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  • Primal Journal (DiabetesCanKissMyButt)

    Here we go- comments are welcome...

    Day 10

    B- 2 eggs, sugar free syrup, milk, coffee

    L- 2 turkey sausages, sauerkraut, strawberries

    S- greek yogurt, blueberries

    D- taco salad with ground turkey, lettuce, olives, salsa, sour cream, tomato, cheese, and avocado.

    1 tsp cod liver oil

    Exercise- Week 9, Day 3 of P90X= shoulders & arms

    Calories= 1581

    Protein= 119 or 31%

    Fat= 86 or 49%

    Carb= 85 or 21%

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    Looks pretty PB to me!

    the sugare free syrup... I would take that out, but I try to eliminate the artificial stuff.

    Keep going!


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      Definitely need to get rid of the sugar free syrup. I'm working on it but used it today nonetheless :-)

      Day 11

      B- 2 eggs, sugar free syrup, butter, milk

      S- cashews and olives

      L- Taco salad with spinach leaves, tomato, olives, avocado, sour cream, salsa, cheese, ground turkey. strawberries

      S- greek yogurt and blueberries

      D- portabello pizza. This is an old south beach recipe that has a giant portabello mushroom as the "crust." Scoop out all the gills, pile on top sundried tomatoes packed in oil, canadian bacon, and cheese. Bake until cheese is brown. YUM

      1 tsp cod liver oil

      Exercise- none. Was supposed to do yoga for P90X but I blew it off.

      Calories- 1789

      Carb- 108 or 23%

      Protein- 105 or 24%

      Fat- 109 or 53%


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        Great to see you posting!

        What is a taco salad? I thought tacos were flour based round thingies..hehe...don't know the waord for it.

        M x


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          All I can say is YUM YUM! Who said primal is boring!


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            maranne and miriam- thanks!

            taco salad is just my name for it. No flour based round thingies involved :-) Just the ground turkey, spinach or lettuce, tomatos, olives, cheese, sour cream, salsa, avocado. I pile it all on top of each other on a plate and chow down.


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              Day 12

              B- 2 eggs, sugar free syrup, 3 strips turkey bacon, coffee

              L- portabello pizza, strawberries

              S- blueberries, cream, cashews

              D-portabello pizza (last one), milk, 2 pieces of chicken breast with pesto sauce. I noticed my pesto sauce has soybean oil in it. Is that bad?

              Exercise- week 9, day 5 of P90X=legs & shoulders

              Calories- 1462

              Carb- 80 or 20%

              Fat- 90 or 55%

              Protein- 90 or 25%


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                How are you liking P90X?


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                  Jedi- P90X is exactly what I needed and I do like it. But I will not be sad when my 90 days are done :-) I have 4 weeks left and I'm looking forward to being able to take a week or two off. I'm tired!


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                    Day 13

                    B- 2 eggs, sugar free syrup, 4 strips of bacon, strawberries, milk, coffee

                    S- starbucks latte, blueberries and cream, cashews

                    D- 2 pork chops cooked in coconut oil (yikes- first time with this- I am imagining heart attacks!), broccoli

                    8 oz of merlot

                    Exercise- Week 9, day 6 of P90X= Kenpo

                    Calories- 1580

                    Fat-87 or 49%

                    Carbs- 80 or 19%

                    Protein- 80 or 21%

                    Looking forward to a sweet sweet rest day tomorrow.


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                      Day 15

                      B- 2 eggs, sugar free syrup, butter, 3 turkey bacon, milk

                      L- salmon, cauliflower, blueberries

                      S- greek yogurt, strawberries

                      D- taco salad- ground turkey, lettuce, tomato, olives, sour cream, cheese, salsa

                      1 tsp cod liver oil

                      Exercise- Week 10, day 1 of P90X= shoulders, chest, & triceps

                      calories- 1377

                      F- 70 or 46%

                      C- 84 or 23%

                      P- 104 or 31%

                      I'm so full today! 1377 is a little low for me but I have no desire to eat any more.


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                        Do you eat beef? I'm thinking a little ruminant derived fat would give you some Omega-3. All that poultry and pork seems a bit heavy on the Omega-6 end. Just thinking.

                        It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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                          grandma, I'm having a hard time with beef right now. I'm either getting crappy cuts of it or I'm not cooking it right- more likely a combination of both. I'm also coming off of a few years of vegetarianism so I'm adding and deleting things in baby steps. The pork chops I listed above were the first ones I've had in probably 8 years or more.

                          I have a package of steak in my fridge right now but I'm scared to cook it. I want it to be good and I want to like it but it just never turns out right. :-(


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                            Steaks are more difficult, you need a good cut and to cook it right. But for your taco salad ground beef is as easy as turkey BUT ground beef has an N6:N3 ratio of 8:1 (a little lower of grass fed) where ground turkey has a ratio more like 14:1.

                            On the steaks, I'm not very good at it either, but to be a nice steak, you need a fatty cut (ribeye) and cook it to just medium. I usually make the mistake of buying lean cuts and cooking it to well done. All you get then is leather.

                            It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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                              Yes that sounds exactly like what I'm doing- buying the lean cut and then cooking it to well done and yes it's definitely leather.

                              Thanks for the information on the omega ratios- I had no clue that ground turkey was higher on the 6 than ground beef. Will definitely make the switch next time I go grocery shopping. In the meantime, I'll eat my left-overs- don't want to waste them. :-)

                              I need to re-work my dairy comsumption also. Once I deplete my dairy stocks, I will be re-evaluating how to cut back a little more on that. I love my dairy though !