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    I fell out of a tree and landed flat on my back. There were tears, a strange sort of circular dancing and varied renditions of "Oh my - that smarts". I was amazed how fast gravity takes a hold of you when you stop hanging onto something.

    I realised then that I should stop fucking around (kudos to Patrick the Potty-Mouthed-Pirate for giving me the courage to unleash my inner hooker). MovNat videos and intention were not going to keep me up a tree if gravity is stronger. PBF and MDA to the rescue - I finally had something to work with.

    To paint the picture:
    I am 6'4 (193cm) and 196lb (89kg), BMI around 21?.. at least that's what my Wii Fit tells me, and that cute little board reckons I am a bit of all right, so I am reluctant to argue.

    I live in Rockhampton, Australia (some of you have probably picked up on the colonial accent already) - a city purported to be the Beef Capital of the Universe. We also have the dubious distinction of having the most fast food outlets per capita in Australia with a new Hungry Jacks (Burger King) about to pop its first beef pattie.

    I have been eating Primal for a bit now.. not sure how long or how strict.. but I now treat grains and bakery goods with healthy disdain even though a little part of me died at the prospect of never eating another vegemite sandwich.

    Exercise? Mostly fucking around. Barefoot for sure - it's entertaining watching people looking for ways to cross the street as I come plodding towards them and the realisation that they have nowhere to go. Random running about, occasonal throwing rocks around at the beach and chest beating. At the top of my game, am I right?

    PBF sent my ego packing. Starting at level 2 on almost all the exercises is a little deflating. My Ego can go get rooted - he was holding me back anyway.

    Day 1: Starting with LHT
    Cycle 1:
    Knee Pushups 34 (I reckon I lost count)
    Chair Assisted Pullups - 0 - still have bruised back muscles after the tree spat me out
    Bench Squat 50 + assorted swearing at Mark Sisson
    Jacknife press: 11
    Forearm/knee plank 90sec
    Side Plank 45sec (one side only - other side is tree affected)
    Cycle 2:
    Knee Pushups 40
    Chair Assisted Pullups - 0 - significant glances at trees
    Bench Squat 50 + assorted swearing at Mark Sisson, but with more feeling
    Jacknife press: 14
    Forearm/knee plank 90sec
    Side Plank 45sec (one side - tree)

    B: Coffee (milk and 2 sugar). 3 of them, resting between sets.
    L: 8 egg Sweet potato / zucchini / capsicum (bell peppers) friittata. I ate about a quarter of it
    - another cup of coffee (boredom induced)
    T: Butter chicken and cauliflower rice (about 500g ish)
    Dessert shall be a few glasses of chardonnay.. better get to it.

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    Eat more beef!

    and, hi!
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

    Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
    CW: 146.8 lbs
    GW 140 lbs
    A proud member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals


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      Mmmm beef. So dang expensive around here..

      Day two:
      B: slept in
      L: coffee x 2 and the limbs of a chicken
      T: Ceasar Salad and chicken
      - handful of cashews for dessert

      Rest day today, guess I really needed the sleep. Might hit the beachwith the kids before work tomorrow for some play time.
      First day back at work after the 'tree' incident, and my back sure let me know it was there... sitting, squatting, standing, walking - uncomfortable anyway I sliced it.


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        Day Three:
        Ate some more chicken today. Mebbe a chicken breast and 3 devilled eggs with le onion and le chives and le mustard.
        Two of those damn coffees.. all done between about 2pm and 7pm. Nothing else today.

        Another rest day on the books - no time for the beach today=(


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          Day Four:LHT:
          Knee pushups: 33 / 23
          Pull Ups (2leg) 6 / 9 - need to get a better set uo for this one..
          Bench Squat: 50 / 50 - burns like hell, might progress once my back is better
          Jack Knife press: 17 / 10
          Knee Plank: 90 / 45 / 0 ; 90 / 45 / 0 - unabel to do left side yet

          B: None.
          L: 2 beef patties and a fried egg at about midday
          Handful of shredded chicken at about 4, another beef pattie (cold) at about 7.

          Chardonnay and a movie at 10 =)


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            Day 20.

            Went for a walk today and a little bit of barefoot running. Someone shouted "Hardcore!" as they drove by - made my whole day.

            85kg now (187lb) and about as light as I have been in almost 20 years, and all with little effort. Happy with that.

            Might post some LHT results tomorrow to see if I have made some progress.


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              Day 21


              Knee Pushups 42 / 33
              Pull Ups (2 leg) 12/10
              Bench Squat 60/50
              Jacknife press 12/10
              Knee planks 90/45/45 90/45/45

              Ready to progess to full squats and arm-toe planks - woo! Might try divebombers instead of jacknives. Tight hamstrings are stopping me from doing them properly


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                Day.. let me see now..127 or thereabouts.

                Still screwing around with my exercise. Going to have to man up set a definite goal, write a program, and stick with it.

                79kg today. Stil got some stubborn abdominal fat to shed, but shift work and crappy sleep mean it's probably sticking around but it is definitely time to throw on a bit of muscle. Fibonacci sequence here I come, but don't panic my good friend, I may be a while.