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  • calories: 2100

    exercise: 1 hr 5 min of hill-tastic walking

    notes: carbs were higher today and yesterday and it seemed like i was less lethargic than on VLC days. subject to revision upon further investigation.


    • calories: 720 (so far - includes whey protein)


      20 min hilly walk warmup

      2 sets of:
      incline push-ups x 20
      chair pull-ups x 10
      forearm planks x 1:00 min
      squats x 20

      not sure what dinner will look like - a vegetarian friend is cooking for us. on the one hand, im sort of annoyed that gf has made me seem like kind of a dick w/r/t dietary restrictions. on the other hand, i'll do my best to compensate by being extra charming and i might not even have to call it a faileo evening.


      • whoops, kinda dropped the ball on the updates.

        3/15 ended in an lol. white rice, curry, 4ish beers and brownie w/coconut ice cream. didnt bother counting.

        calories: 1420
        exercise: didnt get to the MFaaSP because i was schlepping furniture across town all day. if there were any inadequacies in 3/15's LHT, dragging two solid wood bed sets all across creation seems to have remedied them.

        calories: 2000-2100
        exercise: did my 1hr 5min route. eased some of the stiffness in my hamstrings but still struggling. may postpone the next LHT to wednesday both for recovery and weather purposes.
        DEFINITELY retaining water today. made pretty good food choices yesterday and I don't think its leftover bloat from friday's beerstravaganza, so I assume its my poor sad muscles holding on. hopefully they will let go soon.
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        • Worked in today's MFaaSP by walking around a dog park next to SO's work while waiting to carpool home. Will have to look into some sort of free tracking app.

          2000 cals today. Still feeling bloated and just generally kind of backed up. Spinach juice and plenty of magnesium will be on the dessert menu today.

          Hamstrings are better today but I think I am gonna leave LHT for weds. since its the only day with rain in the forecast this week.
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          • Confession: I deleted my last journal post. A) To disguise my lack of integrity and B) because I will not do/have not done 90% of the things I said I would.
            Lesson: blogging while nauseous leads to undesirable results.

            ANYWAY, now that that's over, I have another confession to share: I've fallen into the old trap of overthinking things, and more to the point, overthinking the wrong things. I've forsaken paying attention to how I feel for external measurements like calories and miles walked, etc. Don't get me wrong, I think data is super useful, but not at the expense of listening to your body. I know a lot of people around the forums say they can't listen to their bodies because their bodies say "EAT ALL THE THINGS." That's not exactly what I'm talking about. At the risk of getting all new-agey, I mean infusing mindfulness into diet and exercise. For me, specifically, that has meant dropping the bulletproof coffee (one of the few things I talked about in the deleted post that I'm actually doing) to successfully eliminate morning nausea. It has meant eating breakfast this morning even though I considered fasting because, hey, I was hungry. And it has meant that when I ate that breakfast I did so slowly, stopping after each bite to mentally account for how I felt - (full? still hungry? tired? energized?) and take account of my thoughts. You know what the worst one was? "I'm still going to be hungry after I eat all of this. Or, if not, I'm going to get hungry again too soon." I can't even begin to describe how often that anxiety causes me to eat past satiety.

            So for this week my goal is to eat cleanly, get some exercise, and be MINDFUL. Fair warning to anyone who reads this thing and can't deal with that sort of "hippie bullshit."
            No calorie limits, no required days of exertion and no dietary prohibitions. (A note on that last point: I don't usually have a problem with non-primal cheating, its more that I overeat primal stuff).

            Feel free to chime in if you have thoughts on the importance of the mindfulness component (or don't, I'll keep posting into the ether without any qualms).



            • Lets see, where did I leave off? Oh right, listening to my body, blah blah...
              I keeeeeed. I am still paying attention. Yesterday I skipped bfast on a whim because i was feeling generally overfed. May do the same today, as I'm not especially hungry. The annoying part is that I'm always in class when I do finally get hungry and they've yet to install a stove in the classrooms.

              I've started a few new things in my last few days' sabbatical:

              Still supplementing with Magnesium, usually 600mg, but I've got a softgel replacement that should be more absorbable, so I may drop to 400 when i start that.

              Started a probiotic. Green Pastures 1 cap x 3 spread throughout the day. Seems like things are moving along (though I can't say whether that's just the magnesium). Skin also seems a bit clearer, but I also seem to be retaining water consistently. Can't say whether that's the probiotic or the birthday cake I had this weekend though.

              Still doing the Vitamin B. Will prob drop it when the bottle runs out and see if I notice any difference.

              Just started Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend. Read that Vit A deficiency can lead to hyperkeratosis pilaris, so watching for an improvement there.

              Considering adding a Vit D supp. Going to first switch to a non-SPF moisturizer.

              And the coolest one is that I picked up a cheap blood glucose monitor. Yesterday I was at 93 2 hours postprandial, 90 5 hours post, and then this morning my FBS was 88. I was expecting FBS to be much lower, but I have read that low carbers can get paradoxically high FBS readings. Will be interesting to see what my numbers are going forward.

              Onward and upward!


