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Primal Journal of Syraminx: A Neophyte's Journey Into A Primal Lifestyle

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  • Primal Journal of Syraminx: A Neophyte's Journey Into A Primal Lifestyle

    So this is my starting point for journaling this new adventure into living a more Primal lifestyle.

    How did I get into doing this?
    I was set to go to the doctor for strange pains I'd been having under my ribs for a couple of months, as well as really bad upper stomach pains that had been going on even longer, close to two years. I'd put it off for so long, probably much too long to be smart.

    Sometimes if I didn't eat soon enough in the morning I would feel so sick; and the hunger pains weren't normal, they were excruciating and would lead to extreme body weakness and the sweats. Sometimes they happened and sometimes they didn't. Sometimes it was every day and then no pain for a week or so. There didn't seem to be any identifiable trigger. They had finally begun to impact my life on a daily basis. I could not figure out what I could change to make it stop and I had begun to worry that maybe it was something very serious.

    The same morning of my doc appointment, I was online researching possible causes of said odd pains and came across a forum where seemingly hundreds of posters complained of the EXACT same thing, yet not a single one of their doctors could figure it out. I researched further, into intestinal problems and food associations and then found a link to Primal Blueprint and MDA.

    I cancelled my doc appointment immediately and gave it a go!

    After just one day of going fully Primal, appx 90% of the under rib pain faded! Really! Talk about a miracle! Could it really be that simple?

    I woke up the next day, for the first time in ages, with no belly pain. I wasn't even hungry! I usually wake up ravenous! Instead of my usual Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal (and OJ) I ate a couple of eggs, some bacon and a bowl of berries with cream! Not only was it the most satisfying breakfast I'd had at home in ages, but I didn't hurt afterward. My stomach didn't ache with that usual twisty pain! And I wasn't sleepy. I had energy to clean the house right away.

    For lunch I had a pile of shaved turkey, a hard boiled egg and a mixed greens salad with a balsamic vinagairette. Yum!!

    For an afternoon snack I enjoyed a handful of mixed raw nuts, a bit of raw coconut and 1 square of 85% dark chocolate. Decadence!

    Dinner was roasted chicken, baby carrots, broccoli and an apple.

    It was 8:30 pm and I wasn’t even sleepy. I felt fine doing the dinner dishes at 10:00! I slept sooooo well!

    So, it’s been exactly two weeks since I began eating Primal. I’ve had some highs and lows. I’ve experienced a few mood swings and the challenge of eating out twice now---as well as going to the movies.

    Where have I flubbed up and how did it feel?
    I went to a Mother’s Day brunch. The beignets were delicious (those are little French donuts), but that coupled with the popcorn at the theatre later were a little painful. I blame the popcorn most of all, it always tends to make me feel sick after the movie…why does it have to taste so good!?

    The next boo-boo eating moment was pizza. I had made a lovely pork loin roast, but it tasted awful! It was by far the oddest smelling hunk of meat I've ever encountered...and tasted even worse! Don't even ask where I went wrong with the brussels sprouts...
    In to the trash it all went and a call to our local pizza joint was made. Ooooooh the heavenly taste of all that cheese and sauce and pepperoni and crust! But ooooooooohhhhh the awful pain my tummy was in about an hour later!!

    Next mistake was nibbling on the appetizers my hubby ordered last night when he treated us to dinner out. Southwest egg rolls and boneless hot wings. I did great on the entrée ordering, but the pain lied in the appetizers. I felt so sick by the time the meal was over and we arrived home that I just wanted to go to bed.

    The worst problem I’ve faced yet though was this morning. I went to bed feeling icky due to the appetizers fiasco, but on top of that was a dread from knowing we were out of eggs, bacon, sausage, veggies… well…pretty much everything Primal!
    I was supposed to go to the market after dinner to pick up some breakfast fixings…but I felt so poorly that we just went straight home.
    Big mistake.
    I ate oatmeal for breakfast.
    It hurt so bad. And just moments after eating I felt as though I had to take a nap. Not helpful at all when you’re a home schooling Mom and need to get the days lessons going. I salvaged the situation, somewhat, when I discovered a leftover sausage patty and some baby carrots in the fridge. Not ideal, but it did seem to help out.

    I’m going to be much more careful when and how I slip up. The food had better be amazing if it’s not Primal and I eat it. It better be well worth the discomfort!

    I’m overjoyed to add that not only have the pains nearly subsided completely that brought me to the Primal discovery, but I can see visible differences in my body already. I’m sure they would be minute to anyone else, but I’ve been struggling with food for nearly ten years now and to feel back on track to a healthier and more fit me is wonderful! My jaw line is a bit more defined. My neck is slendering a bit. My waist is just a wee bit more tucked in. My pants are a smidge baggier in the thighs and tush. Little things, but coupled with how good I feel now (when I don’t blunder), they keep me going when I’m really craving the things that I shouldn’t eat or really miss…like pancakes!

    I didn’t even think to take my measurements before starting Primal, I was just in it to feel better, to see if eating this way could make the pains stop; I never dreamed that I could eat bacon and eggs and lose fat off of my body!

    I’ll take my current measurements and weight (I never weigh myself…it’s fluctuates way too much day to day and has always seemed detrimental) later this afternoon and post them tomorrow, along with my goals!

    Hey Mark! Thanks so, so very much for this site, for your book, for your inspiration!