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    We have a lot of great beer here in the states too; small breweries in Texas are popping up all over the place with some really quality stuff. That being said drinking local stuff on holiday in England would be 1000 times better. Wouldn't mind a second chance on trying the local stuff-wasn't much of a beer drinker then and while the ciders were good, well...

    Looks like you're doing really well with PB Sarah. Keep it up! Did I see you post somewhere that you're a rugby player? Going to keep going after university? I've been playing for six years, but with the concrete dirt and Texas heat I think it feels more like ten...
    Peace. Love. Steak.


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      Mmm cider. I had some stuff called 'black dragon' on friday, was awesome, proper good Welsh cider!

      Yeah I do. Hopefully! I'm off to Canada in October so the snow means no rugby, but fingers crossed when I go down to Oz early next year I can find a team there.
      I couldn't imagine playing in the heat, we've done it a few times later in the season and it's horrible. The ground is so not forgiving!
      What position do you play?
      We've played a couple of touring US sides (one from UW-Lacrosse and one from West Point Military Academy) and alway so surprised by how skinny the girls are! Here we usually have at least one or two bigger girls but all the US teams seem to have tiny props and it seems totally crazy to me!!

      I have no real recollection of what I've eaten in the past couple of days but it has all be PB friendly, even at the end of year awards dinner on friday! And last night was a friends birthday and I enjoyed a few tequilas with soda water - no hangover or guilt, kerching!
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        I woke up late today and have had to spend all my time studying for my last ever exam (eek) so thought I'd order pizza as a cheat (and easy) meal. Only managed half then felt like crap, totally not even worth it. Wish I'd just had some scrambled eggs or something.
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          I haven't lost any weight since I last weighed myself on the 17th. 13 days and no change. Measured myself - no change.
          I feel like maybe I need to be stricter, less fruit. Less of the nice snack things like primal fudge and apple muffins even though they are delicious. Obviously the fact I'm not gaining weight is good, but I want to be in the weight loss zone, not maintaining my weight!

          The thing is I feel GREAT. I'm a little tired at the moment but I imagine thats more to do with not sleeping well/stressing about my final university exam. I'm cycling everywhere, hitting the CF gym 4-5 times a week. There's obviously just something I need to tweak.

          B: Pancakes + green tea (made half batch of the pancakes as I had stuff to use up)
          L: Tuna steak + asparagus + mange tout + spinach cooked in butter w/pine nuts
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            S: dark chocolate (6 squares 85%)
            D: Half roast chicken + sugar snaps + green beans with the chicken fat drizzled over.

            According to DailyBurn I've eaten enough fat/my carb levels haven't exceeded 75grams, but it says I haven't eaten as much protein as I would like. How is that possible?! I've eaten half a bloody chicken!!!?!

            Cycled 4.5 miles round trip to gym.

            A] OHS

            B] 5 Rounds
            5 Squat Clean 50/30Kg
            10 Press ups (HOG)

            Our CF coach has just done his kids cert, so had us doing an assault course and playing around on the bars as well. Was good fun!!
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              Hiya! Just thought I'd pop in and introduce myself as I live in Newcastle and your location thingy says Newcastle too (but then I read you're at uni in cardiff? or have you come home for the summer?)!

              Anyway, I'm Heather, an American transplant who has now been Geordie-fied. :P


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                A local primal-er, awesome. I move back north on Sunday with a pit stop in Bolton for the CF games. Graduate this year so back for good. Aaaah!

                How are you enjoying "sunny" Newcastle?
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                  Congrats on graduating very soon!

                  I love Newcastle! Although more sun, less wind and rain would be nice.. :P So glad it's summer though! All the best things happen now IMO (like corbridge beer festival...)


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                    Excellent choice.

                    I went every night last year... my dad sponsored one of the ciders so we got a load of free tickets. So much yummy beer!! Actually live in Hexham so that's a nice local one to me!

                    Thinking the next Farmers Market might be good for some Primal meat. Going to have to convince my dad there's more to life than Aldi if he's going to get on board with PB.
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                      I had success with the farmers market! So many local farms selling quality meats. Also River Swale now deliver meat to our area (I don't drive so this is ideal for me). It seems expensive at first glance, but when I tallied up what I'd use over the course of about 6 weeks, it would cost 90 and works out to 3.40/lb of organic, grass-fed meat. Home : Riverford Organic Vegetables is their website.

                      That's awesome about the festival! I'm going on the saturday this year. Cant wait for all the scrumptious cider...


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                        Ooh thanks for the tip!

                        Think that's the night Johnny Baboon Band are playing and they're always good fun + loads of pissed middle aged people dancing is usually a giggle too!
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                          So as of 20 minutes I ago I finished my university degree and in doing so brought to a close 17 years of education. I now feel sick.

                          My LifeAsRx T's came while I was out though and they are WICKED!

                          B: 2 scrambled eggs + 4 rashers of bacon + very strong coffee

                          I am now going to go have a steak as a reward for my exam being over and my summer beginning!!
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                            L: BAS + Steak
                            D: Half chicken
                            S: 6 squares of G&Bs 85%

                            Skipped CF today in favour of a nap but did have a nice stroll to a friends new house and stole some of their boxes. Packing up my stuff is a lot of effort! I seem to own a lot.
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                              So I have actually lost some weight!! WOOOHOO.

                              For the last 10 days I seemed to be stuck at 168 (having briefly hit 167) but now at 166 Only 16lbs to go...
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                                B: Smoked salmon + scrambled eggs + green tea

                                L: Coconut milk, berry & protein smoothie

                                D: I was naughty and went to TGI's... I did have chicken to start and ribs for main which was fairly good. However I then ate a sundae. I felt like treating myself but I feel a tad guilty and I know tomorrow I will feel like shit. C'est la vie. I didn't pay for it at least.

                                As I'm moving home in a few days and most of my CF box are off to watch the regionals this weekend, we did my own special WOD to see me off!!


                                15 minute Amrap
                                5 Thrusters (45/30)
                                10 burpees to plate
                                15 Plate Situps (15/10)

                                It was BRUTAL. 16 people all dying because of me. Oopsie.
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