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    One thing I have been noticing is that it is harder to get up in the morning-my eyes have been SO heavy-I have been sleeping so hard. Yesterday I was so exhausted in the afternoon I had to take a power nap, but then I couldnt get to sleep until after midnight. and my body is so stiff. I am sure I must be adjusting to the PB. I wonder how long the adjustment period is? I guess its probably different for everyone depending how old they are and how long they had been eating crap! It is such a shock to know that what I thought was healthy is in reality, CRAP! I thought I was such a health nut!

    anyway, weighed in at 115.4. My weight did indeed go up again-now going back down again.

    have a great day


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      I am getting ready to go out of town to my son's high school graduation. I am feeling a little anxious about staying Primal while I'm away-thursday through sunday. already meeting some friends for lunch on thursday at a thai restaurant. luckily, the menu is online so I have already planned ahead what I am going to eat. but then there is the rest of the weekend, plus staying at a B+B while I am there. maybe I will email them just to let them know that I prefer eggs and bacon instead of pancakes and muffins. I feel really great about myself which is good-my self esteem is high from this new WOL and I know I can weather this-just feeling a little anxious. Will have some nuts in the car in case there is nothing else to eat.


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        I got back from my son's graduation last night. weighed in this morning and I am level with what I weighed in at on Thursday when I left. I cant tell you what a miracle that is. Normally an event like this would have triggered me for weeks in advance and I would have been bingeing before I left and at night on sweets during the weekend. None of that happened! for the first time in my life, I was in Triggerville and did not react by eating emotionally and sabotaging myself.

        I have a whole closet of fantastic dresses that have never been worn because of my lifetime of bingeing and yoyo weight. for the first time (because of the changes in my body that I have experienced in the past month of Primal) I wore 2 dresses that I have never worn before, and I felt like a million bucks. I felt really great and I got so many compliments. even my dad told me that I looked beautiful, and he is more apt to find something about me to criticize.

        I ate a ton of protein when I was there-I know I ate more than I have been while at home. The school served up some meals and they had great ginger chicken. (it was nice to have someone else do the cooking!!) I emailed the B+B ahead of time and let them know that I was only eating protein and they were able to accommodate me. Yum, eggs for breakfast!! I took my son out to dinner and had a salad and venison!!!! I even had a dessert of baked figs (to DIE for!!). I had lunch with an old friend at a sandwich shop-luckily they made breakfast all day! i had the meat omelet with sausage ham and bacon!

        I was not able to do my daily walks. and I slept REALLY well. the graduation was outdoors in the pouring rain! we were under a tent and the students were out on seats under only umbrellas-I stayed warm!! (something new also) even though I was wearing strappy heels.

        One of the things I love about Primal is that I look so healthy!! When I used to get down to 116 eating the CW way, I looked anorexic, and then a 5 pound weight gain from there would take me up 2 dress sizes-it was a lifetime of that-trying to control the weight gain and not being able to from bingeing so much-and then working really hard to lose it all again. I look back and see it was a full time job!!! and it took me away from really being able to live my life. This weekend was extremely different-I was able to show up and be present and have a great time without my focus being pullled away to anxieties about my weight and how ugly and fat did I look???

        No matter where I was during the weekend, I KNEW that I would be just fine if I stuck to my Primal Blueprint. and once I got my food on my plate, I ate and ENJOYED it without worrying and fretting!!! There is so much freedom for me eating Primal. and I know I am just beginning! (month 1 is on the 15th)

        thank you all for your posts and threads on this forum. they have really enabled me to trust this new WOL.

        have a nice day


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          I am really grateful to this forum and this blog and way of life. I feel like a hurricane just hit-between my mom being diagnosed with cancer, losing my rental that I was going to be moving into, my son graduating and going off to college-whoa!!!!! but I feel the most grounded that I have ever felt in my life!! this way of eating is helping me to be really strong when things are going crazy!! maybe this is the universe's way of showing me how well the Primal Blueprint works for me. thank you thank you thank you everyone!!


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            more primal inspiration: Brigitte Bardot


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              since my son got home, I have been experimenting more with recipes. Tonight I made Mexican Lettuce wraps. I sauteed chicken in butter with some chipotle powder, got some of the green salsa from the market (VLC), cut up jalapenos and avocados, melted some cheddar cheese and we wrapped it all in iceberg lettuce. boy it was yummy!! My son said that he didnt even miss the tortilla-that the lettuce tasted way better. I loved that it had a nice crunch to it and it was a fresh tasting dinner!!


