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    I just thought I should make it official. I've never posted here before but I've had quite the flirtation with primal living for the past six or so months. I recently decided to really commit.

    My Goals:

    Get to sleep before midnight
    Try to limit time spent on the internet
    Limit dairy intake
    Attempt to convert my family
    Stop weighing myself

    I don't expect to post here very often, but I really enjoy reading everyone else's journals. You guys are doing great, keep it up!

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    Got back from the beach with a group high school friends yesterday. I had a phenomenal time, and aside from the excessive alcohol we consumed I stayed as healthy as possible.

    Regarding my goals:
    Haven't been getting much sleep, still need work on this
    Spent almost no time online last week
    Still eating dairy, but probably less than before
    My family is a work in progress
    Didn't weigh myself last week (although I didn't have a scale anyhow)

    Feeling good and loving life!