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    Day 2 has been good. Managed to resist the delicious digestive biscuits at my mums after dinner. And we were watching a TV show about baking - it makes me so want to bake. I miss baking and really don't get the same satisfaction with paleo baking.

    Lunch: Paleo "fry up"
    Snack: grapes, dark choc
    Dinner: Baked salmon with lots of fresh veg!

    Nutrition breakdown:

    Calories: 1407
    Protein: 85g - 24.36%
    Fat: 79g - 50.8%
    Carbs: 68g - 19.37%
    (Other?!!?: 5.48%)

    Definitely a higher carb day for me. Managed to stick to eating between 12 and 8. Mainly because I got up at 12... I thought I'd not set an alarm and see what happened. Sleeping 12 hours was not what I had in mind!
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      Day 3. So as much as I would love to post a success story for the competition I haven't had any kind of amazing transformation or healing or anything. Bummer, maybe next year when I'm all ripped :P

      So today I practiced my double unders and did 200 single skips. Then took the dog for a nice long walk down by the river.

      Lunch: primal pancakes - so I know I said no primal subs for non-PB foods but I actually measured it this time not to over do it!!
      Dinner: 1/2 nandos chicken with peas

      I stupidly had a handful of my dads popcorn in the cinema this evening and you know what, it didn't actually taste that good and I regret it. That is not what I want to be wasting my 20% on!

      Nutrition breakdown:

      Calories: 1328
      Protein: 80g
      Fat: 75g
      Carbs: 89g
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        Had a mad few days and been super busy. Going to update this and my blog tomorrow!
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          I am pissed at myself for slipping. Time to get back on the PB boat to success!
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            Need a cheerleader??
            Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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              I have just seen that comment. Yes. Yes I do.

              I'm making excuses that because I'm on a budget I can't do PB. What a crock of absolute shit. Tomorrow I start writing everything back in here that passes my lips. And DailyBurn is back in my life. And I might do Insanity because I have been so unbelievably lazy recently and need to kick my own ass.
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                Wow, I haven't posted in here for a while.

                So I think it's safe to say I fell off the wagon a bit! Spent 8 months drinking pretty much every day and eating fast food because I was working so much, didn't have a kitchen and just became extremely lazy. The only exercise I did was skiing 3 times week which is sweet, but not when you stop and have nachos for lunch...

                So I got back to the UK at the end of May, started back on a sort of paleo/primal diet but not to a good enough standard. Did a few sessions of CF over the 4 weeks I was there.

                Then, I moved to Australia at the end of June and haven't looked back. Been eating properly, exercising, CF 5/6 times a week, short bike rides, and I feel awesome again. Already seeing changes to my body, getting proper sleep, all round feel like I'm back on track!

                I think the damage I did over the 8 months of Canadian ski season mayhem can be easily fixed, and I'm just happy to be back here trying to improve my life!
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