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    OMG! so exhausted! I havent even done anything! except wake up early. wow, just took a nap. felt like I just had a full nights sleep! I weighed myself and I lost weight-117 (.2 of a pound) Gee, if Ida known that all I had to do to lose weight was to eat and sleep, I would have tried this a long time ago. Feel very stiff and sore. didnt get to go on my walk, so see ya later, have to go out in the sun to rest now.


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      walked 5m today, glad to get out since the weather has just been _ _ _ _!!!!!!!!!! felt low on the second lap, but did it anyway. got some new vibrams!! I love the way they feel, I will try them out tomorrow. there are no other really cool looking sneakers out there this year-i love my workout gear to be colorful, which vibrams are. I got the komodo sport:



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        Breast Pain and What to do about it

        I am grateful to this forum. I had been having pain in my breasts and found a thread about it, and I was relieved to know I wasnt alone. However, the pain did not go away. it got worse and worse everyday, to the point where I could not focus on anything but the pain since it was so intense. During my walk yesterday it occurred to me to get some epsom salts and take a bath- I realized that I MUST be detoxing.

        I was just going to go to CVS and get plain epsom salts, but decided to go to Whole Body (a division of whole foods), because I was looking for something a little more geared towards spirituality and femininity. I ended up buying "Letting Go" by Little Moon Essentials. I noticed that the bath became darker and murky and i said, "ew, time to get out!!" Within an hour of taking the bath the pain in my breasts began to subside. It has not totally gone away yet, but I am now on the next step of my detox.

        I had a feeling that the lymph system had something to do with the pain, since there are lymph nodes in the breast and the lymphatic system is involved in detoxification. wow, the information i found!!!!
        so I want to share it with you all in case you will find it helpful in your process as well.

        Here is what I found:

        Lymphatic system, manual lymph drainage, lymph nodes, lymph fluid, lymph vessels, fat transportation, water retention, waste disposal, immune system, protein regulator, cancer prevention lymphoedema,

        Signs of lymphatic malfunction, cellulitis, diuretics, Inflamed sinuses, Sinusitis, Too much Mucous, Catarrh or Phlegm, Mastitis, Post Glandular Fever lethargy, Dull pain in liver area, diabetes risk, Continuous Constipation, red swollen leg, itchy r

        How to Do a Lymph Cleansing Diet on eHow

        How to Cleanse & Detoxify the Lymph System

        "Your lymph system carries a pale fluid, lymph, that transports cell wastes and debris that accumulate in your cells. However, the lymph system can become clogged with toxins and affect your immune system. When that happens, the lymph glands, nodes where lymph collects and is filtered, swell and become painful and harm your immune system. Cleansing and clearing the lymphatic system can reduce the harm."

        "Take a detoxification bath. Use 1/2 cup of baking soda, Epsom salt, or sea salt in a bath and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Then scrub your skin with soap on a natural fiber such as a luffa. You will see the water become murky and dirty looking. The darkness in the water is aluminum and mercury coming out of your system."

        How to Do A Lymph Stimulating Cleanse on eHow-this gives some advice on how to detox with diet

        I have chosen to do this:

        "Sip "cran-water" throughout the day. Mix 8 ounces of unsweetened organic cranberry juice with 56 ounces of water. The anthocyanins in cranberry juice assist in releasing trapped fat so it can be cleansed from the liver and lymph system."

        "Mix 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed with 8 ounces of cran-water and drink it first thing in the morning and again before bed. This is a fat-cleansing cocktail. Lignans, antioxidants found in flaxseed and flaxseed oil, nourish the liver and the lymph system so they can metabolize fat-soluble toxins and excess body fat."

        I went to Whole Foods and purchased the flax seed and the cranberry juice.

        I purchased "Bob's Red Mill Organic Natural Raw Whole Flax Seeds" 2 tablespoons is actually 1 serving with 8g of fat, 7g of carbs, and 4g of fat.

