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    @maranne- thanks :-)


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      I have some more thoughts about eating crap. Just random musings. I don't really feel *guilty* or *bad* when I eat crap. It's more the physical ramifications that affect me. I'm not trying to lose weight and I am very fit so when I eat crap, I mostly just feel like why don't I remember how it physically kills me when I do it. I feel so good, why would I purposely ingest crap. I think for me it comes down to social situations and peer pressure. Not blaming anyone for my choices but it definitely makes a difference. Potlucks, holidays, visiting relatives, vacations...there is that social implication that assumes crappy food eating will ensue. My relatives are visiting next week and that is cause for concern. They eat horribly and expect certain food items to be in my house for their consumption (chips, soda, etc). Although I can purchase these things and stay away from them normally, something about the food dysfunction in my family kicks in and takes over- pressure from mom to eat some chips with her etc. Let's be miserable together mentality. Anyway, this is getting too long- just some thoughts as I sort out the primal way of living- thanks for listening :-)


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        Donít we all go through this! It used to make my life hell but believe it or not I have come to the stage where I donít even consider eating crap but have my treats of nuts, dark chocolate and berries and that really satisfies my wanting for crap and also don't have to beat myself up about it because I know that they are not toxic to my body.

        Stay strong, maybe donít indulge in your relatives wants as they are visiting your house. Last family dinner I had I didnít have the usual bread, ice-cream, cake and soft drinks that I used to supple from them but instead, a bowl of nuts, freshly squeezed orange juice & mineral water and berries and cream and believe it or not they didnít complain (well only a little about lack of ice-cream!).


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          I know what you mean. I think I'm finally starting to get over the family/peer pressure hill. It's easy at work and nobody really expects me to eat junk there anymore. Hanging with my family is a whole other issue.

          I don't keep certain foods in my house. It's a rule, and just like my 'no smoking' rule in my house, if people don't like it, it's their problem. My house, my rules. Of course maybe that's why nobody visits my house- LOL.

          It can be hard, especially when your family comments about your eating habits, or pressures you. "Here, can't you have just a little? A little bit won't kill you." Of course none of them suffer the symptoms after the fact and look at you strange when you tell them how the foods affect you.

          I think it takes a certain amount of stubbornness for them to get it.


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            Day 18

            B- 2 eggs, sugar free syrup, butter, 3 pieces turkey bacon, milk, coffee

            s- blueberries n cream

            L- salad with shredded lettuce, cabbage, jicama, green onions, crab, and shrimp

            s- slice of salami, slice of provolone cheese

            s- greek yogurt, strawberries

            D- steak fried in coconut oil, spinach salad with tomato, olives, and olive oil

            s- almonds

            1 tsp cod liver oil

            Exercise- Week 10, day 4 of P90X= yoga

            Calories- 1620

            F- 105 or 57%

            C- 78 or 19%

            P- 96 or 24%


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              Miriam- berries and cream is a beautiful thing. It's my new favorite snack.

              Diana- i agree- my house, my rules.


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                Day 19

                B- 3 eggs, butter, sugar free syrup, coffee, milk

                L- scallops, spinach salad

                S- greek yogurt, strawberries

                S- slice of salami, slice of cheddar

                D- taco salad

                Exercise- P90X- week 10, day 5= back and legs

                I just noticed that fitday breaks down the fats into saturated, poly, and mono. Can't believe I didn't notice that before.

                Calories 1,705

                Fat 101.0 52 %

                Saturated 37.6 20 %

                Polyunsaturated 13.4 7 %

                Monounsaturated 40.9 21 %

                Carbohydrate 87.3 20 %

                Protein 115 28 %

                I might add a glass of merlot and some cashews later.

                Have to go grocery shopping tomorrow to get food for Father's Day. And the relatives are coming Tues thru Sat so I need to decide what meals I'm making while they are here.

                I got a good laugh today at work because this chick was offering me some rice sugar snack thingie and I said that has sugar in the ingredients and it's made out of rice. She says "You are that strict! Come on, just take a bite, it's not going to kill you." Totally thought of Diana's message above along the same lines and had to chuckle to myself. I didn't eat it, btw. Kept to my strawberries and greek yogurt.


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                  Good for you! Way to be strong.


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                    Good for you for not caving in.

                    I so would rather have the strawberries and Greek yoghurt than those rice thingies.

                    By the way out of curiosity what do you do with the sugar free syrup since your breakfast seems to be savory?


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                      Miriam, back when I first found out I had Diabetes, I researched different ways of eating (not paleo yet) and started eating with the south beach principles. They had a recipe for mock french toast where basicly you fry up a couple of eggs with vanilla extract, add some butter, some sugar free syrup, and some cinnamon to the top. It is delish and I got hooked on it. BUT I ran out of the syrup this morning so that's one thing that is being cut out. I was just trying to use up the bottle but have no plans to continue the practice. Same thing with my turkey bacon. I'm just trying to use up what I have and then I'm going to make the switch to the real thing and try to get it without the nitrates and all the fillers. So that's the story behind my sugar free syrup :-)


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                        Day 20

                        B-2 eggs, butter, sugar free syrup (last of the syrup- aren't you happy?), 3 turkey bacon, coffee

                        L-tin of sardines in olive oil, green beans


                        D-salmon and asparagus

                        merlot and gouda

                        Exercise- P90X, Week 10, day 6= Kenpo

                        Calories 1,670

                        Fat 108.7 57 %

                        Saturated 30.4 16 %

                        Polyunsaturated 22.7 12 %

                        Monounsaturated 48.0 25 %

                        Carbohydrate 49.7 11 %

                        Protein 105.4 25 %

                        Alcohol 15.6 6 %

                        Yipes- this is the lowest carb day I've ever done. It's because I'm out of fruit and dairy (except the gouda which has 0 carbs anyway). Will be an interesting experiment.


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                          Ah thanks for clearing that up, still seems strange to me having eggs and syrup! Then again never had french toast so probably don't know what I am missing out on


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                            I won't be tracking in fitday this week and probably won't have time to post food with the relatives visiting. Will sneak in once in awhile if time allows. I did not buy them any snacks or even bread for their sandwiches so I am sure the first thing they will do is go to the grocery store and load up on crap. My brother likes to eat out at almost every meal and that is always a huge struggle because A) I can't afford that, B) options are limited and I'd rather cook at home, and C) he lays on the guilt trips when I say No.

                            Day 22

                            3 egg omelet with spinach, tomato, and a sprinkling of feta

                            salmon and asparagus

                            blueberries/strawberries and heavy cream

                            portabella mushroom with sun dried tomato packed in olive oil, canadian bacon, and sprinkle of mozzerella

                            big ass green olives from whole foods (YUM)

                            cod liver oil

                            greek yogurt

                            P90X- week 11, day 1- back & chest


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                              If your brother tries to make you feel guilty for cooking him a homemade meal, why don't you ask him to pay for your dinner when you go out to eat?

                              You can get a salad with chicken or shrimp, or steak and veggies... or any number of things.

                              salmon + asparagus = love. I'm jealous!

                              Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                                Arenít brothers pains! Yeah make him pay for your dinner if he wants to eat out.

                                My brother always wants to eat at weird restaurants and the rest of the family have now said no to his choices, we now all eat at my place as cheaper for them (not for me though!) and also means I can take control of the cooking. So dish up one of your yummy sounding portabello mushrooms and that will make him change his mind.