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  • mondawg: coming out of the cave

    wow, I am so happy to have found this site! I had an eating disorder since I was 9 and my weight has been a ride on a roller coaster, not to mention a big mind _ _ _ _!!!!! Last week I finally got help and have had a spontaneous miraculous healing. THEN, I found this site. I have been addicted to carbs and sugars my whole life-hello, correlation with the eating disorder???!!!!

    What is shocking is that after reading the Taubes' books, I realize that my carb/sugar eating habits may even be responsible for my lethargy and even my depression, AND my overall inability to come out of the cave. I have spent YEARS hiding myself away in isolation because I felt so damn fat all the time. Yet, I could not stop bingeing on carbs and sugars. Now I see that I was feeling fat because of all those empty, mindless, fatmaking, unsatisfying carbs. Oy!!

    It's no wonder I had a spontaneous healing! I just got hit over the head with a sledgehammer!!! and am happy about it!! I feel so free, and I can't wait to know what it feels like to lose the fat and gain the muscle.

    I have ordered Mark's book and the cookbooks and have downloaded and read the free literature. My favorite part of the site is the success stories-wow, the recovery! and results!!! I love the pix. They EXUDE confidence!! I was motivated to take a BEFORE pic of myself. (I even let it all hang out! no more gut sucking for me) I will post it when I have gotten some good results from my new primal lifestyle.

    So, my goal is to come out of the cave and feel great enough about myself and my body that I can go to the beach in a bikini. I dont want to waste any MORE of my life hiding away in isolation, shame and misery!!!

    thanks for being there! have a great night!


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    You'll definitely see a change in your energy levels with this. I've gotten rid of my depression, headaches, acne and whole slew of bad things since going primal. I also sleep better on PB as well. Good luck to ya and I can't wait to hear more!


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      tuesday may 17th 2011-almond butter and check in

      Geostump: Thanks so much for your reply!!!

      Yum, I just bought almond butter for the first time-wow, awesome!! Never tried it before. I want to make the almond banana pancakes recipe off the website

      Still been doing a lot of reading on the website and have really learned a lot. One of my favorite forums so far is The Advice for Newbies Page by naiadknight. I am SO glad I read that!! I was starting to feel out of sorts and dizzy and found out that my symptoms are the carb flu. I researched more about the carb flu and the best explanation I came across was on The Low Carb for You blog.

      I was also worried since I have been peeing a lot. I found the information on the Peeing a lot Page

      Phew! Thank goodness you are all there sharing your experiences!

      Am using the website to keep track of my progress. I love how I can input my weight, food, and activity of the day. It's so easy to use since it already has the foods to choose from. I just search and click. It makes the transition from pre-primal to primal fun for me.

      Not only that, you guys are RIGHT. My pants already fit after 4 days. My son has been so sick and tired of seeing me in my sweats!! He doesn't get how tight my waistbands have been. wow, so great to get results so quickly!!
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        just signed up for the Meetup with Mark Sisson in NYC on May 25th. Can't wait to hear him speak and meet other Primals!! Meetup sponsored by the Eating Paleo in NYC Group


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          want to be a babe in a Luc Besson movie

          Luc Besson is my favorite living filmmaker/writer/producer. I want to be a Besson Babe (as opposed to a Bond Girl). Go Primal



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            can't sleep + have a headache!! argghhhh!! anyway, thanks for this thread on lack of sleep. It helps to know that it's part of what I have to go through in the beginning


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              had a good day. feel much better. Now starting to have that metallic taste in my mouth. today was a 20g carb day. I am so amazed at how satisfying it is to eat Primal!

              I got the books today! Yay! I went through all the recipes. Yum, they look good. I was facetiming with my son and was telling him about the books, and he said, "Yeah, but are you gonna cook mom??!!" and "oh, this is just another one of your fad diets." so I started showing him the pics in the book and he was really impressed with what I get to eat!! "Wow, I can't believe that is what you get to eat. Those meals sound awesome!" I think he will be happy when he comes home for the summer. It will be great for him when he goes off to college because he will know how to eat well in the dining hall.

              I wish I would have known before how to feed us both. Better late than never.


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                Just found a great explanation for what ketosis is


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                  more Primal body aspirations


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                    Start date: 16 May 2011
                    Start weight: 121
                    Today's weight: 117.2
                    Goal weight: 115
                    overall goals: mental, emotional, and physical health and well being. Confidence in my body and self. the Primal Blueprint as a way of eating for life. Feeling and being grounded. No longer living with a distorted body image. Inner peace and joy. Living up to my true potential


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                      ps slept through the night!!


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                        so thirsty!!


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                          yum, sauteed sausage and chicken for lunch with crushed red peppers. also 2 spoonfuls of almond butter for dessert.


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                            had 7 pieces of bacon tonight-was not hungry but ate anyway


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                              today's weight 117.2

                              woke up at 5am this morning to the sound of birds-makes me very happy!! was hungry so had 5 slices of bacon. will have eggs in a little while. it is the first sunny day in I dont know how long. we have been having so much rain this Spring it has been making me nuts-I have definitely noticed a change for the better in my moods though-very evident that it is a result of changing my diet. I woke up feeling refreshed instead of groggy for the first time since starting on the PB.

                              looking forward to a 5-7 mile walk on the beach today-fresh air and sunshine-yay!!!!