              • Forgot to add that I've also been doing sauerkraut and kombucha on a regular basis. Been doing a lot of reading about leaky gut and gut dysbiosis and I find some of the theories out there pretty persuasive. Generally looking to improve gut function and decrease inflammation.


                • So, here are the results of my 3-day, Kresser-style blood glucose monitoring (available here: How to prevent diabetes and heart disease for $16

                  88 FBS
                  lara bar, macadamia nuts, kombucha
                  83 (3 hours after eating)
                  5 eggs, generous handful of macadamia nuts (mb 1/2 cup), square of 50% dark chocolate
                  93 (15 min)
                  92 (30 min)
                  97 (60 min)
                  96 (120 min)
                  stuffed flounder and almond butter

                  105 FBS
                  91 (2.5 after yam and fish)
                  Dinner: clams, fish, green veg, dark choc square, lemon water
                  114 (15 min)
                  102 (30 min)
                  109 (45 min)
                  101 (60 min)

                  104 FBS
                  93 pre-yam
                  ~2 cups baked yam, plain
                  127 15 min
                  156 30 min
                  170 45 min
                  159 60 min
                  138 75 min (1:15)
                  147 90 min (1:30)
                  152 105 min (1:45)
                  134 120 min (2:00)
                  117 135 min (2:15)
                  94 150 min (2:30)
                  92 165 min (2:45)
                  93 180 min (3:00)

                  As you can see, I missed most of the cut offs for his guidelines. I'm curious, but not particularly worried. My thoughts are:
                  1. I've been pretty low carb for a long time, so physiological insulin resistance is likely.
                  2. I did make it back to baseline earlier than expected (at 2.5 hours), so it doesn't seem like I have a problem clearing the glucose, just that I'm a little slower than the baseline ideal.

                  I'm not sure the results of this little experiment warrant any real modifications, but they do have me thinking more about upping my lower carb veg and maybe throwing in some refeeds. The former is something I'm planning to do; the latter is something I'll probably continue to mull over before taking the plunge.

                  In general I would say that the fairly low carb stuff has not been a great success for me. I've felt okay but the scale hasn't budged. After I up the veg through the next week I will reevaluate. Still trying to be mindful of hunger signals (which are telling me it's time for lunch) and trying to relax about the whole thing.



                  • Alright ya'll, I feel like I've made some tweaks that I'm pretty happy with, and I'm ready to get back to business.

                    I have a wedding to attend May 3, and I'd like to be headed soundly back toward my recent low of 147 by then. Here's the plan:

                    How much I plan to eat:
                    Keep it at 1500 cals. or less. I know from past experience that 1500+ 30 min of low intensity cardio leads to fairly consistent results, and that's on SAD. I know CICO is sort of controversial around here, but my experience is that unless I'm counting I'm not losing. Because my willpower tends to wane and my snackiness tends to increase toward the end of the day, I'll be accomplishing the caloric restriction by skipping breakfast (which I'm often not interested in anyway).

                    What I plan to (not) eat:
                    No dairy - most of it makes me break out. No eggs, as I think they may be a culprit behind some of my digestive issues and I really only eat them at breakfast anyhow. Low/no nighshades. So basically a slightly relaxed autoimmune protocol. I've been reading a lot about gut health and I'd like to give this a shot to see if some of my lingering skin and digestive issues clear up. Also, I hesitate to write this, but no wine and no coffee. Those are gonna be the tough ones but three days clean on that measure!

                    Weighed in this morning at 157.8.


                    • me. want. coffee.



                      • re: the above post, i buckled today and got the coffee. i just really like it, ya'll. will make a point to observe whether it affects my sleep tonight. fwiw, i got it black (my preference), meaning it's not busting my calorie budget or dairy restriction, plus i made it a worthwhile indulgence by getting the justifiably expensive phillz "philtered soul." if you're ever in the bay area, i recommend it highly.

                        stayed within my cal guidelines for all of april so far! (lulz)
                        didn't track on the first but 1495 on the second, 1500 yesterday, and on track today. scale seems to be heading in the correct direction, will weigh officially on the 7th to determine progress. may have to increase to 1600 or do a day with mildly higher cals because this morning was a struggglleeee. but for now i'm staying the course.

                        borderline TMI - in the last few day i also seem to be effortlessly regular for the first time in recent memory. especially significant because the last time i was doing 1500 cals consistently i lost fat but that aspect was all over the place.

                        a very caffeinated cheers to the sorry MDA souls following this thread.


                        • Week 1 Report:

                          4/2 - 1495
                          4/3 - 1500
                          4/4 - 1615
                          4/5 - 1530
                          4/6 - off

                          4/7 weight: 156.4

                          That number may have been better if I hadn't taken the day off counting yesterday and gone a bit off the rails with macadamia nuts, dark chocolate, wine, AND coffee (whoops), but still down 1.2 from the 157.6 I reported when I started. Headed in the right direction.

                          For the upcoming week I think I'll be increasing my calorie limit to 1600 and allowing a small snack around 4:30 or 5:00 pm. This past week I've been prone to headaches and moodiness during the late part of the 7 hour gap between lunch and dinner.

                          ETA: I think I'm just gonna allow the coffee back in for a while. My main concerns with it are sleep problems and anxiety (it's finals month) so I'll just have to keep an eye on those.
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