w/lettuce, onion, mushroom cooked in butter.
                            protein shake - 2 scoops ON whey, almond milk, berries, some spinach. The extra scoop of protein made it pretty heavy, but I threw it in because I haven't quite been making my protein goal.
                            salad - lettuce, heirloom, mushroom, chicken from last night, balsamic & brown mustard dressing

                            dinner will be salmon that I bought because I didn't want to look like an ass when the farmers market lady told me it was 18 bucks, combined with mixed vegetables from TJs.

                            You guys, I thought I was in the clear with the TJs veggies. They are soooo tasty and they are coated in "balsamic butter." Totally primal right??
                            Well, I read the ingredients the other day and they contain WHEAT. Wtf? Whyyyyyy do balsamic butter mixed vegetables need WHEAT???
                            So anyway I have a bag an a half left to finish and then I suppose I'll have to make my own balsamic butter veg.

                            Also, the milk chocolate almond Hershey's Kisses are still in the refridgerator, so let's be real, a few of those are on tonight's menu as well.


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                              I only have a couple of minutes as I've snuck on while gf takes her mom to get a toothbrush.
                              Literally, the first thing we did when she got in last night was go to the grocery store. Manageable so far though. Gf told her I'm not eating bread and she thinks I'm nuts, but remembered that I didn't want any tortillas.
                              Still no caffeine. Slept great last night.
                              First actual mile jog in Vibrams last night. I realized that move frequently at a slow pace has kind of gone out the window the past few weeks. No wonder I'm just maintaining. Yesterday was the first time I've broken a proper sweat in a while. It felt nice, and I'm even enjoying the DOMS in my calves.
                              Finally, made Meatza the night before last. Delicious. Unfortunately, I realized I'm more sensitive to dairy, and I think cheese in particular, than I'd like to admit. I haven't been no-dairy on PB but that was definitely the biggest dose I've had since I started and still waiting for the bloat to go away. No grains either, so I'm pretty sure dairy is the culprit.

                              They're back!


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                                Do you guys know what enmoladas are? They are a fusion of enchiladas and chocolate. That's all I have to say about the last four days. Skin seems to be upset but not devastated, and I'm definitely retaining at least 4 pounds of water. Regrets? Notsomuch. But since I'm planning on marrying into this family when it becomes legal, I need to come up with a grain-light strategy for consuming Mexican food for the next 60 years or so.