        I purchased "Lakewood Organic Pure Cranberry, NOT from concentrate, fresh pressed 100% juice, no sweeteners". 1 serving is 4 ounces, and I need the 8 0z with water, so in 8 oz, there is 18g carbs (of which 6g are sugar) and 1g protein.

        Since this is temporary, I am not to worried about the 6g of sugar. I am more concerned at this point about getting my lymphatic fluid cleansed and flowing again.

        Also, I noticed when I went to enter my cranberry juice and flax seed numbers on that the numbers did not match up to the numbers on the food labels. So I had to tweak the fitday numbers to match the food labels.

        I will be doing a second "Letting Go" mineral bath this afternoon as well as trying this: Acupressure Points for Lymph Nodes from eHow

        The other thing I found interesting today was that my weight was up. I was at 116.2 yesterday and today I was at 119. I had NO difference in what I ate, except that I ate less protein than I had in the past several days. The only other thing I did differently was the bath.

        Hope this helps someone.

        Have a great day,

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          another buff babe:

          Q: why r all the buff babes carrying guns??


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            Ok, so I did the cranjuice and flax seed and had a second detox/epsom salts bath yesterday evening. this morning I am completely pain free, which means that my lymphatic fluid is on the move again, no more blockages.

            So to recap. Prior to the Paleo diet I had no breast pain or problems. Started Paleo diet and began to experience tenderness in my breasts which escalated into pain. Knowing that lymph nodes can swell up (basically "swollen glands"), I decided to do some research to see how I could heal this issue. I followed the dietary recommendations as well as the detox bath (the skin is an amazing organ for detoxification) and the end result is that I am back to normal again.

            Since the lymphatic system aids in the digestion of fats and the regulation of proteins, it is not surprising that after drastically changing my diet (pre Primal = no fats or protein), that I experienced these symptoms.

            "Lymphatic system also assists the digestive system in various ways. The lymphatic vessels that are located in the gastrointestinal lining help in the absorption of fats from the food that we eat. Lymphatic system is required for proper assimilation of fats in the body. Failure on the part of lymphatic system may result in serious malnutrition. Lymphatic system prevents obesity which results due to accumulation of 'bad' fat in the body." buzzle

            There are some great videos on YouTube about the Lymphatic system and how it functions

            I have also read that lymphatic massage can be very helpful in releasing blockages




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              weighed in at 118.6 today. weight has gone back up from 116 but still down from 121 when I began. I have been reading a lot of the other posts on weight gain and loss and it looks like weight does fluctuate. last night was the first night out-we went for sushi. very hard to find something on the menu without a lot of carbs-i had already eaten fruit for breakfast that morning-so i settled on 12 pieces of sashimi. not very satisfying! had to come home and make some steak (my friend was paying so I didnt want to go nuts on his bill).

              last night I finally got a decent hard night's sleep. the past couple of nights I have been up all night-until like 3 in the morning. I do not like sleepless nights. This morning I woke up at 5 to the birds singing and no rain-yay!!!-did my morning meditation and fell asleep in the middle of it! it was good to get more rest

              I am still pain free and that makes me happy-did another detox bath this morning in case.

              going to the NYC Primal event with Mark Sisson this evening. Really looking forward to it!


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                Primal Babe Inspiration:


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                  One thing I noticed today-I had great energy when i was working out. wow, I can't tell you how many times in the past 2 years I have had to force myself through a workout. I generally ride my stationary bike at least 5 out of the 7 days and I walk when I can. Today I did my half hour stationary bike and it went by SO fast it was amazing!! I felt incredibly energetic. Later this afternoon I went down to the beach and walked 5miles. so GREAT to be out in the sun and have it be warm here-its been so rainy and oogy!

                  however, I do notice that I am not really paying much attention to anything else but the PB!! I am so happy to be excited about my eating and working out that when it comes to working, I can't seem to concentrate! HELP! I have my own business, so the only way I make money is when I work!

                  Has anyone else had this experience??