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                I have noticed the past 2 times I have eaten over 50 g carbs, I feel like shite. I also gain weight immediately, with bloating, etc. I FEEL best when I am keeping my carbs 20g and under. I wonder if this is just the transition process or whether this will be long term.

                I guess I will see.


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                  I keep reading that it's a good idea just to throw away the scale.

                  but can I do that? It seems like I am unable to know where I am unless I see the number on the scale-as if it tells me that I exist in space and that I am not taking up as much space as I think I am.

                  It is one of my goals to be able to feel more secure about my weight and how much space I take up.

                  I feel like this will happen for me the longer I live the primal way of life


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                    just did my first IF. completely unintentional. 24 hour. I just was not hungry! so I didnt eat. Prior to PB, if I tried to go without eating for any length of time, I would end up bingeing. Today after IF, I had a chicken caeser salad. Yummy!!

                    My pants are definitely looser! Over the years I have had 3 sizes of clothing: the size I dreamed of being (LOTs of clothing in THAT category!!) , clothing that was used to disguise my weight gain, and the third category= sweats-I was never willing to buy (or could not afford to) a larger size. For years I have been alternately disguising and wearing sweats, maybe dipping into the size I dreamed of being every several years.

                    with PB, I am beginning to throw out the sweats AND the oversized disguise wear and I am now wearing the size that I have dreamed of being. wow, that is REALLY miraculous. Miraculous that I am eating disorder free and not having to hide anymore-being able to wear what I WANT to wear and feel great too!!

                    I am REALLY loving getting rid of those clothes!!!!! I NEVER want to see them again!!!

                    just yesterday a friend of mine whose husband is a designer gave me a bag full of new clothes! they not only fit, but they are fashionable and look good!

                    lots of blessings eating the Primal way

                    have a good night



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                      For dinner tonight, half pound of organic ground beef burger with melted blue cheese on top. loved the melted cheese so much, had to have some more, so I heated up some coconut oil and fried the cheese in it! OMG! yum


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                        more primal inspiration


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                          Here is a coconut chicken soup I made with jalapenos, cucumbers, and daikon radish. I cooked the chicken and coconut soup until ready and then dropped in the fresh vegetables uncooked.


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                            I have been hard at work, not getting to my journal. we have had a ton of rain on the East coast and my house is full of mold-and not even eating Primal has prevented me from having allergy attacks. I am moving into a new place in Sept and I cant wait. I know from other people that mold is one of the most toxic things you can be exposed to. I almost wish I could move out a month early, but where would I go??

                            Luckily I am on a summer vacation for a week starting today. I have brought all my work with me since I have a ton of stuff to do. and I have my computer so I can keep up with fitday and have the MDA forum for support. I am used to being alone and am doing really well with my eating. I am at my target weight after 2 months-wanted to lose fat and 6 pounds. I have definitely done that. Truthfully the best part is that I am no longer a binge eater. And I am feeling healthier everyday. I definitely have more stamina and I am also well rested. I sleep hard!! and that feels so healthy!

                            so anyway, it will be interesting to be around someone else besides my son, who now (almost) completely understands Primal. at least he gets that it is good for me!

                            wish me luck!


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                              I was inspired by a post last night-someone mentioned meatza. I said WHAT is meatza???? An hour later, I knew what I was going to make for dinner tonight!

                              Mexican Meatza!! I made the ground beef crust, then melted some cheddar cheese on top. My son makes a killer guacamole, so we put that on top of the melted cheese and added some jalapenos. Wow, awesome, tasty, and SO easy to make!


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                                weighed in at 113 today. I started at 121 on May 13th, and my goal was 115. I am 5' 3 1/4" and for the first time in my life, I feel that I am at the size that I am meant to be. I never thought I would ever be here, but I dreamed of it for a long time. It is not the # on the scale, it is how my body feels-it feels just right! I no longer have to hate myself and beat myself up the way I did when I was in my eating disorder.

                                This is a huge day in my life, and I am truly grateful to Mark and the Primal Blueprint. Healing feels really, really amazing.