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                    today was another great day-rode my stationary bike and got a LOT of work done around the house-then met my friend at the beach for another 5miler with my new vibrams. I LOVE them, they make me happy. was still up at 119 again this morning so I decided to measure myself to see if anything had changed there!! yes! 1/2 inches everywhere, except my neck. I love and am so glad I took my measurements as soon as i started off. eggs for breakfast and eggs for lunch. chicken and italian sausage for dinner.

                    most importantly, plenty of fresh air and sunshine. have a lot of work to do this weekend, but will have some fun too, already have a beach walk scheduled with my friend for 10:30am tomorrow. very excited.

                    I am sleeping so well finally. the deepest sleep I have had in a long time. I am waking up feeling so rested its unbelievable.

                    very content and at peace. no more carb hangovers! thanks PB!


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                      Today another 5 miler with my vibrams-have definitely been sore, but now getting used to being flat footed which I like. always go around barefoot anyway. got a lot of work done today too, so I am getting focused again

                      went out to the movies with a friend-refused popcorn-then she wanted to go to the diner after, I thought "what the hell am I going to eat???" then I realized that they serve breakfast all day at the diner, so I had a sausage and egg omelet with a side of bacon. It was a real bacon day today-breakfast lunch and dinner (unplanned) but good to know that I didnt have to go off the PB just to get something to eat while dining out.

                      and now, to bed!


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                        ok, so I have been posting since 5/16 which is about when I started the PB way of life. I am definitely feeling more grounded with my eating. What I have realized is that I eat way to much for my height and weight, so I cut back on the amounts that I am eating. It feels weird to eat so little, I have always liked to clean my plate and then some. It isnt even that I am that hungry. I think its just a matter of changing bad habits. I feel very satisfied eating protein. I am still maintaining at 119. I must admit I am being a bit of a whiner that I cant seem to drop any more weight yet. Hello, only 2 weeks in and I am whining???!!! I need to have a little more patience with the process-after all I did change over to this way of eating primarily for my health. I guess its just seeing everyone else's progress-it makes me want it for myself too-like, RIGHT NOW!!!!

                        I am very surprised to be eating so much fat. It feels so funny after years of being told that it is bad for you. I just bought some coconut oil since practically everyone on this forum recommends it. I will see how that goes. I tried it with almond butter (I think DrBorkBork recommended that). It really was yummy. It's fun to be thinking outside the box with my eating. I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes. Right now it's too much to think about!!


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                          Today I am down to 117. The one thing I did differently was to really keep my carbs under 20g. wow, I was doing the 50 and under but I guess for me, ketosis really happens under 20g. I had been keeping stable at 119 at 50 carbs. So I will try to do a little more fatburning this week with 20g and under.


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                            Today I realized that I am really exhausted and in pain, so I went to get a massage and go to the beach, not to exercise, but to sit by the water and read. It occurred to me that going cold turkey probably put a lot of stress on my body-even though I have experienced a lot of relief emotionally. All the physical changes are a little tiring-and the hyper focus i have in concentrating on this new way of life. What I wrote on the first day of this journal is still true. I am relieved of my eating disorder. and I have the Primal Blueprint to thank, as well as my determination and willingness to change on a dime and to let go of my negative patterns that hold me back. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a process and I have to take it easy on myself-that self care HAS to be a part of this new way of life. I feel great having taken the day off.

                            Thank you all for inspiring me and answering all my questions in your posts. i love this forum

                            Have a good night


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                              woke up feeling great this morning and the scale said 115! so I reached my goal weight-at least for today! (so far on PB I seem to go down and then go up again before I come back down and settle at that weight) My goal date for the weight was June 10th, so I think by June 10th I will have for sure settled at 115. I am definitely interested in seeing how my muscles will begin to appear now over time. I love that I feel SO much better in clothing!! my muffin top used to hang out and it would be painful to wear my pants-and I refused to buy a bigger size-so instead of wearing my pants, I would just wear sweats! did not do much for my self esteem!!!!!! My son is graduating high school next saturday so i am excited that I will be feeling great and can wear one of the beautiful dresses I have that have been sitting in my closet!! Thanks PB!!!!!


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